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Volume 11 Chapter 11 Deeta And Cyril

Volume 11 Chapter 11 Deeta And Cyril

 "Ah, so it's the 'Relic' of 'bestowal' after all."

 A sharp gaze fixed on me.

 "It's a troublesome power, Deeta."

 "Yeah, Cyril. But we have three types of 'Relics'�� 'strengthening,' 'destruction,' and 'movement.' We will win."

 Cyril, the beautiful girl in a white dress, said, and Deeta, the beautiful woman in black attire, replied.

 "For now, let me render you powerless, Rain Garland."

 Deeta glared at me.

 "As long as we keep you in check, our victory is assured."

 "Wait a minute. I'm here too!"

 "Me too!"

 Lily and Martina stood by my sides.

 Both had already retrieved the swords they had stuck into the ground.

 Lily is holding the 'Miraafa Sword' and Martina is holding the 'Faiza Sword.'

 "Do you think those without the 'Relic' can enter this battle?"

 Deeta reached out straight with her hand.


 A shiver ran down my spine.

 Something is different.

 Something about the previous enemies--

 "Both of you, stand behind me!"

 I shouted instinctively and stepped forward.


 Deeta announced.

 In an instant...


 The space in front distorted.


 In the next moment, an immense pressure engulfed my entire body.

 "Ugh... Guuuuuu...!"

 Creak, creak, the sound of something straining.

 And then...


 With an unpleasant sound, something rolled and fell from my chest.

 It was a protective charm that bestows a defensive effect to protect its owner.

 It is an item with a strengthening effect of +10,000.

 "What!? The item shattered...!?"

 "What do you mean... Only the item shattered...!?"

 Me and Deeta both shouted in surprise at the same time.

 "I can't believe you can withstand my 'Universal Annihilation'... Your 'Enhancement Bestowal' is also at a considerable level."

 "Your power... this is..."

 I'm starting to understand.

 This person also possesses the same 'Relic' as me.

 And her power, while I have 'Cheater-level enchantment magic,' is 'Destruction.'

 To destroy even the protective item that had been enhanced with +10,000 strengthening points... Normal armor and shields would be destroyed in an instant.

 Maybe even weapons--

 "This person is different from any enemy I've faced before--"

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