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Chapter 122 Busy Day Part One - 'Cat? Tiger?'

Chapter 122 Busy Day Part One - 'Cat? Tiger?'

 "――Wow. I, I was surprised. Why are you here, Centrena-san?"

 In the morning, Rosalier-san woke up to a surprised voice. How unusual. And Centrena? What's going on?




 Rosalier-san stood guard at the entrance of the bedroom. There's no escape, so I'll just apologize anyway. Yeah, let's do that.

 "Yes, I'm sorry."


 ...Oh, I see Centrena struggling to open the door. She's trying to escape, taking advantage of Rosalier-san's attention being on me, huh? Oh, there was a clattering sound. Did the door to the terrace open?

 But Centrena must have sensed something in an instant. In Centrena's field of view as she turned around, Rosalier-san was there, with her hand on her waist.



 Centrena, who was trying to escape from this place, seemed to give up, so she closed the door firmly and then lay down on the ground.

 After about 5 minutes, there was some scolding and explaining time. Finally, Rosalier-san seemed to understand. She has such a look for dealing with difficult kids...




 "Centrena-san, please go to the stable early. Breakfast should be ready soon."


 Rosalier-san opened the door to the terrace. Centrena bowed a few times and kind of said 'thank you' before going outside. Just when I thought she spread her wings, she lightly hopped and gently floated down.

 "Genoruira-san is coming to pick you up from the royal family, right? Goshujin-sama, wash your face and quickly come down to the dining hall. Okay?"

 It's a polite word, but it feels a little blunt.


 I hurriedly entered the restroom. I washed my face and changed clothes. Oh no, Rosalier-san is waiting in the larger living room. I need to hurry up and get ready...

 After breakfast, in a rush, I was guided to the entrance. Rosalier-san saw me off with her usual gesture of lifting the long skirt with both hands. She knows that I like it.

 "Tatsuma-sama, have a safe trip."

 "Yeah, I'm off."



 "Please take care of Tatsuma-sama."


 With a click of her heels, Genoruira-san bowed to Rosalier-san.



 "If I remember correctly, you were scheduled to visit the shrine in the afternoon. Where should I take you now?"

 "Oh, right. Can you take me to the royal castle?"


 "There's no appoint―― I mean no promises or anything."

 Failure, failure. It won't work with an appointment.


 "Oh, is that so?"

 "Yeah. There used to be a 'secret ritual' that Her Majesty performed every day until recently, but thanks to Tatsuma-sama, it's no longer happening."

 Secret ritual? Oh, I see. It's detoxification for the reservoir.

 "It wasn't right to detoxify it without permission?"

 "No, it was done for our safety. We should be grateful, not say it's wrong..."

 "Well, then it's fine. Is Queen Her Majesty here?"

 "Yes. She seems to be free."

 "Hahaha. That's a good thing. When the ruler is free, it's a sign of peace."

 On the other hand, some people have become busier, like Risleyria-san.

 As usual, I can see outside from inside, but I can't see inside from outside, right? The carriage is quiet and peaceful. They call it free time. Oh, is this the same as Mylavina-san?

 We sneak into the royal castle without anyone noticing. Well, that makes sense, since I work for the royal family, Genoruira-san, and I have a pass.

 The carriage takes a detour and stops in a place that seems like a back entrance, not the main gate. I see men and women wearing the same uniform as Genoruira-san pass by. They're probably the guards, right? So maybe this is more like a hidden passage than just a back door.

 Then, we're going up the stairs, but we can't enter any other floor except the top one. It's probably a direct passage to the floor where Queen Mylavirna-san is.

 We come out into a slightly wider corridor than the stairs. Ah, I recognize this place. It's the first room I came to from the rooftop.

 "Your Majesty, it's Genoruira. I heard you were in the room?"

 "What do you need? No, it's okay. I'll open it now――"

 Oh, there you are. Huh? Open it? Wait a minute. The door opened. Normally, wouldn't it be a maid or butler who opens it?


 I had a bad feeling, so I opened my right hand palm at a certain height. I'm pretty sure it was around this height.

 "You were looking forward to it, right? My fiancée――eh? Why?"

 I saw both hands swinging in front of me. As expected, she's Privia-san's sister. She probably smelled me and thought, "I'll hug him with all my strength, like a 'Tiger Hug' instead of a 'Bear Hug'." Oh, Mylavirna-san would probably just cling to me.

 "Okay, I got it right. And who is your fiancée?"

 "Ah, um, why are you blocking with your hands?"

 She didn't give up after swinging and hugging herself. She reached out both hands towards me. I placed my hand on her forehead, which is slightly lower than me, to prevent her from getting closer.

 "I won't do it anymore. I'll behave. Please forgive me with this hand..."

 "Is that true? If you're lying, I'll leave."

 "It's alright. I swear to your friend, Rosalier-san."

 "Who are you swearing to? When did that happen? Ah, so that's why you were so close."


 From behind me, I could hear Genoruira-san's voice, sounding a little surprised.

 "What's the matter?"

 "Even though you've only just met, you two look so much like siblings, and seem to get along so well. I never would have imagined that from the former ruler... it's surprising."

 She's probably older than me, I guess. Maybe she thought we were like siblings because our banter was a bit like Maya-chan's. Her way of speaking is more polite than Mylavirna-sama's, though.

 Actually, Maya-chan seems older to Mylavirna-sama.

 "Is that so?"

 "I wonder?"

 After that, we moved to her room and sat on a pretty nice sofa. I thought she'd sit across from me, but why is she sitting next to me?

 "Could it be that Myra-san was pretending to be someone she's not? In the place where I come from, there's a saying, 'to pretend to be quiet and innocent,' which is called 'wearing a cat mask.'"

 "I find that quite offensive. Besides, I am a tiger. It wouldn't be fitting for the queen to act as if she has been pretending to be someone else. It's quite presumptuous of you to say that I am not who I really am."

 "A tiger doesn't wear anything, right? Even if you did, would you become elegant, like Mom (Danna)?"

 "Yes. Danna-neesama is very gentle and elegant, just like me."

 "No, I think Myra-san is more like Maya-chan. Or maybe if you get along with Rosalier-san, you're actually more rough?"

 "That's not very nice..."

 "You really seem to get along well, don't you?"

 "Do we?"

 "I wonder?"

 "Display Self-Status Mystery System" time is around 8 o'clock. Can't relax much.

 "Well, first of all"


 What's with that hopeful look?

 "There have been various things, right?"

 "Yes, I caused various troubles. So, I'm sorry."


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