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Volume 14 Chapter 9 Combination, Part Four And Conclusion

Volume 14 Chapter 9 Combination, Part Four And Conclusion

 Rath, Mirabell, and Bernard-san pressed forward, causing Flora to retreat slowly.

 In that moment,


 I swung the 'Refaid Sword' towards her.

 Thanks to neutralizing Jig, the 'Bestowal' of Strengthening points had been restored.

 I can now fully unleash the power of this legendary sword, which can be considered an even stronger super-cheat weapon.

 "Tsk, it wouldn't be good to take this sword head-on."

 Flora quickly deployed a 'Barrier.'


 I swung the sword without hesitation.

 The unleashed slash boasted the power to defeat even a dragon in a single blow.


 With a loud reverberation, my swung blade collided with Flora's 'Barrier.'

 The massive energies clashed and raged.


 A tremendous shockwave raged through the surroundings.

 "Huff, huff, huff..."

 Breathing heavily, Flora stepped back.

 Her 'Barrier' was indeed not easy to break.

 Even though there was a large crack, the 'Barrier' still stood there.

 "It's tough... in that case..."

 I closed the distance and unleashed a series of attacks.

 Flora was undoubtedly a skilled swordsman, but there's no way she could deflect the attacks of the 'Refaid Sword'.

 Fundamentally, the power of our weapons was different.

 Well, you could even call it a power of destruction, like a 'weapon'.

 So, her only option was 'defense'.

 And after enduring my slashes countless times, a part of the 'Barrier' finally broke completely.

 Immediately, Rath, Flora, and Bernard-san launched a fierce joint attack.


 Flora's sword was knocked out of her hand, and she surrendered.

 Alright, now there's only one person left--.

 "What will you do?"

 I asked Lisa.


 She let out a small sigh.

 "Understood. It's my-- our defeat. I surrender."

 She raised both hands and acknowledged her defeat.

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