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Volume 11 Chapter 13 Relic Battle, Part Two

Volume 11 Chapter 13 Relic Battle, Part Two

 The 7 Dragon Knights all transformed into giant dragons.

 They positioned themselves in front of the Light Dragon King and unleashed their dragon breath all at once.


 I stepped to the forefront, using my 'cloth armor' and 'protective items' to deflect this.

 Creak, creak...!

 The items made a creaking sound.

 The items had been damaged in the earlier battle with Deeta.

 Normally, I should have been able to easily withstand the attacks from the 7 Dragon Knights, but at this rate, my items might get destroyed, and I could be overpowered.

 "We have to settle this before that happens...!"

 "I'll join in too, Rain-kun."

 Martina stepped forward.

 She readied her sword and took the vanguard in my place.

 With Lily currently down, she is a valuable attacker.

 "Before the next dragon breath comes, let's strike them! Please cover for me, Rain-kun!"

 Martina kicked the ground and charged forward.

 Certainly, teamwork will be crucial from here on.

 Until now, I could overpower the enemies with the enhanced weapons and armor I have.

 But this time, the enemy possesses a 'Relic' similar to mine.

 Moreover, there are three opponents.

 Without borrowing everyone's strength, I probably can't win――

 Martina swung her sword, and the 7 Dragon Knights were pushed back.

 This time, I stepped forward and struck the Light Dragon King with the 'Refaid Sword.'


 The slash was easily deflected.

 As expected, it's no use.

 It doesn't penetrate the 'enhanced' armor.


 "A wound...!"

 There was a slight injury.

 Has the accumulated damage taken its toll?

 Or is the power returning to the sword?

 "Oh, quite the attacking power."

 Light Dragon King roars.

 "However, you can only manage to scratch it. My armor is impenetrable."

 "Then, take this――"

 I threw all the weapons I had in hand.

 Each weapon, acting as projectiles, shoots out shockwaves like arrows.


 This time, a slightly larger crack appeared.

 "What's wrong? Can't you add a 'protection items' or 'shield' or 'armor' over there?"

 I tried to provoke.

 I had put my skills to the test.

 Maybe, compared to my 'bestowing'...

 There might be significantly weaker points to this one's abilities.

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