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Volume 14 Chapter 10 Interrogations

Volume 14 Chapter 10 Interrogations

 "I want to ask you again. Why did you attack me?"

 I asked the three people I had captured.

 "Well, it's a bit late now, but it's more for confirmation, you know."

 I said, looking at the three of them.




 Jig looked bored and turned away, Lisa kept staring at me, and Flora sat with her legs folded.

 Each of them had a different attitude.

 "What is this 'Memory of the Stars' you mentioned? What happens when you go there?"

 I asked without hesitation.

 "You have a lot of questions."

 Lisa glared at me.

 "Ask them one by one, please."

 "Alright, then first tell me the reason for attacking me."

 "Anyone who possesses the 'Relic Holder' is a rival in the quest for the 'Memory of the Stars.' Rivals must be eliminated. And naturally, one must go to the 'Memory of the Stars' themselves――it's a tactical move, you see."

 Jig said so.


 "Our cooperation is only temporary. In the end, the 'Relic Holder' will fight until there's only one left."

 "What is the 'Memory of the Stars' all about? What's there?"

 This is probably the most important question.

 There must be something valuable there if they are attacking so desperately.

 "Hmph, if you knew that―― you would also do everything to reach the 'Memory of the Stars'."

 Jig laughed.

 And then,

 "Are you seeking the 'Memory of the Stars,' Rain Garland?"

 Flora asked, looking straight at me and extending her right hand.


 "Only one person can reach the 'Memory of the Stars.' I have seen such a scene in my dreams many times... Or perhaps that is the 'memory' of the 'stars' itself――"


 Instead of 'Memory of the Stars,' it's 'Memory' of the 'Stars'—.

 The words are just slightly different, but I could feel a clear distinction there.

 "What are you trying to say...?"

 When I asked,


 Suddenly, a dazzling light overflowed between me and Flora.

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