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Chapter 84 The Honest Body

Chapter 84 The Honest Body

 "Hey, why are you sleeping? Wake up..." Asakawa Aki looked at Li Xia, who was lying in front of the computer, and instinctively wanted to wake him up. However, her voice gradually became softer and softer.

 Her gaze landed on Li Xia's face. The boy she had seen grow up seemed different from the little boy with a runny nose who used to cling to her thigh in her memories.

 She picked up a blanket and covered him, then rested her cheek on her hand and lay down on the coffee table, so that they were face to face. Their distinct features appeared quite attractive from the opposite sex's perspective.

 Asakawa Aki silently compared Li Xia to other boys. It wasn't that there weren't other boys who were more attractive than Li Xia, but there was something about Li Xia's attractiveness that seemed to align with her preferences.

 She didn't know if it was a coincidence or if she had unknowingly set Li Xia as her standard for attraction.

 Her gaze fell upon Li Xia's lips, and an impulse surged within her heart: "Just one kiss, one last time. Don't have any delusions in the future. He is just your little nephew."



 When Li Xia woke up, he noticed that he was under a blanket. He rubbed his forehead and saw that the TV was still on, but the sound was off. He turned and saw his aunt lying on the sofa, with a smile on her face as if she was having a pleasant dream.

 Li Xia checked the time and realized it was already early morning. He reached out to wake her up and move her to the bed, but hesitated. She was clearly having a lovely dream, maybe imagining herself in a fancy hotel, ordering food and eagerly waiting for it. If he woke her up now, she would be disappointed.

 Li Xia withdrew his hand. The sofa was comfortable and the room was warm, so there was no need to worry about her catching a cold. He took the blanket off himself and covered her with it.

 Asakawa Aki slept peacefully, her chest slightly squeezed, her uniform still on, and her stockings not removed. Her toes could be seen through the sheer black stockings.

 The combination of teacher uniforms, transparent black stockings, and a sleeping mature beauty might evoke some strange thoughts. However, reality is different from art. If he were to touch or disturb her, she would surely wake up immediately.

 So, Li Xia pulled the blanket down a little, covering her exposed toes.

 And his gaze finally fell on Asakawa Aki's face. His aunt was very pretty, there was no doubt about it. It was a mature beauty that satisfied all his fantasies about mature women. Otherwise, she wouldn't appear in his dreams at such a restless age.

 But his feelings for his aunt were like a tissue in puberty, unable to distinguish whether it was liking or hormonal impulse.

 His gaze quickly landed on his aunt's lips. Asakawa Aki had a habit of wearing lipstick, which looked particularly bright under the lighting.

 Li Xia swallowed, unable to move his gaze away from her lips for a long time. The moist lips seemed to have an indescribable attraction, and he heard his own heartbeat, as if his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

 His body slowly lowered beyond his control. "Just one kiss, the last time, no more fantasies, she's just your aunt."



 After that, Li Xia returned to his apartment. He then saw the lights were still on. Pushing the door open, he saw Senior Fujino lying on the bed, wearing only a nightgown, flipping through a book.

 "Senior hasn't slept yet?" Li Xia changed into slippers and placed the laptop bag in the living room, intending to quickly freshen up in the bathroom.

 "Hmm, found an interesting book," Fujino glanced at him with a half-smile, focusing on his lips. "Love, from a biological perspective, is just a biological instinct for genetic continuation. But why, throughout history, in any civilization, stories have emerged to praise transcendence of worldly understanding, which doesn't align with the original purpose of genetic inheritance."

 "Uh..." Li Xia couldn't answer his senior's question, but he caught a glimpse of the book cover she had just closed, a manga with "Ghost Father 1-6 Collection" written on it. He didn't know how Senior could find such thought-provoking questions through this kind of book. All he could do was casually respond, "Animals only follow instincts. Perhaps the human genes inherently contain a part that breaks the rules, and this uncertainty is what gives rise to civilization."

 After saying this, Li Xia went to the bathroom, picked up the toothbrush to rinse his mouth, and saw his lips in the mirror. A shiver ran through his body when he noticed some red marks on his lips, left from the stolen kiss with his aunt's lips earlier. Due to being too nervous, he hadn't noticed until now.

 No wonder Fujino was staring at his lips for a long time just now.

 Li Xia quickly used water to clean his lips. It felt like using toilet paper and not having the chance to throw it away before a crush suddenly came to visit.

 Fortunately, when he left, his aunt was still asleep, otherwise he would have really cracked.

 Time quickly came to late night. In the apartment, Asakawa Aki slowly opened her eyes and looked at the coffee table. She realized that Li Xia had already left, and when she sat up, the blanket slid off her body.

 Asakawa Aki blushed and covered her face with the blanket.

 "I must be crazy~ I want to die~" Asakawa Aki buried her head in the sofa. She kissed Li Xia, originally intending it to be a final farewell kiss, but quickly realized that her lipstick had left a mark on his lips.

 This discovery made her feel uneasy. She quickly planned to take a wet tissue to wipe it off.

 But when her hand reached Li Xia's lips, it stopped. What would he think if he found out that she had stolen a kiss from him?

 Once this thought was born in her mind, it was like opening Pandora's box. Countless strange emotions burst out from inside.

 Just like those who are tied up with a rope, passing by people quietly in the quiet park at night, suddenly tearing off their clothes, knowing that this behavior is perverse, but involuntarily putting oneself into it in their mind.

 Asakawa Aki knew that if she cleaned herself up, maybe Li Xia would always be her good nephew, and she would never try to cross that line again.

 The two of them would still get along like before, occasionally cooking together, watching TV together, chatting together.

 And then he would have his own lover, his own child, and the two of them would be parallel lines.

 Asakawa Aki thought of these things and withdrew her hand holding the wet tissue.

 "No, if I put on lipstick, it will definitely wake him up, and then there will be no way to explain it." Asakawa Aki withdrew her hand, as if all the strength in her body had been drained, and she fell weakly on the sofa. "I don't care anymore!"

 Like this, Asakawa Aki lay on the sofa, with countless thoughts, probably because she was too nervous just now, she had exhausted all her strength and quickly fell asleep.



 'Auntie, I have already received your affection.' Li Xia held her request with one hand, staring intently into her eyes.

 'No... No, it's not possible, I'm your aunt, we can't!' Asakawa Aki turned her head away, unable to meet his gaze.

 'But your body is saying something else!' Li Xia's hand had already slipped inside her slit skirt, tracing along her thigh and up her stockings.

 'No... I can't!' Asakawa Aki hurriedly clamped her thighs together, but it was too late. Li Xia's palm had already found its rightful place. Though her thigh tightly squeezed his hand, his fingers moved deftly.



 "Just let me die!" Asakawa Aki covered her face, recalling the dream she had just had. She buried her face in the pillow as if trying to suffocate herself within it. After a long while, she lifted her head, pouting, and finally sighed helplessly. "I acted so tough in front of him, but I'm still so indecisive. I'm such a useless adult..."

* * *

 Inside Li Xia's apartment.

 After spending some time with Fujino, Li Xia had become familiar with her. There was no longer any awkwardness like in the beginning, and he didn't turn away when he saw his senior changing her underwear.

 Or if he open the door and see Senior sitting on the toilet, he casually greet her as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

 It's a hassle to sleep on the floor every day, so the two of them ended up sleeping together.

 Of course, this "sleep" is a noun, not a verb.

 "Senior, what am I to you?" Li Xia suddenly asked. Fujino isn't human, her home has long been repaired, but she still naturally lives here.

 Initially, Li Xia thought she had other intentions, but after spending these days together, Fujino hasn't interfered with his life.

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