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Volume 14 Chapter 2 Ambush

Volume 14 Chapter 2 Ambush

 Victor-san is standing about 50 meters (164ft) away.

 This spot is a bit off the main road, surrounded by a wild field.

 It's weird to see Victor-san just standing there in the middle of such a landscape.

 "...I mean, where did he come from?"

 He's got that elusive, mysterious vibe, definitely Victor-san-ish.

 Anyway, we decided to stop the carriage and walk towards Victor-san.

 "Hey, Victor-san~!"

 I called out to his back.

 But Victor-san didn't even turn around.

 Can he not hear me?


 No response, no matter how many times I called.

 I got suspicious and closed the distance, and everyone followed suit.

 "Wow, this is――"

 I was startled as I came right up to Victor-san.

 "Stiff as a board."


 "It's like he's frozen."

 "That's right..."

 Mirabell and I exchanged looks.

 She poked Victor-san's body.

 No movement at all.

 Yes, just as Mirabell said――

 Victor-san seemed to have turned into a statue, completely still.

 "Is he, is he not... dead?"

 Rath muttered.

 "Look closely. His pulse is there. There's life in his face. Clearly, he's still alive."

 Bernard-san said.

 As expected of a veteran adventurer, he remained calm.

 Honestly, I was quite shaken on the inside too.

 But seeing Bernard-san's composed demeanor helped me regain my composure.

 "But I wonder whose work it is."

 and, to Rosa, I asked.

 "Hey, do you think your search magic can help us figure something out?"

 "Mine is more for searching, not for locating enemies."

 Rosa replied.

 "And using search magic might not be helpful."

 "Could it be an enemy?"

 If that's the case, then this could be...

 "No way."

 I gasped.

 "Could it be the work of a 'Relic Holder'?"

 "Penetrate―― [Piercing Bullet]."

 A sudden voice echoed.

 From the sound of it, it seemed like a teenager.

 At the same time, a shining sphere flew towards us from the front.

 "They mentioned a piercing bullet."

 I thought to myself. It truly pierces through.

 "If that's the case, it could be a bit dangerous. Getting pierced would be painful."

 "Rain, you're too carefree."

 Mirabell chimed in from the side.

 "Yeah, that's right. I respect Rain-san, but we need to be prepared for that!"

 Rath drew his sword.

 "I will protect Rain-san!"

 "No, it's dangerous, so stay back."

 I slowly stepped forward.

 Even I find it strange how calm I am.

 Well, the light bullets are moving pretty slowly towards me.

 But it's not just that.

 Strangely enough, I feel a surge of confidence.

 Through the battle with the Light Dragon King...

 I have gained confidence and understanding of my own abilities.

 That's why I confidently declare,

 "I can defend against this."

 I say it with conviction."

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