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Chapter 80 Aunt Will Be Gentle

Chapter 80 Aunt Will Be Gentle

 "Come, let Aunt take a look~" Mizusawa Ryou's hands passed under Li Xia's armpits, one hand pressed against his abdomen, the other hand on his chest, chin resting on his shoulder, sticking out her tongue to lick her lips, easily embracing him completely like this.

 "I..." Li Xia, who is as tall as 1.8 meters and has a sturdy figure, but being embraced by Mizusawa Ryou, feels like a primary school student, easily controlled by her.

 The current situation is different from the last encounter with the ghoul leader. Mizusawa Ryou not only has great strength, her long legs are entwined with his feet, skillfully controlling his limbs.

 Li Xia suddenly remembered a piece of advice, "Definitely find a girl who knows martial arts as a girlfriend, because as long as she's willing, even in bed, she can lock you in any position she likes."

 "Don't be nervous," Mizusawa Ryou spoke, exhaling moist air hitting his face, with a hint of moisture. "Aunt and Shimizu are very close, just want to check your body."

 "I think my body is very healthy," Li Xia tried to use force with his arm, grabbing Mizusawa Ryou's exposed thigh, the wheat-colored thigh without stockings unexpectedly slippery, making it impossible for him to use force. He felt her firm chest against his back, just as Kiyoura Mai said, the firmness completely exceeded his expectations. "And Teacher Ryou, if you don't let go, I'm going to shout!"

 "The child must listen obediently~" Mizusawa Ryou didn't give him a chance to speak any further, as her two fingers went straight into his mouth.

 Before Li Xia could even say a word, he felt his tongue being pinched by two fingernails. Mizusawa Ryou's hands were remarkably skillful, with her other fingers pressing against his upper jaw, preventing his mouth from closing and his voice from coming out. Saliva uncontrollably flowed from the corners of his mouth, as if a round ball had been stuffed inside, completely depriving him of the ability to cry for help.

 This time, he had miscalculated. He never expected this new seductive teacher to make a move on him the first time they met, and not just any move, but a full-force one, without giving him a chance to resist.

 Mizusawa Ryou's other hand had already reached directly into his pants, grabbing hold.

 "Ugh..." Li Xia wanted to make a sound, but his lips couldn't close at all. His body was entangled by her long legs, and with their height difference, it further compressed his room for movement.

 "You're so adorable~" Mizusawa Ryou's gaze became increasingly strange, her wheat-colored skin now tinged with a sickly crimson, panting heavily.

 Li Xia felt the strength in her legs noticeably increase, squeezing his body in pain.

 "It seems like you're ready~" Mizusawa Ryo's smile was dangerous as she reached a hand into hrt teacher's skirt. With a strong tug, there was a "tearing" sound as the fabric ripped.

 Li Xia stared in shock as Mizusawa's hand emerged from under her skirt, holding a torn black lace underwear.

 Mizusawa used the underwear as a rope and tightly bound Li Xia's hands behind the office chair.

 Meanwhile, she stood up on her high heels, looking down at Li Xia from above. One long leg wedged between his feet, preventing them from closing.

 "Ah..." Li Xia whimpered a few times, only able to look up at Mizusawa. Her smile, which was once cheerful, had now completely been replaced by sadistic cruelty.

 "My dear, I'll be gentle~" Mizusawa licked her lips and forcefully removed Li Xia's pants, adjusting him. Her eyes were filled with madness, with no foreplay, she simply sat down abruptly.

 Li Xia's entire body was under control, with his hands bound behind his back. Despite the delicate appearance of the lace underwear, his hands were painfully constrained and he couldn't break free.

 Mizusawa was like an older sister, effortlessly controlling a little kid, holding him tightly under her control.

 Was he going to lose his first time here? In terms of looks, Mizusawa may not be conventionally pretty, but her wheat-colored skin and height still held a unique charm.

 Just as he was lost in thought, there was a sudden "clang" of glass breaking behind him.

 Mizusawa, who had already sat down, shivered all over, suddenly falling to the side. The next second, a cold light flashed where she had been standing.

 The cold light hit the wall, making a crisp sound before disappearing into it.

 Li Xia took a closer look, and it was a long blade. The front half was already embedded in the wall. Obviously, this blade was custom-made, or it wouldn't have been able to be driven into the wall.

 Moreover, Li Xia also knew that this long blade could split a ghoul in half in mid-air.

 The next second, the office door was kicked open from the outside, and a figure rushed in at an extremely fast speed.

 Mizusawa had just straightened up, and the figure's foot had already kicked over. Mizusawa reacted very quickly, not caring at all that she wasn't wearing underwear at the moment, with her clothes torn apart. She crossed her arms in front of her chest for defense, grinning with a fierce smile. "Hey, Shimizu, close combat with me is not a wise choice."

 After recognizing the newcomer as Kirigiri Shimizu, Li Xia felt a sudden sense of closeness to this dangerous woman for the first time and blurted out, "Mom!"

 The call was genuine and heartfelt. In the face of a life-saving favor, it didn't seem so difficult to call her "mom."

 But immediately, he became worried about Kirigiri Shimizu. It was clear from Mizusawa Ryou's physique that she was strong in close combat and skilled in lock techniques, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to effortlessly pose in various positions.

 On the other hand, Kirigiri Shimizu was skilled in using a blade, but the long blade had already been thrown out and was out of reach. This battle was extremely unfavorable from a distance.

 Mizusawa Ryou obviously thought the same, as she stood firm after directly receiving a kick from Kirigiri Shimizu, her posture unchanged. Then, she took a step forward, trying to gain a favorable position for a counterattack. However, the next second, her smile froze on her face.

 Kirigiri Shimizu landed steadily and directly reached into her coat, pulling out two mini submachine guns without hesitation, and immediately pulled the trigger.

 "Rat-a-tat-tat!" A series of gunshots, the muzzles spewing tongues of fire in Mizusawa Ryou's direction.

 The intense and suspenseful scene unfolded as seasoned warrior, Mizusawa Ryou, witnessed Kirigiri Shimizu reaching into her coat. Reacting with urgency, she rolled aside and exclaimed, "Kirigiri Shimizu, are you trying to kill me?!"

 As the bullets rained down, the office became a whirlwind of smoke and chaos.

 Li Xia swallowed hard, realizing that Kirigiri Shimizu was even more dangerous than he had imagined. This was a school, yet she had fired a gun without hesitation. If it were anyone else, they would have been riddled with bullets by now.

 As Kirigiri Shimizu ran out of bullets, she turned to look at Li Xia, scanning him from head to toe, and then furrowing her brow as her gaze settled on his lower body.

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