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Volume 15 Chapter 1 In A Strange Space

Volume 15 Chapter 1 In A Strange Space

 Around us, walls made of energy enclosed us.

 Up, down, left, right, all around―― it's like we're inside a giant ball.

 "Seems like we're trapped, huh?"

 Jig murmurs, scanning the surroundings.

 "Probably Flora's 'Barrier' power and your 'Bestowal' went haywire at the same time. And what came out of it was―― a 'Barrier' strengthened endlessly by 'Bestowal'."

 "Huh, so that means――"

 Yeah, pretty much as it sounds.

 With my 'Bestowal' enhancing it, this 'Barrier' isn't your average sturdy thing.

 "Can we get out from here?"

 "Who knows."

 "...Aren't you mad or something?"

 "I don't make friends with enemies."

 Jig maintains his standoffish attitude.

 Well, fair point.

 We're enemies, after all, me and him...

 "Look, I think we gotta work together first."

 Lisa the 'Magic Bullet', said, trying to make peace. And she added,

 "We're definitely trapped. And this 'Barrier' is super annoying."

 "I agree with you. There's no easy way out of this."

 And Flora the 'Barrier' said,

 "I have a lot of scores to settle, but..."

 She said, glaring at me.

 "Well, it's not easy to be friendly, right?"

 I gave her a wry smile.

 "But the most important thing is to get out of here together, right? Being stuck here is bad news for all of us."

 I said, glancing at Jig.


 Jig turned away, clearly not pleased.

 Hmm, why can't he just be straightforward?

 It's annoying, but what can you do, right?

 "Okay, so basically, we're all in this together to bust out of here."

 "No need to tell me, I'm on the same page."

 "If you get it, then how about lending a hand, huh?"


 "Jig's just being shy, that's all."

 Lisa flashed a smile.

 "Normally all prickly, but when it comes to bonding with folks, he gets all bashful... majorly shy guy here."

 "Who you calling shy?!"

 Jig protested, his face turning beet red.

 "Uh huh..."

 Whenever he looked at me, he'd go even redder and quickly avert his gaze.

 "Huh, are you seriously just shy?"

 I couldn't quite figure out why he was blushing, but...

 "I-I'm not shy, okay!"

 Jig's reaction was so obvious it was comical.

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