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Volume 11 Chapter 16 The Secret Of Power

Volume 11 Chapter 16 The Secret Of Power

 "Victor-san" had the power of 'Relic' dwelling within him...

 I stared at Victor-san in surprise.

 Well, actually, everyone there was sending surprised glances.


 Even though I don't fully understand it, it seems like it's talking about some kind of extraordinary ability.

 Like my 'bestowal', the Light Dragon King's 'strengthening', and Deeta's 'destruction', or Cyril's 'movement'.

 It seems Victor-san also has some kind of extraordinary ability.

 Why it suddenly appeared, I don't know, but right now that's not important.

 What's important is what kind of abilities Victor-san has.

 Depending on that, we might have a chance for a comeback.

 "No way, this can't be happening...!"

 "What's going on...!?"

 Deeta and Cyril wore expressions of concern for the first time.

 "Why... does he have the 'Relic'?"

 "Hey, isn't this getting a little dangerous?"

 The two of them looked at each other.

 It was fortunate that the movements of the two most troublesome individuals had stopped.

 In the meantime, Margaret continued healing Lily, and Victor-san...

 "Over here!"

 He was drawing the attacks of the 7 Dragon Knights and the Light Dragon King.

 As usual, Victor-san would get blown away by the Dragon Breath, only to revive immediately.

 Is it some kind of regenerative ability?

 "Then I'll blow you to pieces until you can't regenerate!"

 The Light Dragon King and the 7 Dragon Knights unleashed their breath attacks simultaneously.

 Victor-san, who took a direct hit, was shattered...


 The dragons were astonished.

 Even though he was hit by the breath attack, he didn't have a single scratch.

 He stood there calmly.

 "What's happening...?"

 "My power isn't 'regeneration'."

 Suddenly, Victor-san appeared behind them, surprising everyone.

 I wondered when he had managed to sneak around.

 "I see, Victor-san's true power is--"

 I realized with a start.

 "The ability I've been granted is-- 'illusion'."

 Victor-san declared, swinging his sword down.

 He defeated the 7 Dragon Knights one by one.


 All three of them had their heads severed and fell down.

 Only the Light Dragon King, Deeta and the others remained.

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