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Volume 11 Chapter 12 Relic Battle, Part One

Volume 11 Chapter 12 Relic Battle, Part One

 "I'm here too~"

 This time, Cyril came towards me.

 She held a short sword, standing straight.


 Her speed is probably above average for a swordsman.

 Well, maybe it's because she's wearing a dress that looks hard to move in...

 At first glance, she doesn't seem to have high physical abilities.

 But she might be better than me, who is not a warrior, but compared to Lily and Martina, there's no comparison.

 She headed towards Lily.

 "You planning to fight up close? Don't underestimate me."

 Lily got into a sword stance.

 Actually, in a close combat between these two, Lily would probably win easily.

 And then...

 "Hop (pyon)!"

 With a playful tone―― Cyril's figure disappeared.

 "Huh!? Aaah...!"

 The next moment, Cyril appeared behind Lily and swung her short sword.

 Lily's back was deeply slashed, and she fell down.


 Lily groaned as blood flowed from her.

 "That looks painful, sorry."

 Cyril stuck out his tongue.

 "Lily-senpai, I'll use healing magic――"

 Margaret rushed over.


 Cyril disappeared again.

 This time, she moved behind Margaret.

 "This guy――!?"


 Margaret was kicked away, separated from Lily.

 "You won't get close~"

 Cyril laughed.

 And then—

 "I can't let you forget about me――"

 This time, Deeta unleashed a [Universal Annihilation] attack.

 I charged straight into the attack, managing to dodge it somehow.


 Several backup protection items shattered.

 "Hmph, you still had items, huh? But how long can you last?"

 Deeta glared at me.

 She pushed from the front with her destructive power, while Cyril, who was always unpredictable, caused chaos.

 This duo is troublesome――

 "You don't think you're only going against those two, do you?"

 "Don't forget that we're here too."

 "Wherever the Light Dragon King is, we are always there..."


 When I turned around in surprise, there were three silhouettes there.

 "No way――"

 Even the remaining three of the 7 Dragon Knights, the close aides of the Light Dragon King, have appeared in this place.

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