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Volume 11 Chapter 10 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part Five

Volume 11 Chapter 10 Cheat Vs Cheat, Part Five


 I swung the knife with all my might,

 carving a deep gash on the forehead of the Light Dragon King.

 "All right―― I can get out now!"

 Finally, Victor-san, who was buried in the forehead, seemed able to free his lower body.

 "Catch me, Rain!"

 Victor-san reached out his hand,

 and I grabbed onto it.

 "Here we go!"

 In the next moment, Victor-san jumped with all his might.

 "Huh, is he planning to jump straight down――!?"

 I stood there in astonishment.

 But in the middle of the jump, Victor-san kicked the body of the Light Dragon King several times, gradually applying the brakes, and landed beautifully.

 It was an extraordinary acrobatics.

 Or rather, it wasn't something a human could do.

 "Wow, amazing..."

 "Haha, I enhanced my own physical abilities using the 'Roselia Sword'."

 Victor-san laughed, then he said,

 "I was saved, Rain. If you hadn't come, I would have been captured by the Light Dragon King and killed when I was no longer useful."

 "I'm glad you're safe."

 I smiled at Victor-san, then stabbed three swords into the ground.

 My 'Refaid Sword.'

 Lily's 'Miraafa Sword.'

 And Martina's 'Faiza Sword.'

 We had managed to obtain the swords when rescuing Victor-san.


 "Now that the full team is here, shall we start the final battle? It's time for the real thing."

 "Finally, it's our turn."

 Suddenly, two voices echoed――


 I turned around in surprise.

 Two women were standing beneath the Light Dragon King's feet.

 There was a beautiful lady wearing a s*xy outfit that looked like black bondage.

 And there was also a classy girl wearing a white dress.

 When did these girls appear...!?

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