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The Black-Robed Executioner Reaps Everything

Genre: Fantasy, Action

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"Adel, as of today, I strip you of your position as the Seventh Prince! Never show your face in front of me again!"

This world, I thought, is filled with "unreasonableness."

The leader of an adventurer party who treats comrades like disposable pawns.
A corrupt lord who imposes tyranny on the people while indulging in steak himself.
A guild master who dismisses loyal comrades with a single word of salary theft.
A noble brat who discards his fiancée just because he found a new woman.

And... a shitty parent who banishes their own son just because he didn't inherit the desired ability.

The protagonist, Adel Vandale, wanted to eradicate such unfairness from this world.
Having been labeled as having an inferior job ability and expelled from the royal family, he himself had bitter experiences of having his position as the Seventh Prince stripped away.

Two years after being banished from the royal family, Adel operated a "Revenge Agency" to eliminate the unfairness rampant in the world.
He believed it would be a way to utilize the job ability bestowed upon him by the gods.

"Adel-sama, today's client has arrived."

Meya, a maid, announced, and yet another "client" visited Adel's revenge agency today.

"Executioner-sama! Please, please avenge me...!"

Upon hearing those words, Adel activated the job ability bestowed upon him by the gods, and a jet-black scythe appeared in his hand.

"Magic Scythe: Igarima."

Adel's ability that was once scorned as inferior.
It was an ability to grow stronger based on the opponent's misdeeds and harvest their job abilities.

"The execution coefficient is 7023 points... This guy is quite the bastard again."

Adel muttered, wielding the jet-black scythe in hand.

To execute one more unjust person who had spawned unfairness in this world today...

Volume 1 Arc 1 - The Black-Robed Executor Volume 1 Arc 2 - The Royal Family's Misjudgment Volume 1 Arc 3 - Towards the Beginning of Everything Volume 1 Arc 4 - The Royal Family and the Black-Robe Executioner Volume 2 Arc 1 - A New Execution Request Volume 2 Arc 2 - The Kingdom of Water, Rune Gaia Volume 2 Arc 3 - Magic Crystal Volume 2 Arc 4 - The Savior and the Judge Volume 2 Arc 5 - Revenge Agent, Adel Vandale
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