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Volume 11 Chapter 9 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part Four

Volume 11 Chapter 9 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part Four

 Victor-san was in a state where his waist area was buried in the forehead of the Light Dragon King.

 "Victor-san, can't you escape from there?"

 I shouted.

 "Mmm... gggh... no, my body is buried inside the Light Dragon King, I can't get out..."

 Victor-san wriggled his body and stretched his arms, but his lower body remained buried.

 If I could cut through that area, maybe I could create an escape space.

 "If I can somehow make it to Victor-san――"

 I was about to slash the forehead of the Light Dragon King with my weapon.

 "You just need to go there, right?"


 It was Margaret who said that.

 "I'll use magic to send you there."


 Indeed, she is a magic swordsman.

 Maybe she can use that type of spell.

 "Instead, make sure you succeed."

 Margaret looks at me.

 "It's annoying to rely on you―― but I believe you can do it somehow."

 When she says that, my feelings naturally ignite.

 "Yes, I promise."

 I nodded firmly to Margaret.

 She smiled slyly and nodded back.

 "Fly, Rain―― [Wide Flap]!"

 She cast a spell of the wind element.


 Receiving a strong wind from below, I jump up high.

 Or rather, it feels like I was forcefully propelled.

 Thanks to that, I was able to jump up to the vicinity of the Light Dragon King's forehead.

 Now, I just need to save Victor-san.

 "I'll help you now!"

 I draw my knife and slash.

 Of course, this knife has been enhanced with 1000 points.

 Slash, slash...

 Fortunately, it seems that the blade went through.

 "You, what are you doing――?!"

 The Light Dragon King shouted.

 He shook his body, trying to shake me off.


 I stabbed the knife and hurriedly prevented myself from falling.

 "I won't let you――!"

 Lily attacked the Light Dragon King's feet with a Sword Skill.

 "Rain-kun, we'll support you!"

 Martina also attacked in the same way.

 "You... you all..."

 The Light Dragon King couldn't shift his balance and throw me off.

 During that time, I swung my knife again.

 "Just a little more――"

 I finished making a significant number of cuts around Victor-san.

 I put strength into the hand holding the knife.

 I tore through a place slightly farther from where Victor-san's body was buried.

 "You bastard, I won't let you escape...!"

 I keep swinging the knife.

 Just a little more――

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