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Chapter 26 Execution Coefficient (52 Points)

Chapter 26 Execution Coefficient (52 Points)


 "Wow! Teti-chan is so cute. I can't help but want to hug you!"

 "Definitely. Fran looks really good too."

 A few days have passed since Teti arrived at the Silver Apple Inn.

 One day, Teti was blushing slightly, but seemed to be enjoying herself as she touched various parts of her clothes.

 She was wearing clothes that skillfully combined the brave atmosphere of the beastmen with a girlish charm, different from Maia's heavily decorated waitress uniform or Fran's adventurer outfit that seemed easy to move in.

 According to Maia who tailored it, "It's a masterpiece!"

 "So, what do you think, Adel...?"

 "Oh, I think it looks really good. It suits Teti well."


 When I patted her head, Teti's flaxen tail wagged happily.

 She looks delighted to have received new clothes.


 "Maia, what's wrong?"

 For some reason, Maia was staring intently at Teti, who was being petted by me.

 "Huh... No, I don't think I want my head petted too, do I?"

 "Maia-san, Maia-san. You're saying that so perfectly."

 "Really, you're not that much of a child."

 "Y-yes, that's right. That's right..."

 Maia looked visibly downcast. It seemed like she would be hanging limply if she had a tail like Teti's.

 "Do you really want your head petted that much? I don't quite understand..."

 As I raised a question mark, Fran let out an obvious sigh. Why?

 "I see..."

 Teti muttered quietly as she watched our exchange.

 What does she mean by that?

 "By the way, why are there so many flowers in this shop?"

 Teti is looking around at the flowers placed all over the (Silver Apple Inn).

 It was clearly an unusual amount for a regular tavern.

 "Oh, these were given to me by the previous client. I said I only needed a few..."

 The large amount of flowers placed there were delivered as a reward by Marie, the florist who had previously made a request.

 Marie visits the (Silver Apple Inn) once a week and each time leaves a large amount of flowers with the words "I still can't repay your kindness enough." Is she planning to turn this tavern into a flower shop?

 "But I'm happy with all these flowers."

 "Oh, Teti-chan, do you understand too!? The beauty of flowers!"

 "Huh? Yeah, they're pretty and cute, I think..."

 It seems Maia, who loves cute things, has been triggered.

 Finding someone to talk to made her happy, and Maia starts explaining each flower while hugging Teti.

 "This is a very rare flower called Iris Rosen. It has a nice smell, right? It's also used in perfumes and is very valuable. This one here is a Bitter Lily. It can be used for food, but despite its cute appearance, it's extremely bitter. And this yellow one is called a Sunflower, originating from a country in the east――"

 "Oh, really..."


 Sorry, Teti. Just bear with it for a while.

 I watched the two of them while taking a bite of an apple.

 It took two hours until Maia released Teti.

* * *

 After having lunch together, Maia explained the tasks at the tavern, and Teti listened attentively.

 I've heard that the beastmen are an honest and serious race, and watching Teti, it seems to be true.

 I watched the two from a distance and handed a sack of coins to Fran, who was sitting rudely on the counter.

 "By the way, please deliver this to the usual place."

 "Oh, yes. That facility, huh? Seriously, Adel-san is really too kind."

 "I made a promise two years ago. I just want to fulfill that promise."

 "Even so, I don't think there's a need to send it anonymously. Well, it's fine. Let's just leave it at that."

 After asking Fran to take care of some miscellaneous tasks, I changed the subject and asked,

 "So, have you found out anything about this guy Marc Richard?"

 ――Marc Richard.

 The name of a mysterious boy that came to light when we rescued Teti the other day.

 According to the information at that time, he seems to have connections to the royal family and is likely involved in recent movements related to the royal family...

 "Well, there's still no significant information yet. But, it's definitely strange, the recent actions of the royal family. Their security is too tight. Even Fran's [Explorer] job abilities are having a hard time..."

 "I see, even Fran is finding it tough..."

 Fran is one of the top information brokers in the capital city.

 Regarding Archbishop Klaus, who was using Teti, he was able to investigate detailed information by using his job abilities...

 Currently, it seems like a barrier similar to a magic circle has been set up at the royal palace, and only individuals approved by the royal family are allowed to enter.

 Both Fran and I shared the opinion that it was too strict to the point of being suspicious.

 I requested to continue gathering information, and Fran agreed to it.

 While talking with Fran, it soon became the opening hours of the tavern.

 When I looked at Maia and Teti, it seemed like they had finished their training.

 Maia was skillfully cleaning the tables, while Teti was still a bit clumsy in her movements.

 "By the way, does Teti really need to work here too? Adel-san's tavern doesn't get many customers, right?"

 "It's fine, Teti said she wanted to. ...Hey, wait a minute, Fran. That's quite a bold statement for someone who hasn't shown their face in a while."

 Fran chuckled nonchalantly.

 And then, the door at the entrance opened, and adventurers entered the tavern.

 "Look, it's a group of visitors."

 "Oh, it's rare to see something like this."

 "Alright, got it. I'll tell Maia not to serve you food next time you come, Fran."

 "Oh, come on, it's just a joke. If Adel-san says that, Maia-san really won't serve me anymore, you know?"

 The adventurers who entered the tavern were different from the regulars, a group of people I had never seen before.

 There were three of them. All of them had flushed faces, indicating they had already had some drinks before coming here.

 "So, what will you order?"

 "Oh, it's rare to see beastmen. What a cute girl. Hey, come over here and pour us some drinks."

 "Huh? Umm..."

 Teti, who was serving them, had her arm grabbed.

 The other adventurers at the table were grinning mischievously.

 From Teti's perspective, with her powerful job abilities, she could easily shake off the person holding her arm, but as it was her first time serving, she seemed unsure of how to handle the situation.

 I made sure to check the Execution Coefficient of that adventurer just in case.

 ――Execution Coefficient [52 points], huh. Well, I guess it's fine to just chase them away.

 "Hey, hey, let's have a fun chat with these guys ――Gweh."

 "Oh, customers? This isn't that kind of shop, you know."

 "Hey, don't casually touch our newbie."

 At the same time, Maia and I grabbed the adventurers by the collar.

 Seeing me glaring and Maia smiling, the adventurers seemed to realize something.


 They screamed and ran out of the tavern as if fleeing.

 "...I feel like I understand why this place has few customers."

 Fran, who had been watching, sighed and muttered those words.

 "Jeez... Huh?"

 Looking at the entrance where the men had left, I saw another group of adventurers standing there.

 "Um, I'd like to request this..."

 One of the adventurers timidly presented several gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins.

 I see, this time it seems to be clients for another job.

 I gathered myself and decided to guide the clients to a separate room.

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