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Volume 11 Chapter 18 Linkage Vs. Linkage

Volume 11 Chapter 18 Linkage Vs. Linkage


 In an instant, Deeta and Cyril appeared in front of us.

 "Everyone, eliminate them."

 Deeta extended her right hand.


 That's the stance for using [Universal Annihilation].


 I started running towards the front.

 With the enchanted magic 'cloth clothes' and 'protective item', I should be able to defend against [destruction], although not completely.

 I probably won't have many chances though...


 At that moment, the [destruction] released by Deeta vanished

 At the same time, it appeared in front of Victor-san.

 "What is this――!?"

 Did Cyril use [movement] to move the [destruction] in front of Victor-san?

 So that we wouldn't be able to predict the attack trajectory...


 I couldn't help but shout.

 Even with [illusion], can he avoid it at this extremely close range...!?

 "There's no way you can avoid it! It's over!"

 Deeta shouted.

 As those words were spoken, [destruction] struck Victor-san directly.

 He disappeared without a trace.

 "――No, that's not it."

 It was Victor-san's illusion that disappeared.

 "I see, you had illusions set up from the beginning."

 "I could fully anticipate that you would come after me."

 Victor-san had already come close to me.

 "Alright, it's a full-scale attack!"

 I called out to everyone.

 With everyone's legendary swords, we simultaneously unleashed a sword shockwave on the Light Dragon King.

 "Damn it...you...!"

 Numerous cracks appeared on his [strengthened] armor.

 "If we can inflict this much damage――"

 Now is the time to use that technique.

 "Everyone, leave Deeta and Cyril to me. As for the Light Dragon King..."

 I grabbed my sword and started running.

 "I'll take him down!"

 Alright, this is where the epic battle ends――.

 By the way, the ages of the main characters are:

 Rain - 20, Nina - 17, Lily - 17, Margaret - 15, Martina - 21, and Mirabell's age is unknown... but she's probably younger than Rain. Maybe.

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