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Chapter 83 Aunt

Chapter 83 Aunt

 "The revealing lace is too provocative, Xiaxia might think I'm someone who likes that kind of thing." Asakawa Aki blushed. She had never considered this before, so she didn't feel embarrassed.

 It was only now that she realized that her unintentional movements at home had exposed her body to various people. He probably already knew all the styles of her underwear.

 "I want to disappear~" Asakawa Aki grabbed a pillow from the sofa and covered her face. Her underwear style was definitely too mature. Moreover, she remembered there were a few times when she was at home on weekends and, for convenience, she still had unworn ones. She couldn't recall whether Li Xia was there or not. She just wanted to suffocate herself like this.

 "Auntie, are you feeling unwell?" Li Xia came out of the kitchen with a bowl of stir-fried vegetables and looked at her with confusion.

 "I'm fine!" Asakawa Aki quickly put down the pillow and forced a stiff smile. She also endured the embarrassment and spread her legs, not wanting to raise suspicion.

 "Oh~" Li Xia glanced at her twice, then looked away and continued cooking in the kitchen.

 Asakawa Aki saw him return to the kitchen, let out a sigh of relief, and leaned back on the sofa: "I'm tired."

 But although she had lost her desire for life, she still eagerly ran to the dining table when it was time to eat and sat down.

 "Kids need to eat more green peppers to grow tall~" Asakawa Aki said seriously, putting all the vegetables into Li Xia's bowl.

 "Hey, are you a kid? You're being picky!" Li Xia said with a puzzled expression and put the vegetables back.

 "Who told you to make so many vegetables!" Asakawa Aki pouted, completely different from her usual cool demeanor at school.

 They spent an entire hour eating this meal, and even though Asakawa Aki noticed that he was already a grown man, she couldn't help but interact with Li Xia as usual.

 After finishing the meal, Li Xia threw the dishes into the dishwasher. Since he started living together with his aunt, they had clear roles - he was responsible for cooking, and his aunt was responsible for washing the dishes.

 The next day, when he saw the worker who came to install the dishwasher, he realized that he had been tricked. And later on, his aunt didn't even bother to throw the dishes into the dishwasher anymore.

 As everything was done skillfully, he saw his aunt sitting on the sofa watching TV. He then took out his notebook, sat in front of the coffee table, and continued to write the script.

 Asakawa Aki just glanced at it, then sat cross-legged on the sofa to watch TV, ignoring him.

 Li Xia looked at the screen and realized, just like what Kiyoura Mai said, the biggest problem with his script was the lack of distinctive features, and it didn't have that particularly strong sensory stimulation.

 "Auntie," Li Xia suddenly asked, "what kind of story do you find most appealing?"

 "Well, of course," Asakawa Aki initially planned to say something thrilling and unique, like even in adult movies, adding Ultraman elements would immediately increase the click-through rate. But then she thought that if she answered like this, it wouldn't be conducive to establishing her image as an elder, so she changed her mind and said, "Of course, it should be something heartwarming."

 Asakawa Aki, looking at Li Xia and his troubled expression, remembered how when he couldn't do his homework as a child, he would have this expression and then seek her help.

 Thinking of these ordinary memories now brought a wonderful feeling to his heart, so Asakawa Aki added, "Something that can evoke some beautiful memories."

 "Good things?"

 Li Xia was momentarily surprised, then nodded. Human emotions are quite magical. They can get excited from seeing stimulating adult content, and also become filled with positive energy from seeing heartwarming things.

 To resonate with people, besides the ethics mentioned by Kiyoura Mai, minotaurs, and crotch rot triggering negative emotions, it can also be light, healing, and peaceful, not stories that strongly provoke people's emotions.

 "I see," Li Xia clapped his hands. When everyone is pursuing strong emotional stimulation, changing the mindset and taking a different path might be more suitable.

 "Thank you, auntie," Li Xia turned to look at Asakawa Aki.

 "Um..." Asakawa Aki felt a bit unsure at this point, always feeling that she might have misled her nephew, her gaze wandering.

 With the goal set, Li Xia rebuilt the folder. Ordinary stories, no straightforward narratives, no love triangles, no incest, no explicit content. Instead, making ordinary things interesting, which requires a lot more effort starting from every action, every line.

 Li Xia decided to write a plan first. He sat in front of the computer and began typing.

 Asakawa Aki, who has a PhD in biology, sat behind him. She is not good at writing scripts and looked at his face.

 A person who focuses on one thing is very attractive. Asakawa Aki somewhat understood this sentence. When she realized that Li Xia was already a man, she started noticing things she usually ignored.

 Meanwhile, Li Xia is typing on the keyboard seriously. He loves this career, or else he wouldn't have chosen this major.

 Additionally, whenever he faces challenges, he thinks of Kirigiri Shimizu's sword and feels that nothing is insurmountable.

 Asakawa Aki is there with him, which is comforting when working.

* * *

 On the other side, Komachi Kurenai left the Special Bureau's exclusive hospital and got into a black car parked on the roadside.

 Glancing at Kirigiri Shimizu sitting in the back row, he couldn't help but shudder and whispered: "Captain, Captain Ryou's wound has been bandaged. With Captain Ryou's strength, she will recover soon."

 "Yes." Kirigiri Shimizu responded. Her arms were also wrapped with gauze and hung around her neck, but it did not affect her frosty temperament at all.

 "Um..." Kirigiri Shimizu responded, her voice calm and detached. She made no mention of the bomb incident at the school, or the reprimand from the director. Komachi Kurenai, noticing Kirigiri's serene expression, spoke softly, "The director found out about the bomb at the school and couldn't reach you on the phone. She scolded me instead."

 Kirigiri Shimizu remained silent.

 "She means neither of you should act for at least a month," Komachi Kurenai added in a hushed tone. "But the director also instructed Captain Ryou not to use force."

 "Let's go," Kirigiri Shimizu finally spoke, her objective achieved. There was no point in staying any longer.

 "Okay," Komachi Kurenai immediately started the car. She understood the captain's intentions well. Morisawa Tooru was powerful, and not one to follow rules. Kirigiri Shimizu couldn't protect Li Xia around the clock, so the best approach was to show compliance, and above would naturally provide an extra layer of security to balance things out.

 The thought of Mizusawa Ryou, who was quick to take revenge, crossed Komachi Kurenai's mind. That guy was someone who always sought revenge. Today, Li Xia was set up. Even if she couldn't use force, she would probably find other ways to take down Li Xia.

 The possibility of a big cart crushing a small horse left Komachi Kurenai feeling strangely expectant.

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