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Volume 14 Chapter 1 In Search Of Victor

Volume 14 Chapter 1 In Search Of Victor

 I was traveling down the road with Bernard-san, Rath, Mirabell, and Rosa.

 We were using a carriage as our mode of transportation.

 Thanks to Rosa's exploration magic, we only knew the general direction of where Victor-san was, so our plan was to head there and then search for the exact spot.

 The carriage was comfortable, with minimal shaking, and we had prepared one that was reasonably priced.

 We had been on the road for about an hour when Rosa looked at me and said――

 "You seem a bit down, Rain-san. Is something wrong?"

 Rosa looked at me.

 "No, not really..."

 I was thinking back to right before we left.

 The image floated into my mind - I would encounter other 'Relic' holders, those who possessed extraordinary abilities, on my quest for the 'Memory of the Stars'.

 Until now, I had defeated various enemies with my enchantment magic, and most of the time, it had been an easy win.

 I totally crushed the enemies with just one swing of my sword.

 That's how the battle went.

 But this time, things are different.

 I can manipulate enchantment magic at an extraordinary level, and I bet the others have their own unique abilities too, like Deeta and Cyril from the fight against the Light Dragon King.

 "My main goal is still to find Victor-san. But... I have this feeling that I might get dragged into more fights along the way, you know?"

 "Really? Why?"

 "The reason is――"

 I started to answer but then stopped myself.

 If I think about it calmly, I only saw it in a dream.

 There's no real evidence or anything.

 Maybe I can actually reunite with Victor-san smoothly.


 I can't avoid the battle with those who possess the 'Relic.'

 That's the only strong hunch I have, almost like a conviction deep inside me.

 Something within me is telling me so.

 Or perhaps, it's the power of this 'supreme (cheat) enchantment magic' that is teaching me.

 The premonition of a battle.

 "Well, we're here to support you, so don't carry it all on your own."

 Rosa said, placing her hand on my shoulder.


 "Compared to Rain, I'm much weaker, and I think the other two are the same. But that doesn't mean we're completely useless."

 "I don't think you're useless. You're reassuring."

 "Hehe, we still have a long way to go. Rely on us more."

 Rosa said, looking at me.

 "It seems like Rain isn't good at relying on others."

 "...Yeah, maybe."

 I chuckled softly.

 And then, it happened.


 Mirabell suddenly exclaimed and pointed forward.

 "Is that person...?"


 I squinted my eyes.

 I was taken aback, just like her.


 It seems like we suddenly found him.

 This guy is tweeting...!

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