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The Healing Mage Who Wasn't a Hero ~ Using Resurrection Spells That Even Assassins Fear ~

Genre: Isekai, Fantasy, Action

Raw Source: here

Soutome Tatsuma is a 31-year-old single office worker who enjoys his weekends and holidays off.

Every day, he takes a fifteen-minute bus ride to the nearest station. On the bus, he meets a group of three students who seem like old friends: a handsome boy and two cute twin girls. Despite their friendly appearance, Tatsuma secretly wishes them ill, saying, "I hope your perfect lives blow up."

One day, he experiences a strange shock that turns out to be a "hero summoning." However, he didn't choose to be involved and doesn't consider himself a hero.

He discovers he has a special power: space magic, like having an item box. Because of this power, he's directed to the adventurer's guild for work. They even give him some money, like a hush payment, before sending him to the castle town.

Tatsuma had hoped to find happiness by starting a new life in another world, aiming for a stable life and a happy family. But things didn't turn out the way he expected...

Volume 1 - How About 10 Silver Coins? Volume 1 - Interlude Volume 2 - Am I Still the Center of the Big Commotion?"
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