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Volume 13 Chapter 10 Departure

Volume 13 Chapter 10 Departure

 --Are you aiming for 'Memory of the Stars' as well?

 Suddenly, a voice echoed in my mind.


 I looked around in surprise.

 'In that case, you will become enemies with them.'

 It was the first time I heard this voice.

 A message that seemed to resonate directly in my head.

 'The battle of those who possess the "Relic' is about to begin...'

 "Who are you? What are you?"

 'Eventually... only one person can reach 'Memory of the Stars'...'

 Countless images appeared in my mind.

 It seemed like several men and women with shining auras were fighting.

 Some used swords.

 Some used magic.

 Some had extraordinary abilities.

 Some people――

 Each of them manipulated different powers and fought.

 Their power was truly extraordinary. Every time they attacked, the earth cracked, and space tore apart.

 "No way, could this be――"

 Is it a battle of the 'Relic' holders?

 And maybe...

 Will a similar battle happen in the place I'm about to visit...?

 "What's wrong, Rain-san?"

 Rath looked at me with a puzzled expression.


 Bernard-san, Mirabell, and Rosa also stared at me in the same way.

 ――No, it's okay.

 I'm not setting out to fight.

 I'm moving to avoid it.

 I just want to find Victor-san to understand my situation and learn about the 'Memory of the Stars.'

 Something inside me is strongly drawn to the 'Memory of the Stars.'

 The reason for that.

 The truth behind it――.

 "Let's go."

 I said to everyone.

 And with a sense of determination, I took a step forward――.

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