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Chapter 190 Resort, Part Seven - Because She's a Saintess

 Protagonist's POV

 This is great...
 The room is filled with the smell of chestnut blossoms and sweat peculiar to men, and the indescribable sweet and sour smell peculiar to women.
 But then, I opened the curtains and the window for ventilation.
 Immediately, a breeze fills the room.
 The three of them... are sleeping tiredly, dressed so lewdly.
 They are naked without a stitch of clothing on their body or on their backs, but they are sleeping comfortably with drool dripping from their mouths.
 I like this slovenly figure.
 I love to see the 'sluttiness' that a usually innocent and solid woman shows only to the man she likes.
 My next favorite is 'when she's laying on my arm afterwards,' but unfortunately, yesterday, Mariane and the others were doing it until they passed out and fell asleep, probably because of their rivalry with Shizuko and the others... so I didn't have that kind of time... and here we are.
 I put a blanket and a futon on the three of them and, well, I cleaned up around them briefly so that the leftover couldn't be seen.
 Needless to say, I feel sorry for the waitresses.
 Even so, anyone can tell from the sweat and the stains on the bedclothes that we've been here yesterday... but that's just the way it is.
 There is still quite some time before breakfast time.
 "Well, I'm going to take a bath..."
 But Yellow Dragon's body is amazing... it's not tired at all.
 For this body, sleep is now nothing more than a luxury item.
 There is no problem if I don't sleep for a year or so, but when I do, I feel refreshed.
 And while I can withstand the attacks of lava and war gods, I can feel the pleasure of being in human form.
 And yet, I don't feel any pain or discomfort.
 It really is the best combination.
 Though, the logic... is beyond me.
 Well, I can't possibly know what this beyond-human being knows because my brain is only human.
 Anyway, as I swim faster in the heated pool than a tuna in my previous life and get bored and savor the open-air bath, Cecilia arrives.
 "Good morning."
 "Cecilia, are you all right now?"
 "Well, after all, I'm a former saintess and a professional healer, remember? So, I'm fine. If you want, I'm sure I can handle it even if you want to continue now."
 "No, I'm fine now."
 "I see. I'm sorry!"
 I had forgotten that Cecilia is a former saintess and an expert healer.
 Certainly, she's different from the two of them.
 If she had used her recovery magic even at that moment, she could have continued to do so even after the two of them had fallen... perhaps.
 "Come to think of it, why didn't you use it last night... you're an expert in recovery magic..."
 "Ceres-sama, Mariane and Frey didn't use such magic, did they? Don't you think it's unfair that I'm the only one who uses magic?"
 "Sure, I guess so."
 I'm a yellow dragon, so I'm of a different race.
 Considering that, I might be more than just fighting against the Demon King without using magic.
 "That's right, isn't it? After all, 'love' should be fair and honest."
 "That may be true. But then, I am a dragon, so maybe we are not equal."
 "Now that you put it that way, Ceres-sama is already a God... perhaps it would have been OK for me to use restorative magic or potions? Then, I'll try my best to use potions and restorative magic tonight."
 "You don't have to go that far, do you? Well, this kind of thing is to confirm each other's feelings, not to fight... Hahaha..."
 "Oh, but I don't like one-sidedness. Fortunately there are three of us... so I'll give it a try tonight."
 "Please be gentle."
 Surely, I'm a guy, and I don't mind.
 Still, I feel like she's competing with Shizuko and the others.
 Well, Shizuko and her friends have their good points, and Cecilia and her friends have their good points.
 So, I don't think there is any need to compete with them.
 "So, Ceres-sama, I have a favor to ask."
 What kind of a favor is Cecilia asking for, anyway?
* * *
 "Is this a favor?"
 "Yes, I have a favor to ask you. I'm a former saintess, a very important person in the church. This is what I want most."
 Right now, I'm being bathed by Cecilia.
 I don't know about the actual situation, but there is no custom of washing bodies in this world.
 Even in married couples, this kind of thing may not be common.
 In fact, I have done it with Shizuko and others, but it was considered as an act of 'spoiling by mother'.
 I think they definitely thought of it as something similar to "a mother's filial son giving me a backrub."
 And now, Cecilia's wish was to 'serve'.
 Indeed, Cecilia was a former saintess... a servant of the Goddess.
 And I was treated as a 'divine dragon' in her teachings.
 I may be her husband, but I am also a god for her to serve.
 So... she wants to serve... that's what she said.
 "How do you like it? Is there anything that itches, or is there anywhere you'd like to be washed cleaner?"
 The way she was lathering me up with soap and washing me reminded me of the land of bubbles, a place I had not been to in my previous life.
 "That felt so good, thank you."
 "You're welcome."
 But looking at her from the side, Cecilia is also a very beautiful woman.
 No wonder, since she was the most beautiful woman in the country.
 Such a beauty is bathing me naked.
 "Did something happen?"
 "No, I just think Cecilia is so beautiful when I look at you like this."
 "Heh-heh, I'm so happy, but I'm so embarrassed... Ara."
 "I'm sorry..."
 Well, it's hard not to be cheerful in this state.
 "Then, would you like me to do the same for you?"
 How can any man say no in this situation?
 Neither would I.

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