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Volume 11 Chapter 15 Awakening

Volume 11 Chapter 15 Awakening

 "I can feel it...! It's like a surge of power, a sensation!"

 Victor-san inspired, holding a shining sword.

 "You said Margaret-san, right? I will clear the path from now on. In the meantime, please heal her (Lily) wounds."


 Margaret, who was suddenly called out, had a bewildered expression.

 "But I can't get close to Lily-senpai because they're in the way..."

 "I will do something about it."

 As soon as he said that, Victor-san started walking.

 Straight towards the giant dragons that the 7 Dragon Knights had transformed into.

 "If they're coming straight at us..."

 "Then we'll burn them to ashes."

 Three dragon breaths were unleashed.

 Victor-san didn't even try to dodge and took a direct hit from the breaths...

 And he disappeared without a trace.


 I stood there dumbfounded.


 I couldn't believe it. He stood before the enemy without any strategy and was blown away.

 He really didn't think things through.

 But then, maybe--

 "Run, Margaret!"

 "I know!"

 Margaret must have been thinking the same thing because she had already started running.

 She reached Lily and cast a healing spell.


 The 7 Dragon Knights turned their attention to Lily and Margaret at the same time.

 "It's over here!"

 A voice came from behind.

 It was Victor-san.


 "You're still alive?"

 "Then I'll make you disappear again!"

 The Dragon Breath was unleashed once more.

 Victor-san exploded again.

 But in the next moment, he reappeared in a different location.

 "You little...!"

 Breath after breath was released in determination, but Victor-san was blown away and regenerated, over and over again.

 "That... could it be the power of Victor-san's sword!?"

 No, something feels different.

 A sensation that resonates directly through my spine.

 The presence of this power...

 "Could it be..."

 I gulp and stare at Victor-san.

 "Could it be, even Victor-san--"

 "'Relic,' was it?"

 Victor-san smirks.

 "It seems that, somehow, a similar power has taken hold of me too..."

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