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Volume 11 Chapter 17 Final Stage

Volume 11 Chapter 17 Final Stage

 "Victor-san's power..."

 "Well, it's like... creating illusions or something."

 Surprised, I ask Victor-san.

 "Well, more accurately, it's a slightly different ability... but we don't have time to investigate in detail right now."

 "Then, after we defeat them, we can examine it thoroughly."

 I say, and I ready my sword.

 On my left and right stand Martina and Lily.

 "Lily, are you okay now?"

 "Yes, Margaret healed me. Thank you, I'm grateful."


 Margaret chuckles shyly.

 "Well then, Lily is back in action. I rely on you."

 "And don't forget about me, the hero candidate Martina."

 Martina smirks.

 "Hero candidate, but..."

 "Haha. Once we defeat the Light Dragon King, you can call yourself a hero."

 I tease.

 Half of it is to reduce the sense of tension.

 The other half is from the excitement of the mood.

 The battle has undoubtedly entered its final stage.

 Just a little more.

 There are already no more 7 Dragon Knights, and Victor-san has awakened to new power.

 Lily has also returned.

 With this, we can take a perfect formation.

 If we gather the power of all of us, we will surely win――.

 Such confidence has full my feelings.

 I and Lily, Martina, wield the legendary sword and release a shockwave.

 The Light Dragon King repels it with "strengthened" armor.

 The armor, which already has slight cracks, receives more wounds.

 However, it is not enough to destroy it.

 It can't be destroyed so easily――.

 "Next is me."

 Victor-san said, and he swung his sword with a time delay.

 The unleashed slash shockwave splits into seven in the middle.

 Did the attack appear to split apart with the power of [Illusion]?

 "It's just an illusion after all! Even though it looks like seven, it's actually just one! It won't be able to cause much damage to my armor!"

 The Light Dragon King chuckled.

 "As soon as your attacks are over, I'll hit you with my breath. If I understand the trick, there's nothing to fear―― Gghh!"

 The seven slashing Shockwaves struck the Light Dragon King directly, causing a chain reaction explosion.

 "I said it's a little different from an illusion."

 Victor-san smirked.

 The recent seven slashing Shockwave is not just an illusion...

 I suddenly realized.

 "An illusion that can actually cause damage, with a physical presence?"

 I muttered in astonishment.

 It's truly cheating.

 The Light Dragon King emitted white smoke from his entire body, with large cracks running through his armor.

 Chance for Attack - Just when I thought that,

 "Hmph, as expected of the 'Relic,' it possesses troublesome power."

 "But, what about this――"

 Deeta and Cyril charged in together.

 Deeta, who boasts overwhelming destructive power, Universal Annihilation, which can even deal great damage to my protective item.

 And Cyril, who displays unpredictable abilities through Movement.

 Their coordination is a threat.


 "If I can endure this...!"

 I focused on the two of them.

 If I can withstand their attacks, I can strike the Light Dragon King in that opening.

 If things go well, I should be able to decide the battle there.

 "This is the decisive moment, huh?"

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