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Volume 11 Chapter 6 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part One

Volume 11 Chapter 6 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part One

 "It's the same kind of power as yours, human."

 What he was looking at was me.

 "The same kind of power...?"

 Was it referring to my enchantment magic?

 Or perhaps...

 As I thought about it, a bad feeling started to spread.

 "No way, even this guy――?"

 "Hmph, you've noticed."

 The Light Dragon King smirked.

 A golden aura rose from its massive body.

 "Rrroarrr... 'Relic'! Lend me even more power!"

 The Light Dragon King shouted.


 I widened my eyes in astonishment.

 Just as I suspected, this guy...

 The aura emanating from its entire body transformed into a dazzling brilliance.

 At the same time, a shining armor appeared, covering the Light Dragon King's massive form.

 A crest, shaped like a crown, floated above its chest.

 "Is that the emblem of 'Relic'!?"

 "My body has become nearly invulnerable. No matter how much power your weapon possesses, it cannot break through this."

 The Light Dragon King said boldly.

 "Want to give it a try, huh?"

 "Let's do it."

 I picked up the 'Refaid Sword'.

 Even though it felt like its strength was being drained, it was probably the power to seal the 'Light Dragon King'.

 Its attack power―― shouldn't have decreased.

 At least the Strengthening points I granted are still intact.

 "Then, here we go! Activation of enchantment magic, 2nd spell──"

 'Learned Martina Geera's Sword Skill "Blash Blade"'

 '3000 strengthening points consumed to enhance the skill and bestowed upon Rain Garland.'

 "Charge, Lightning Blash Blade!"

 I swung my Refaid Sword with all my might.

 It was a powerful strike that enhanced the destructive Sword Skill, Blash Blade.

 I drove the blade, shining with a flash of light, into my opponent.


 With a dull sound, the Refaid Sword was deflected.

 "My sword...!"

 The tip was broken off.

 "What's wrong, enchantment magician? Your sword is impressive, but I also possess a similar power."

 I've had my enhanced sword shatter or disappear due to the strain of my own attack before, but this was the first time it was damaged by an opponent's defense.

 This guy is definitely different from any enemy I've faced before...

 I hardened my expression.

 "Rain-sama, what should we do?"

 Lily approached me.

 "Even Rain-sama's enhanced weapon is ineffective..."

 "In that case, how about the three of us coordinate?"

 Martina also approached.

 "It seems like our individual attacks won't work, so let's combine our attacks to break through his defense with a synergistic effect. Can we do it?"


 "Got it."

 We nodded at each other and spread out.

 ...I have another attack method that is even stronger.

 Enchantment magic, the 3rd spell formula.

 Summoning tens of thousands of armor pieces and unleashing an overwhelming attack (overkill) all at once.

 However, if I use that, my remaining Strengthening points will be almost depleted.

 If I can't defeat him even with the 3rd spell formula, I will be completely out of options.

 That's why―― it's my last resort.

 First, I have to try every other possible option.

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