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Instant Death and Destruction of the Weakest Magician

Genre: ActionFantasyGrowth

Raw Source: here

Other name: Sokushi to Hametsu no Saijaku Majutsushi


"Your level cap is 1. Your only skill is [Instant Death Magic]."

When Ark visited the town's Adventurers' Guild to become adventurers together with Lean, his childhood friend whom he has feelings for, he was shocked by the words told to him by the guild receptionist.

In this world, a person's level cap and skills are determined at birth, and Ark's level cap is the lowest at 1. Moreover, his skill is the exceedingly rare [Instant Death Magic], said to have a high chance of failing even against the weakest monsters like slimes.

Ark was ridiculed by other adventurers for being the weakest and was even abandoned by Lean.

Later, he was attacked by a ferocious monster in a forest he had entered by chance, but he successfully used his Instant Death Magic to survive the encounter.

Suddenly, a message window appeared in front of him.

"Your skill level has increased. Please allocate your points."

Ark learns that by defeating monsters, he alone can increase his skill level. He decides to leave his past behind and rises from the weakest to the strongest.

Volume 1 Volume 2
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