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Chapter 192 Sharon and Her Favor, Part Two - Gambling Date

 Protagonist's POV

 The Royal Kohane Four Season Hawaiian Platinum Hotel is a luxury hotel, and of course it has a casino.
 "Welcome, Ceres-sama, would you like to play?"
 "Yes, I was thinking of having some fun."
 "Really? But since the casino is now fully reserved it will be the casino's employees who will be playing with you, if that's all right."
 "Is there something wrong with that?"
 "We'll take it easy to some extent, and we'll make adjustments, after all, these are all professional gamblers... so it's not really gambling."
 It's true that, as of now, the facility is fully booked.
 So... there can't be any customers and I'm playing against a professional.
 But, come to think of it, I'm a yellow dragon!
 With luck on my side, there's no way I can lose even if my opponent is a professional.
 And Sharon is a professional dealer, too.
 'Not good.'
 Our opponents will surely lose.
 "Well, I'm not going to play, I'm going to watch Sharon play."
 "I think it's better that way. Miss, what would you like to do then?"
 "Well... why don't we play roulette first?"
 "Roulette? Okay, I'll get ready."
 "Just so you know, you'd better not take it easy on me."
 "No, this is an entertainment. And to entertain you is my job, too."
 "I warned you, okay...?"
 "Yes, yes, I understand."
* * *
 "It's a red three."
 "But, Sharon, that's great... three in a row now."
 "Well, she's a well-known dealer with a pretty face, so you can tell a lot by her eyes, her arm, her snap, her timing."
 "That's... ridiculous."
 The dealer must be upset.
 One point multiplied by 36.
 Sharon started with 10 gold coins and started.
 360 on the first round.
 12960 on the second round.
 And 466,560 on the third round (46.6 billion yen).
 "I've never lost when I gambled with anyone but Ceres-sama, you know! Previously, I was a dealer who was known as the 'Steal Vampire'."
 A 'steal vampire' sounds like a great character.
 No wonder she's called that.
 As for me, I'm just 'wearing my luck' but Sharon has worked herself up to this point.
 All the women around me are amazing.
 "Isn't a 'steal vampire' such an unbeatable gambler... No way..."
 "There's no limit here, is there? Next up."
 The next time Sharon wins 16796160 gold coins, it's over.
 "L-Let's call this a game, okay? It's just too miserable. Sharon, you're okay with that, right?"
 "I don't mind, but what about your pride as a gambler and your pride in the casino? What are you going to do? Do you want to play?"
 "I don't play... but I can't win against the Steal Vampire...so I'm going to name Ceres-sama as my next opponent. How about it?"
 "No, let's just play along and call it a night or get out of here and settle up. Is that all right with you, Sharon?"
 "Yes, that's fine."
 Today was supposed to be a normal gambling date.
 A bit of gambling, a few drinks... When Marianne and the others woke up, we'd have a normal dinner, and the day would pass by like that... but why would we be gambling like a gambling bar?
 "Ceres-sama, are you running away?"
 Some dealer said that but I'm a yellow dragon, okay...? And I'm being worshipped these days... and these people don't know about it?
 "I understand... but I'm Ceres, the yellow dragon... and I've never lost."
 "Nope, we do not know it yet."
 Now what do I do?
 Oh no.
 If I don't do something... I'll win again and end up like Sharon.
 "Well if you insist, I'll accept but if I win, you'll all have to strip naked, so be prepared."
 "That's..." "So, if we lose, we'll..."
 "So, if we lose, we'll..."
 I don't care if you lose.
 "Then don't worry, we'll just win."
 The dealer tossed the ball.
* * *
 "Is this what you mean by 'naked'?"
 Now there are a lot of girls in the hot tub.
 Sharon is too shy to come in and has a drink outside.
 The dealer girl is washing my back.... well, some of the more stylish women are soaking in the tub or washing themseSlves.
 Some of the women cover their breasts out of embarrassment, but I guess they'll just have to put up with it since I'm getting over a trillion yen for the money.
 This is the Royal Kohane Four Season Hawaiian Platinum Hotel bathhouse.
 Even though it's a 'mixed' bath, it was sad that no one was there but us.
 So, I wanted to see a lot of people in there... so here we are.
 "Okay, now I'm going to wash you down, and when you're done you can join me for some fruit milk."
 "Yes, I'll go with you."
 This is... fun and not bad.

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