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Volume 14 Chapter 8 Combination, Part Three

Volume 14 Chapter 8 Combination, Part Three

 "I've sealed Jig's 'Stop' with this."

 I stared at the two remaining enemies.

 Lisa with her 'Magic Bullet' and Flora with her 'Barrier'.

 Both are troublesome enemies.

 But thanks to sealing Jig, I can use 'Bestowal' as usual.

 "Now, let's start over――"

 "Don't get cocky just because you've neutralized Jig."

 Lisa snorted arrogantly.

 "I――can't be stopped by anyone. Now, 'burst into pieces'!"

 Lisa fired a light bullet.

 "That line was different from earlier...!?"

 Considering that the term 'Penetrate' was for Piercing Bullet, this time it's probably an explosive bullet――.

 I pulled out an item from my pocket.

 "'Suction Flask'!"

 As the name suggests, it's a magic item with the ability to absorb gusts and shockwaves.

 It can't absorb very large-scale things, but of course, it's been powered up with 'Strengthening Points' to an extraordinary performance.

 "Did you just absorb all that explosion!?"

 Lisa exclaimed in surprise.

 "...It's really different when the power of 'Bestowal' comes back."

 Flora muttered.

 Alright, thanks to sealing Jig, I can use my power as usual.

 I might be able to handle both of them.



 In response to my signal, Bernard-san cast a spell.


 Flora created an impact and blocked it.


 "Rath, Mirabell!"

 The swordsman and the assassin closed in from both sides.


 Flora was dealing with both of them together, but it seems it's not as easy as she thought.

 And Bernard-san is also restraining her.

 Even Flora, formidable as she is, began to retreat bit by bit.

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