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Return by Death and Transported to Another World; I Know the True Nature of All Classmates

Genre: Isekai, Fantasy, Action

Raw Source: here

Hojou Akito is a second-year high school student. He's not particularly noticeable in class. It's the usual morning classroom scene. But Akito alone knows the hell that will come after this. The entire class is about to be transported to another world. And every time Akito dies, he finds himself looping back to the classroom on the morning of the starting point.

With each loop, Akito grows stronger. However, his classmates have no memory of the other world. Therefore, when they face danger, they show completely different sides of themselves. Some panic, some tremble in fear despite their usual bravado, some abandon their friends whom they claimed were most important, and there are even those who use others as shields.

Akito is searching for the conditions to escape this loop. He has realized that the survival of certain classmates is one of the conditions. But the events that unfold in each loop are not always the same. Will Akito be able to break free from the loop this time?


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