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Chapter 81 The Bull and the Bullied

Chapter 81 The Bull And The Bullied

 Li Xia is in a very bad situation now, with his hands tied behind his back with a torn lace underwear, his pants already pulled down by Mizusawa, revealing things that shouldn't be seen, and still shining.

 "Mom, she forced me to do this," Li Xia looked at the gun in Shimizu Kirigiri's hand, as well as the bullet casings on the ground, calling out "mom" with intense sincerity.

 Hastily explaining that Mizusawa forced him to do this, and it was not out of his own will, even though the target was a black-skinned mature lady, he didn't feel too disadvantaged.

 And he didn't know why he had to apologize, but from Shimizu Kirigiri's eyes, he could see the anger. This was the first time he had seen such strong emotions on this cold beauty's face.

 Shimizu Kirigiri didn't say anything, walked up to him, and in his eerie gaze, reached out and touched his cheek: "I'm sorry, I'm late."

 "It's... it's okay." Li Xia actually heard a hint of concern in this voice, colder than the Siberian wind, which surprised him, but he quickly said, "Can you help me put on my pants first?"

 Kirigiri Shimizu reached out and put back the place he exposed, then pulled up his pants, and with a little force, tore apart his lace underwear that seemed unbreakable.

 Li Xia quickly stood up, looked at his wrist, where there was already a visible mark from the underwear, and some unknown stains, which made him shiver.

 But at this moment, Mizusawa Ryo was also feeling uncomfortable, still hiding behind cover, not daring to show her head.

 Perhaps seeing that there was no sound from this side, Mizusawa Ryo's voice came from behind the cover: "Kirigiri Shimizu, don't go too far, we are equals, attacking colleagues is a serious crime, if you shoot again, you'll face a military court!"

 After she finished speaking, Kirigiri Shimizu just stood still, not speaking, not moving either.

 Seeing that her warning had an effect, Mizusawa Ryo cautiously poked her head out from behind the cover: "Your son is still..."

 *Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!* There was another round of gunfire, and Kirigiri Shimizu aimed at the half-exposed head without hesitation.

 Mizusawa Ryo obviously was prepared mentally, and immediately shrank back. If she had been a little slower, she would have been shot in the head directly.

 Li Xia watched in fear, feeling weak in the knees. Kirigiri Shimizu was showing no mercy, clearly intent on causing harm.

 Though their exact identities were unknown, Li Xia could tell from their conversation that both were likely high-ranking officials. It was shocking to see them engage in violence without hesitation.

 From behind cover, there was a constant stream of curses from Mizusawa. This composed, elegant woman from class was now using foul language, speaking without restraint.

 Kirigiri Shimizu furrowed her brow, like a mother shielding her child's eyes from a kissing scene in a movie. She glanced at Li Xia, her voice leaving no room for doubt: "Go back."

 "Okay," Li Xia immediately agreed. He knew he couldn't do anything here, and there was no need to be stubborn. As he surveyed the wreckage in the office, with shattered debris everywhere, along with bullet casings and holes in the walls, his wariness of Kirigiri Shimizu deepened. Despite her self-proclaimed maternal nature, she was not to be trifled with.

 Casting a deep glance at Kirigiri Shimizu's retreating figure, he turned and left the office.

 After a aw hile, Li Xia arrived in the corridor and looked around. In front of him, he saw a few people in black clothes blocking the way to the office.

 One of them was Komachi Kurenai wearing casual clothes.

 "Hey, Sister Kurenai!" Li Xia hurriedly went up to greet her.

 "Hey, are you hurt anywhere? Do you need to go to the hospital?" Komachi Kurenai looked Li Xia up and down. After seeing that he only had some disheveled clothes and no other injuries, she relaxed.

 "No, I'm fine. You came just in time," Li Xia said. In fact, he felt that even if Kirigiri Shimizu had come later, he would probably be fine. At most, he would lose a few million.

 "Okay, then you should go to the classroom first. We'll take care of things here," Komachi Kurenai said, looking in the direction of the office and patting his shoulder.

 After spending some time together, she had started to see Li Xia as her little brother. When she found out this boy had been stolen by Mizusawa, she almost fell apart.

 "Okay," Li Xia nodded. Compared to Kirigiri Shimizu, he had a better relationship with Komachi Kurenai. At least she was a normal person. Right now, that was all he could ask for from the woman who had suddenly appeared by his side.

 When he arrived at the classroom, many students had already left. The gunfight in Mizusawa's office was far away and had no effect here. However, Kiyoura Mai was still sitting in her original position, obviously waiting for him to return.

 "Oh, you came. The script is not bad, the subject is quite new, and there's a twist," Kiyoura Mai said, flipping her golden short hair and resting her chin on her hand. "But I always feel like something is missing."

 "What's missing?" Li Xia sat down. It was his first time writing a script, and although he had learned a lot of theoretical knowledge, it was impossible to use it perfectly the first time.

 "A highlight," Kiyoura Mai said, dragging her chin. "It lacks a striking and impressive part, such as the female lead traveling from one city to another, meeting the male lead, and then being attracted to each other, which is a conventional story."

 "Then what?" Li Xia also became curious.

 "If the female lead goes to different men's houses every night during the journey," Kiyoura Mai said seriously, "then it becomes a story that leaves a deep impression on people."

 "..." Li Xia always felt that something was off, but for the moment, he couldn't argue.

 "Like this story," Kiyoura Mai raised the script in her hand and said, "This is just a normal story where the male lead meets the female lead, and then defeats the villain. But what we need to add is not just love and fighting, but also family, ethics, and NTR elements."

 "For example?" Li Xia decided to listen to her thoughts.

 "For example, the male lead takes his little sister to defeat the demon king, and then on the journey, he meets the female lead," Kiyoura Mai said earnestly. "The male lead rejects the female lead, and the little sister, feeling sorry for the female lead, takes care of her. Because of the little sister's gentle care, the female lead falls in love with the little sister, but in reality, the female lead's little sister has a secret crush on the male lead. This simple relationship encompasses love, family, and ethics."

 “Wait, I think it’s a bit confusing,” Li Xia said, covering his head with his hand, feeling a bit dizzy from his explanation. After straightening himself out, he asked, “So, who does the male lead like?”

 "Of course, he likes the demon king's wife," Kiyoura Mai said with a smug smile. "This way, we also have the NTR element."

 "Um, but don't most readers like to be bullied?" Li Xia felt like it's a bit ridiculous and decided to follow up with her own question.

 "This is a twist," Kiyoura Mai clapped her hands. "The demon king's wife is actually the future male lead. After the male lead defeats the demon king, he gets cursed and turns into a helpless woman, goes back in time, and is picked up by the demon king disguised as a tiger. That way, all the popular elements are brought together."

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