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Chapter 191 Sharon and Her Favor, Part One

 Protagonist's POV

 As I stand in Kohane, I can't help but marvel at the environment around me. Even though I know in my heart that this is a different world, I can't help but wonder if I am not in a different world.
 Maybe it is because I am a reincarnated person, not a transmigrant, but I wonder if the memory of my previous life is just 'I was alive here' and not in another world.
 Hmm, it seems so.
 It is so similar to the Japan of my previous life that it seems so.
 Though the lack of condos (apartment), cars, and cell phones... I know it's not the same.
 Anyway, after that, I took Cecilia's offer of service very seriously.
 The fact that a former saintess would do such a thing is amazing.
 It is erotic to see a pure and beautiful woman doing such and such a thing.
 Moreover, when she shook her hips and became unable to move, she cast a recovery spell on herself to revive herself and continue the act.
 The level of "service" is such that an ordinary man would probably faint.
 If it was a bad guy, they might die from exhaustion.
 But I'm a yellow dragon, and I can do it almost indefinitely.
 As a result, Cecilia collapsed happily.
 She was sleeping happily and contentedly... so I carried her to bed in a princess's huh.
 The other two were still sleeping from exhaustion, so I put the blanket back on them and left.
* * *
 Now, I was drinking tea alone on the open terrace.
 The wind was very comfortable.
 I feel like I've been alone for a long time.
 Yes, yes, this coffee is very good, too.
 It's been a while since I've been alone, but...
 "Ceres-sama, may I have a word with you?"
 "Sure, why not?"
 The time for being alone was over.
 The other servants and maids don't talk to me much but there is one person who does.
 "Thank you, Ceres-sama."
 It was Sharon.
 "So what's the matter? Are you in some kind of trouble?"
 "No, I don't have any problem... but... um... what should I do?"
 Sharon told me that she spends most of her time with Mariane, but that she spends most of her time just playing with her.
 "I see... but it's like a job, isn't it? So, why not?"
 At the moment, the world is at peace with the Demon King.
 Unlike the past, we are living happily in peace, albeit to different degrees.
 Sharon is my slave, but since she is practically Mariane's lady-in-waiting, it is her job to entertain Mariane.
 If Mariane is enjoying herself, there is nothing wrong with 'playing along'.
 "But... I feel really bad about it."
 "However, Sharon's playing with Mariane is what makes her happy, and that's all that matters... but if you don't feel comfortable, you can play with Cecilia and Frey from now on."
 Since I came here, I have thought about something.
 Marianne and the others are different from Shizuko and the others.
 They are living a very 'inconvenient life'.
 I can't help but think so.
 No wonder, they are princesses and church leaders...
 They have so much power that they can even rent out such a big facility.
 But that's the other side of the coin of 'otherwise they wouldn't be able to take a vacation.'
 Now, the world is at peace. They won't be in danger.
 And if they're with me, I'm confident I can protect them from anything.
 And yet, I'm sure that position doesn't allow for real freedom.
 'It's hard.'
 No, I really don't think so.
 But in my previous life...
 'There's no such thing as an ordinary life'.
 I think I've read a manga about such a story, and that's exactly what it is.
 Well, I, for some reason or other, have been quite unrestrained... but I don't think I'm free in the true sense of the word.
 I guess these girls, who are nobles by nature, had a more inconvenient life than that.
 "I hope that's all right..."
 "Sharon used to be a casino dealer, right? A little different, but in a way you are entertaining the customers, aren't you? Now you're entertaining the princesses instead of the customers... that's what it's all about, isn't it? At least from what I saw, Mariane seems to be enjoying herself, so I think it's fine."
 "Well... if Ceres-sama says so, yes... I understand."
 It seems that her problem is solved.
 That's good.
 "I'm glad to hear that your problem is solved."
 "So... actually, I have another problem...can you help me with this one too?"
 "I don't mind if you do?"
 "Master is quite sexually active, but I'm not getting any 'favors', what should I do?"
 "Who is this Master?"
 "It's Ceres-sama."
 "I knew that..."
 "No, it's not I knew that. I'm still Ceres-sama's slave. So, Ceres-sama could hold me... even if it's just for a little while, please... please..."
 Of course, that's right.
 It's true... she's a slave... so I could do like that.
 "I understand. In that case I'll let you go after this trip and I'll give you severance pay."
 "Like-I-said! That's not what I meant! I have made up my mind to become Ceres-sama's property by becoming a 'slave'. It may be a little strange... but I did it because I love you! I don't want to be 'liberated'... so please give me your 'favor' as a woman... please."
 But Sharon is not my wife.
 So what do I do now?
 "Well... As your favor, why don't we go for a long time and gamble?"
 "Gambling date? That sounds great... thank you."
 I don't think favoritism is all it's cracked up to be.
 Dating is also favoritism.
 Sharon doesn't know any more than Marianne and the others.
 Let's start with this one.

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