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Volume 14 Chapter 11 Overflowing Power

Volume 14 Chapter 11 Overflowing Power

 Light burst out between me and Flora.

 It was a rainbow glow, like the northern lights.

 "What... what is this?!"

 "Could it be――"

 Flora groaned as I stood there, confused.

 "My 'Barrier' is messing with your enchantment magic...!?"

 "Two 'Relic Holders' affecting each other...!? I've never seen anything like this――"

 "I've got a bad feeling about this...!"

 Jig and Lisa groaned too.

 Without saying, I felt a strong sense of bad premonition.

 It was like――a 'power' going wild.

 "Whoa, aaaaah...!?"

 Then everything went dark before my eyes――

 And I found myself standing in an unknown space.

 A dark sky.

 An endless, crystal-like beautiful ice field.

 ――You'll eventually get there, to this place.

 ――One of you will.

 A voice echoes.

 I've heard it before.

 ――To the heart of the star... the 'Memory of the Stars'.

 "The heart of the star――?"

 I mutter, echoing the words.

 So, the 'Memory of the Stars' is literally...

 The countless memories this star has gathered...!?

 And the place where you can touch these memories is the 'Memory of the Stars'.

 So, what happens when you actually reach the 'Memory of the Stars'?

 Is it just about seeing the 'memories' of the 'star'?

 Or is there something more...!?

 Whoosh... thump... crash.

 Just then, something falls from above and knocks me down.

 "Ugh, what...!?"

 Soft something is covering my face.


 "Huh, Lisa...?"

 It's her voice.

 And then,


 Collision number two.

 Pushing what seems like Lisa aside, the soft thing covers my face again.


 "Oh, sorry..."

 This time it's Flora's voice.

 Wait, two soft touches on my face in a row, could it be both of them――


 Collision number three.

 This time, someone lands not on my face but around my chest.

 "What... where am I?"

 That's Jig's voice.

 "Let me shed some light on it."

 Flora uses what looks like a magic lamp.

 Light floods the surroundings.

 As expected, Lisa, Flora, and Jig are all here.

 "You guys――"

 "We were somehow drawn here."

 Jig asked,

 "Where are we, anyway?"

 I looked around when she asked that.

 Come to think of it――

 "Where could this be?"

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