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Chapter 61 Party hosted by the lord (Part Five)

Chapter 61 Party Hosted By The Lord (Part Five)

 Baronet Marqifasso's lower jaw was split right sideways.


 Alice screams. Next, the baron's eyes pop out wide. Just like that, his eyes spread out towards his head like melted candy. The shape of his face suddenly became an inverted triangle. The sleeves of his hands tore with a crunching sound.

 "Danger! Stay away!"

 I held Alice's body and left Baronet Marqifasso. A huge jagged green sickle appeared from the cuffs he avoided. The back of his blazer also splits, and four green wings grow from it. Then his rump grew longer and his wings were folded into it.


 Alice rolls her eyes and she whispers. Yes, what was there was a monster that looked like a combination of a man and a praying mantis.

 "The mantis-man (Insect person)."

 I also say that. The magic stone from earlier was something that transformed people into monsters by fusing them with insects.


 Baronet Marqifasso, transformed into a giant mantis-human, let out a strange cry and attacked! I quickly rolled to the side while holding Alice. But the movements of the mantis-man were unexpectedly fast. Its scythe gouged into my left thigh.


 I rolled with Alice. It was bad to have my leg injured. I couldn't use my footwork here. And the movements of the mantis-man were fast. It was completely different from when it was human.

 "Alice, hide somewhere, in the shelf or somewhere!"

 I said that and stood up, provoking the mantis-man while moving in a different direction. Perhaps its intelligence had greatly diminished compared to when it was human, as the mantis-man came toward me.

 But I readied my sword with both hands. The mantis-man made a rustling sound and approached with its four legs and two scythes raised.

 "Hey, when did four legs turn into six!"

 While making such a retort in my mind, I readied my sword. Then the mantis-man stopped moving. It tilted its head 45 degrees twice. I had a bad feeling. I reflexively jumped back. In that instant, the mantis-man's scythe swept through the place where I had been at an unbelievable speed. It's the unique way mantises handle their weapons, extending the scythe and their whole body, attacking the weapon all at once.

 (If I hadn't jumped back there first..."

 My spine shivered.

 "Standing directly in front is bad."

 I always moved, using the shelves, cases, and desks in the exhibition room as shields, never standing directly in front of the mantis-man. Mantis insects have a habit of stopping their movements before attacking. It seems it can't aim at me, who is constantly changing position.

 (But if it drags on, I'll be at a disadvantage.)

 In any case, my left leg is injured. Every time the mantis monster swings its sickle, obstacles are destroyed.

 (If only Alice could escape from the room...)

 I can't be the only one to escape from this room.

 The mantis monster swung its sickle sideways, but I lowered my upper body to dodge it. The shield inside rolled off. For a moment, I considered grabbing the shield. But considering the speed of that mantis, holding the shield seemed like a foolish plan.

 That's when it happened. The window glass shattered explosively, and someone jumped in from outside. I tensed, thinking it was an enemy, but it was Chiyome who appeared.

 "Are you okay, Akito!"

 Chiyome didn't even look at me, she just asked with her mouth. Her eyes were only focused on the mantis monster, which was already an enemy.

 "I'm managing somehow."

 "Alright, let's fight together!"

 Chiyome held a short sword in each hand. While constantly moving around, she used the swords to deflect the mantis' sickle and tried to get close. But the mantis' range was unexpectedly long. It was difficult to get close.

 So, I shouted.

 "The mantis's scythe can't reach on its back! Attack from that side! I'll take the front!"

 "Got it. Counting on you!"

 I stood before the mantis-man and swung my sword, "Over here!" The mantis is sensitive to movement. It turned its head toward me, changed direction with its four legs, and raised its scythe to attack. I parried with my sword and narrowly dodged to the side.

 The shield-like display shelf was destroyed, and several weapons fell in front of me. They were special throwing knives called Manbels. Well, they could be called throwing scythes or throwing axes instead? It's a weapon with blade-like branches attached to the handle.

 I quickly grabbed one of them. I reappeared in front of the mantis again and provocatively thrust with my sword. It seemed to anger the mantis-man, as it spread its arms wide and took a pre-attack stance. I took advantage of the opening and threw the Manbel. It's similar to throwing an axe. The Manbel pierced below the mantis's chest, under its scythe-holding hands.


 When the praying mantis-man let out a strange cry, Chiyome swiftly thrust her wakizashi into the gap between its neck and chest from behind.

 Without hesitation, I leaped into the fray, swinging my sword with all my might. My target was the first joint of the praying mantis's right hand. Although there was a tough resistance, I managed to successfully sever it. In one swift motion, I aimed for the same spot on its left hand and cut it off. However, this time, my sword snapped in half. Nevertheless, the praying mantis's scythe also drooped limply and seemed unusable.

 "This is the end!"

 Chiyome swung her wakizashi with both hands from behind. The wakizashi pierced the back of the praying mantis-man's head. By the time I had acquired my second sword, the praying mantis-man had already collapsed onto the floor.

 "What a troublesome enemy."

 Chiyome murmured as she looked down at the praying mantis-man.

 "Oh, to be honest, I would have been in trouble if you hadn't come. Thank you."

 Then Chiyome shook her head from side to side.

 "No, I should have arrived sooner. I had a hard time distracting the attention of those around me and getting out. It was also difficult to find which room Akito and the others were in."

 Then I remembered the suspicious figure outside the window that I saw earlier.

 "By the way, Chiyome-san, were you outside?"

 "I was just about to come in."

 "At that time, did you see anyone suspicious? In the garden, on the wall, or on the roof?"

 "No, I didn't notice..."

 (So ​​Chiyome-san didn't see it either)

 Since Baronet was transformed into a mantis-man, there was quite a time lag until she came in... Alice, who was hiding under the shelf, came out and pointed at the mantis-man, shouting.

 "Look! The monster!"

 The body of the mantis-man gradually began to transform. It was returning to its original form as Baronet Marqifasso. Chiyome looked troubled when she saw that.

 "It's not safe to stay here. We might be seen as the ones who killed the lord."

 "What should we do?"

 I asked Chiyome, and she pointed to the window that she had just entered through.

 "We have to escape through the window."

 "But Alice is with us."

 "I'll take care of her. Can you climb down from there? You're my disciple, after all."

 Chiyome said with a smile. I shrugged my shoulders. Well, I guess there's no other choice in this situation.

 "Hurry up and move!"

 After Chiyome said that, I decided to escape from the room as well.

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