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Chapter 193 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Seventeen - Departure

 Zect's POV
 I feel like I've managed to achieve a decent level of success in my own way.
 The soup kitchen and the treatment are going well... the slum also seems to be getting a lot better.
 Luna has also integrated herself into the city, and nowadays she is called 'Luna-neechan' and is very popular in the slum area.
 Marin is now no longer looked at with a different eye because she used to be a princess.
 Even in the capital, there is no one who looks at Luna in a bad way, from the emperor, the nobles to the people in the slums, and there is no one who looks at Marin in a special way.
 This is a very good thing.
 Maybe my current state is ideal for Ceres.
 To Ceres, my 'best friend' who never gave up on me when I was about to lose everything.
 Still, I didn't know how to look at him.
 I am not Hero (Yuusha) now.
 But because of my efforts to help others, people call me 'Hero (Yuusha)'.
 I am so ashamed of it, but no one stops calling me so.
 Just like Ceres, everyone calls Ceres 'Hero (Eiyuu)' even though Ceres is not such a job.
 It's the same...
 Maybe only now I'm at the starting line of what Ceres was doing to all of us.
 After that, I continued to work with Luna and Marin in the slums, healing and feeding the hungry.
 I also gave training to those who wanted it, as an adventurer.
 As a result, the slum became quite wealthy.
 We healed the sick and gave them jobs to make a living so that they would not have to worry about food.
 I thought that after all this, things would change a little... and it seems to have worked.
 "Hey Luna, Marin... do you mind if we go on a little trip?"
 "Luna's good... I'll follow Zect wherever you go..."
 "The same goes for me, Zect. Do what you want!"
 "Okay, thank you for that."
 It's time for me to face the matter.
 I need to apologize to Ceres and ask his forgiveness... and say thank you. He may not need my help now that he's even a god, but I'd like to return the favor if I can.
 I need to apologize to my mother too.
 I have offended her to the point of breaking her relationship with me... and without Misaki-san, Haruka-san, and Sayo-san, I would have been completely cut off from her.
 So, I need to get down on my knees, apologize, and be prepared for my cheeks to swell up.
 Other than that, Lida, Maria, Mel... my childhood friend whom I pushed to Ceres and ran away... I'm sure no amount of apologies will ever be enough. I betrayed a childhood friend who loved me.
 Still, a sincere apology is needed.
 I've seen my life again and I realize what a scumbag I've been.
 For now, I'll go to Kohane and apologize to all of them... and if they forgive me...
 'Zect... we should have a drink sometime...'
 I promised him, we can drink till we're drunk together.
 Maybe I'll bring him some of my finest liquor.
 "Where... are we going?"
 "Yes, where are we going?"
 "We're going to Kohane."
 "Speaking of Kohane, isn't it the best resort? Besides, my sister is there, and I'm looking forward to it."
 "Kohane... is it fun?"
 "It's a very fun place... with hot springs and seafood... Luna-chan will love it."
 "I see... I'm looking forward to it."
 This trip is an apology.
 But I don't need to tell them that.
 Come to think of it... this is the first time I'm taking the two of them on the trip.
 There's plenty of money to spare, so once the apology is done... maybe we can enjoy the resort afterwards.
 "Well, we'll leave tomorrow, and we'll make arrangements for the trip later."
 And so we set off to meet Ceres once again.

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