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Volume 11 Chapter 7 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part Two

Volume 11 Chapter 7 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part Two

 "Hey, why can you use that power...?"

 I looked at the Light Dragon King.

 "Hmph, you mean the 'Relic'?"

 The Light Dragon King laughed.

 "When I was sealed, someone came to visit me. I received it from that person. This immense power!"

 "Received it...?"

 "'Enhanced' 'Relic'―― thanks to it, I gained power several times greater than before. This time, I won't be taken by surprise again."

 The Light Dragon King's chest... a shining emblem appeared on the surface covered in armor.

 "Now, with this power, I will turn all of you into ashes!"

 A gigantic mouth opened.

 The inside of the mouth glowed bright red.

 "[Draconic Burst Breath]!"

 From there, a scorching beam of light was expelled...

 The Dragon Breath, the strongest attack synonymous with dragons.


 The red breath rushes towards us.


 I immediately jumped to the front.

 As usual, the strategy is to repel the breath with +10,000 cloth clothes and protection items.

 But, what if――

 I can't help but think about that possibility in the back of my mind.

 What if Breath's attack power exceeds my defense power...?

 Without a doubt, I will be wiped out without a trace.

 I was horrified.

 Fear wells up as if it's crushing my whole body.

 My enchantment magic has reached a domain that can be called substandard (cheat), but if it's a cheat, the same goes for my opponent.

 After all, it's a battle between 'Relics'.

 This might be the first time since I got the cheat enchantment magic.

 The ultimate situation of life or death――


 I bit my lip and desperately swallowed the feeling of fear.

 Protect everyone.

 Inspire yourself.


 Right after, the breath hit me directly.

 Whoosh, crackle, crackle!

 The breath seemed to hit an invisible wall and stopped just a few inches in front of me.

 It's a clash between his breath and my enhanced protective items and clothes―― a battle of strengthened attack and defense power.

 The breath is slowly getting closer to me.

 I can feel the defensive field weakening.

 "Is his attack stronger than mine!?"

 It's not good if I continue to be pushed like this.

 I looked at Lily and Martina behind me, feeling anxious.

 Even they might be swept away together...

 "...No, wait."

 Suddenly, I had an idea.

 If I continue to be pushed like this――

 "I just need to add one more move...!"

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