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Volume 1 Chapter 93 The Dark Oswald

Volume 1 Chapter 93 The Dark Oswald

 "You think you can kill us? Don't get cocky just because you took down one person."

 Just as Dillmus said that, a massive explosion erupted around Oswald.

 The blazing fire engulfed everything around, and the nearby carriage vanished without a trace.

 A man standing right next to Dillmus raised his hand towards Oswald.

 [Chantless]── It was an attack using a rare skill that didn't require any incantations for any kind of magic.

 The magician, who possessed terrifying abilities as an assassin, smiled confidently amidst the swirling wind and smoke.

 "You had a grand show, but your end was quite underwhelming. There won't be a speck of dust left."

 "Hey, hey, I'm not dead or anything."


 However, when the smoke cleared, Oswald was standing in the same condition as before, without any changes.

 "Wh- What!? Why...!?"

 "Neither I nor Ark can be defeated by the likes of you. You've underestimated us."

 Dillmus couldn't help but frown at the consecutive inexplicable phenomena that occurred.

 He couldn't understand how this necromancer was able to prevent Chantless magic.

 There is no way a human can survive a magic that can instantly bury even monsters with a single blow.

 Without a skill like [Chantless], it is impossible to immediately use magic. It is also impossible to react without being able to predict the future.

 "W-Why are you still alive...?"

 "Why? It's because I am stronger than you, isn't that obvious? Isn't that reason enough?"

 "Don't you dare joke around, you weakling!"

 Another explosion occurred.

 Once, twice, thrice... repeated multiple times, each time a strong hot wind swept over the parched land.

 "Huff, huff...! How about that! I did it this time!"

 "Are you satisfied now?"


 The magician, who had used up all his magic power to unleash a series of spells, was taken aback by the voice that reached his ears.

 Despite the large gaping holes in the surrounding ground, the figure clad in a jet-black cloak was still very much alive.

 Oswald slowly opened his right hand towards the front.


 The magician suddenly let out a foolish-sounding voice. Fearfully lowering his gaze, he saw a familiar large sword deeply piercing his abdomen.

 The one who had thrust the sword was the Sword Saint, who should have just died from poison.

 "Why... how could I... be like this..."

 The magician, with his body pierced, collapsed to the ground while groaning.

 "You're dealing with a necromancer. It's natural to use the dead."

 "Ugh... ahhh!!"

 In the face of overwhelming despair, the men under Dillmus's command screamed as they fled the scene.

 Don't make an enemy of this man.

 His strength goes far beyond the realm of adventurers.

 This can no longer be called a battle. It's simply a one-sided massacre.

 The Poison Giant, who should be slow, quickly ran past them, blocking their path. Its movements were impossible for any living creature, but it was only natural. Its dead body is "not tired".

 "Don't come! Don't come!! (Dispel)!"

 The strong light emitted by the man dressed as a priest enveloped the Poison Giant. It was a holy light that even purified Lich. However, it had no effect on this monster, the embodiment of the abyss.

 The priest, affected by the poisonous breath released by the purple monster, collapsed on the spot, unable to recover and spitting out blood.

 "P-Please, help! We just came here because we were ordered to! So... aaahhh!"

 The two remaining adventurers. One was crushed by a shield, while the other was cut in half by a sword.

 Once the actions that couldn't even be called a fight were over, the surroundings regained the same silence as before the battle began.

 "It seems you're the only one left."


 Dillmus took out a red gem from the leather bag hanging at his waist and threw it on the ground. Suddenly, a jet-black giant wolf appeared in that spot.

 "Netherwolf! Cut off its head!"

 At first glance, it seemed like Dillmus was just provoking the monster, but he had a plan.

 He had heard that Oswald could control "two undead creatures" at the same time. That's why.

 In other words, Dillmus thought that Oswald was using something other than the Poison Giant to defend against attacks.

 In reality, the Sword Saint's undead remained motionless on the ground.

 The Netherwolf is faster than the Poison Giant. Once he defeat the spellcaster, there won't be any need to face that dangerous monster.

 As if preparing to face the approaching black beast, the undead appeared from the ground like shadows. The wraith, hidden in black cloth, showed itself. The Netherwolf, touched by the wraith's "Drain Touch," began to struggle and howl in pain.

 ──I understand now! This is the thing that was protecting against magic!

 Dillmus realized that this wraith, which can only control up to two creatures, is protecting Oswald with some kind of power. So, Dillmus summoned another creature.

 From the direction of Mt. Zepart, a hidden griffin approached rapidly with another Netherwolf held in its claws.

 The airborne Netherwolf followed Dillmus's command from his skill, "Demon Beast Tamer," and sprinted beyond its limits to close in on Oswald's back.

 "Got it!"

 Dillmus shouted with joy.

 But when the Netherwolf's claw swung towards Oswald, something strange happened.

 With a crack resembling an electric shock, the claw was forcefully repelled.

 What appeared between Oswald and the Netherwolf was a wall of miasma. Like a shroud enveloping the necromancer's entire body, black mist covered him.

 "Sorry, but my skills have more abilities than just animating corpses. Seems like it wasn't enough to defeat me."


 Dillmus's face contorted in fear at the unexpected revelation.

 He believed Oswald's ability was only to control beasts like puppets, simply manipulating corpses. That's why he had thought he had a chance of winning until now.

 However, reality was completely different. This man is definitely not on the same level as himself.

 He is a demon, bringing death and destruction.

 The Poison Giant, having finished off the fugitive, leaped high and intervened. Swinging his battle-axe, the Netherwolf's head described a beautiful parabola as it flew far away.

 "Um, wait, Oswald! I'm not going to chase you guys anymore! So――"

 "I'm finishing you off here because I don't want to stain Ark's hands with blood."

 "What? What do you mean?"

 "You may not understand, but while Ark has been in unfortunate circumstances, he still hasn't become a killer under the guise of 'disposing' someone every day. That's truly a miracle."

 Oswald continued as if talking to himself.

 "When people have power, they always want to wield it. But even though Ark gained such strong abilities, he didn't turn out that way. Surely, maybe it's because everyone he's met so far... has been kind humans. Unlike me. That's why I've decided to protect this miracle."

 "S-So, you're trying to protect them for that reason?"

 "For that reason, huh... Maybe that's true."

 Oswald chuckled bitterly.

 "Y-You don't know what will happen to this world if the keys are assembled! We've been desperately supporting this imperfect world! Are you really going to end it all here?"

 "I don't care about the future of the world. I believe in three people... I'm sure it won't get any worse than this. I can't grasp that future with my own hands. So, I'll take on the dirty work in their place."

 "Even if you kill me here, you won't be able to escape! There's still time now!"

 "At this age, I can finally walk my own path. That's enough for me."

 Next to Oswald, there were two horses that had turned into mere skeletons.

 Not just horses. Countless skeletons surrounded him. The information that Oswald could only control up to two undead was a lie.

 And, without trying to hide it, it was an expression of intent that Dillmus finally understood as 'not intending to let him escape'.

 Dillmus glared at Oswald with eyes full of hatred in the face of the army of the dead.

 "I-I'll kill you! I'll definitely kill you, Oswald!! I'll crawl out of hell and chase you down to kill you!"

 "Disappear from this world. That is the only thing you can do as atonement."

 "Oswald, youuuuu!!"

 And with that, those were Dillmus's final words in this world.

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