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Volume 11 Chapter 5 All-out Battle

Volume 11 Chapter 5 All-Out Battle

 "Come to me, brave swordsman of 'Roselia Sword'."

 The Light Dragon King declared.

 A beam of light extended from his forehead, capturing Victor-san.


 His body was lifted by the beam of light, drawn towards the Light Dragon King's forehead.


 Victor-san's body was embedded in the Light Dragon King's forehead.

 Together with the 'Roselia Sword' he held in his hand.

 "This sword contains the power of three sealed swords: 'Refaid Sword', 'Miraafa Sword', 'Faiza Sword'. By keeping them here, they will never be taken from you."

 The Light Dragon King declared.

 "There's an extra effect with hostages. You humans value your comrades, right? Can you attack without hesitation?"

 The Light Dragon King smirked.

 Certainly, we need to rescue Victor-san before defeating that guy.

 "We can't just use enhanced weapons to defeat him with one blow, can we?"

 There's a possibility of Victor-san getting hurt too.

 Besides, with such a huge body, even if I use enhanced weapons, it won't be easy to defeat him.

 "It doesn't seem as easy as the previous enemies."

 I clenched my lips.

 "Still, I have to stop him. And rescue Victor-san."

 Even if I lose the legendary sword, I have this enchantment magic.

 "Let's go, Lily, Martina. And Mirabell and Margaret, lend me a hand too."

 I called out to everyone.

 "It's an all-out battle."

 And then, the fight began.

 "Take this!"

 I swung the sword, granting it +10000 power.

 I aimed for the body to avoid hitting Victor-san's forehead by mistake.

 However, I didn't know how much damage I would cause if I attacked with all my strength, so I held back quite a bit.

 It was just a test.

 "It's useless."

 The Light Dragon King's massive body was covered in a thin, shimmering film.

 The sword pressure I unleashed was easily repelled by that film.


 Even though I wasn't using my full strength, it was surprising to be repelled so easily.

 "That film... is it a magic barrier?"

 Or is it the effect of a skill?

 Either way, it's definitely very resilient.

 "We're not done yet! [Dragon Slash]!"

 "[Blash Blade]!""

 Lily and Martina unleashed their Sword Skills.

 Both of them were targeting the Light Dragon King's legs and the tips of its tail, making sure not to involve Victor-san.

 "It's no use!"

 Even their attacks are blocked by the magic barrier.

 "So it deflects physical attacks too――"

 "You seem bewildered. This isn't a skill or magic."

 Light Dragon King said.

 "It's the same kind of power as yours, human."

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