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Volume 11 Chapter 8 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part Three

Volume 11 Chapter 8 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part Three

 "You want one more move?"

 While exhaling a breath, the Light Dragon King stared at me intensely.

 Now, I'll show it――.

 I focused on him and prepared my "Refaid Sword".

 During the previous exchange, the tip of the sword had broken.

 "...Do your best, 'Refaid Sword'."

 I raised my sword high.

 With all my strength, I struck with a powerful slash.

 Towards the raging Dragon Breath right in front of me.


 The pressure from the sword clashed with the Breath, causing it to sway slightly.

 Unlike other weapons or tools, this one has been infused with +20,000 Strengthening Points.

 The power-packed pressure from the sword is truly extraordinary.

 Zzzt, zzztt, zzziinnggg!

 The pressure from the sword weakened the Breath's momentum.

 Although it couldn't completely erase it, it definitely reduced its power.

 And the remaining attack energy was deflected by my reinforced clothing and protective items.


 The Dragon Breath completely vanished in power.

 "Hmm, you managed to withstand it."

 The Light Dragon King laughed.

 To him, it was just a minor setback that his breath was blocked once.

 And that was indeed true.

 The real battle is just beginning――


 "Hmm? Where am I...?"

 Suddenly, a voice echoed.

 The voice seemed to be coming from near the Light Dragon King's head――.

 It was Victor-san.

 "Why am I in this place...?"

 It seemed like Victor-san had just woken up.

 "Did I get lost and end up in a strange place...?"

 "Why would that happen!?"

 I couldn't help but interject.

 "No, that's not it. You've been absorbed by the Light Dragon King, Victor-san!"


 Victor-san seemed puzzled.

 However, he did not understand that he had been absorbsed by the Light Dragon King during this period and realized that he had simply lost his way.

 I'd say he's calm and collected, or in a sense he's a big deal.

 Then, Victor-san notices the 'Roselia Sword' in his hand.

 Yes, maybe...

 If we get that sword back, wouldn't the power of our swords also be restored?

 If that happens, there may be a way to seal the Light Dragon King once again.

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