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Chapter 129 Busy Day Part Eight - 'Uncle'

Chapter 129 Busy Day Part Eight - 'Uncle'

 Ah, I see. I should have entered from the front... I realized it too late. I ended up arriving at the back entrance like with Rosalier-san before.

 "Sorry, Centrena."


 "We just got here, can we come back?"


 Stop looking at me like that, with those disapproving eyes. I know, it's my fault for always acting on impulse.

 Let's go back to the drawbridge once and then head straight to the main entrance of the castle. Well, it's my first time going through here. Even during that "Howri-something" incident, we entered from the back entrance. But can we just go in like this?

 "Um, I'm sorry, but..."

 Gatekeeper? Guard? Two people dressed like soldiers stopped us.


 "What is your business here...? Oh, wait a minute, isn't that Saint-sama?"

 "Oh, ah, now that I think about it, I've seen him at the guild."

 Both of them looked really cool, but it turns out they were adventurers. No wonder they looked familiar.

 "Yeah. This is also a request from the guild."

 "Oh, by the way, where is the guard who was originally here?"

 "Yeah. They said he was useless, so they made him start over as an adventurer in the guild, or something like that."

 "Hahaha. So it's all about meritocracy, huh?"

 "Yeah. We can't betray Her Majesty, who trusts us."

 "By the way, what about that horse... no, what is it? Oh, could it be the rumored running dragon, but I heard it was white...?"


 "Oh, that. I think it's not Centrena, but my mother's Alesion."

 "Your mother? Oh, is she the head manager of the headquarters?"


 Wow. She's letting the other adventurer pat her head. Centrena-san is so composed. She has more potential as a real-life person than me.

 "About Risleyria-san, is she there?"

 "Yes, Your Highness. I will check right away."

 The adventurer, who was bustling around Centrena, hurriedly ran off. Wow, they're really fast. They're definitely a great adventurer.


 When the adventurer returned, it was none other than two familiar faces.



 There are only three people in this world who call me uncle. Maya-chan calls me brother, so these two are the only ones left.

 "It's been a while, how have you been? Mahiru-chan, Asaya-kun."

 "I'm good."

 "Um, Maya-chan, is she causing any trouble?"

 "Don't worry, she gets along well with everyone."

 "That's good to hear."

 As expected, Maya-chan's older twin sister. Oh wait, both of them seem to be more interested in Centrena than me.

 "Um, I have something to do with Risleyria-san, so can you watch over Centrena for a bit?"

 "Is that okay?"


 "Can you do it in courtyard? If you wait there, I'll probably find it too."


 "Let's go, Centrena-chan."


 I see, we go to the courtyard from the front, right? Oh, wait, that adventurer who was paying attention to me earlier. They look jealous watching the two of them. Well, I guess it can't be helped.

 "Well then, let me show you around."

 "Oh, it's fine."

 I was about to say that I kind of know the place, but Julienne-san looked at me with an embarrassed expression.

 "Oh, good morning."

 "Oh, good morning."

 "You're not from the guild?"

 "No, um, recently I've been transferred here..."

 "Oh, I see, so it's that kind of fresh start thing the adventurer mentioned earlier?"

 Is that what the adventurer said earlier?

 "Yeah, that's right. When I'm here, the manager Seteas-san doesn't do any work, so I switch places with this office official most of the time. Right now, Nelliza-san is taking care of the reception."

 "Hahaha. Sounds tough."

 It's true that the receptionist at the guild doesn't wear the usual uniform. She's wearing the same uniform that Nelliza-san used to wear before. The design is similar. I wonder if they were made by the same place?

 "It must be tough, right?"

 "No, I'm actually really bored."


 "Taking care of Queen Risleyria's personal matters is my main job, so the rest of the time I'm basically just waiting..."

 "Oh, I see."

 "Etoelise-chan is having fun at Seteas Inn from morning till afternoon."

 "Oh, she's Seteas-san's sister, right?"

 "Do you know? Seteas Inn is actually government-owned now."


 While listening to Julienne-san's complaints, I suddenly realized that we had arrived on the second floor.

 "Excuse me. I have brought His Highness."


 'Please come in.'

 Oh, that voice sounds familiar. It's Risleyria-san.

 "Well then, I'll be waiting for a while."

 Julienne-san muttered quietly and left.

 Wow, this room is so spacious compared to the head manager's office. Is this Queen's office?

 "By the way, why am I addressed as His Highness?"

 "You are the second in line for the Ensgard Kingdom's throne. It seems that Rosalier-dono will be the queen, and Her Majesty will be the consort."


 "How else should I address someone like Soutome-sama if not as His Highness?"

 "Well, I haven't fully understood that story yet."

 "Privia was also happy. She said, 'Now I can live in peace.'"


 While saying this and that, it seems like Privia (Mom) is being called by her first name.

 Julienne-san brought me some tea and then complained about being bored before leaving. Oh well.

 "Alright, how's your hand?"

 "Here you go."

 "You seem pretty confident."

 "It's nothing special."

 There's a faint bruise showing. But unlike with the previous foolish king, I think it shows that she didn't run away.

 "Does it hurt?"

 "I'm not too bothered by it."

 "Should we schedule treatment soon?"

 "Yes, I'd like to do that before I forget."

 How did I end up losing my home, joining the guild, and meeting Privia-san? But if someone like this is the king, I don't think anything strange will happen.

 "By the way, what happened to those fools?"

 "It seems they're behaving themselves."

 "Is that so?"

 "Well, they seem to understand that 'even death is not permitted.'"

 "Hmm, I'm quite far away, about a day's journey. I might make it in time though."

 "You're expressing something quite scary in a way."

 "Well, they've harmed my family, so I won't let them escape."

 It's not just Rosalier-san. Maya-chan is also like that. Mahiru-chan and Asaya-kun too. Including Risleyria-san, the people here are like that too. They are like my comrades, almost like family. Otherwise, they It wouldn't work so desperately to heal.

 "...Thank you very much."

 "No, no, you're welcome."

 "By the way, I received 20 of those Magic Tools from Watterhill's. Where should I unload them?"

 "Thank you. Could one go to the castle's kitchen and the rest to the new guild?"

 "Understood. I will ask Julienne-san about the kitchen."

 "Yes, please do."

 After finishing the greetings, I leave Risleyria-san's office. Next to here is Julienne-san's room. It feels just like the general affairs department.


 "Yes, yes. Finally it's time for work, right?"

 "You seem so free."

 There are women gathered here, including former guild employees like Julienne-san. Of course, I recognize all of them. Everyone is smiling awkwardly. They must be less busy than they were at the guild.

 "That Magic Tool, we have one in the kitchen. And we're going to deliver 19 more to the new guild."

 "It's in the kitchen, right here."

 "Julienne-san, shouldn't it be 'this way'?"

 "Oh, right."


 Risleyria-san's office is on the second floor. I remember passing by here with Rosalier-san that day, but I think I didn't stop here.

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