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Volume 5 Chapter 42 It's Weakening, But...

Volume 5 Chapter 42 It's Weakening, But...

 Narinki estimated that the Jingin Family would make a move within a few days, so he stationed delinquents on the premises. Thanks to this, when Bael and Weiss stepped outside the tavern (club), a brawl was unfolding right before their eyes.

 The entrance to the tavern was in a stair-like structure, offering a slightly elevated view compared to the ground, allowing them to oversee the battlefield. This also gave them a good view of the Jingin Family's side of the fight.

 "So, Bael, what's the plan?"

 "We'll take it slow until he shows up."

 The enemy forces consisted of Nikyou from the Jingin Family and a few of his subordinates, along with Silver Flash (Mikage), Reed and some mercenaries, and Black Blade (Yukina).

 Anticipating a surprise attack on their headquarters, which had many injured, the enemy seemed to be sending only a small, elite group, leaving most of their forces behind. Just as Narinki had predicted.

 At the conspicuous entrance of the tavern (club) where they can be seen from anywhere, two people (Bael and Weiss) from their side emerged as a form of provocation. This was to make it known that their enemies were present. Anticipating a possible surprise attack on their base, they (Jingin Family and the others) decided to retreat due to heightened vigilance causing unnecessary complications. But Narinki was determined to take down Black Blade (Yukina) right here.

 And as a result of their appearance, Black Blade, upon spotting the two, charged straight towards them. However, the path was crowded with delinquents. The provocation issued by Narinki seemed to have already spread, as an abnormal surge of morale was driving them to attack Black Blade.

 Naturally, neither Bael nor Weiss, nor Narinki himself who issued the provocation, believed that any of the delinquents could defeat Black Blade or Nikyou. What was needed was to thoroughly apply pressure on the enemy.

 "From what I saw last night, Nikyou, Reed, and the others seemed fine, but Black Blade seemed to be troubling our delinquents."

 "The rumored brute strength is excessive against small fry. If they miscalculate, they'll be dead in no time."

 "Yeah. Let the delinquents at most be a wall to wear down Black Blade."

 It was Narinki's direct order to take down Black Blade and his group. For the two (Bael and Weiss), capturing Black Blade was a dream come true, and they were ready to face it. To be fully prepared, they were willing to wait if Black Blade exhausted himself before reaching them.

 Considering their side's morale and last night's battle, they estimated that Black Blade's stamina would be reduced by about 30-40% by the time he reached Bael and the others.

 ──However, after a while, Weiss frowned.

 "...Hey, Bael. Something seems off about Black Blade, doesn't it?"

 "Say what?"

 Bael, who had been looking at Nikyou and Reed, turned his gaze to Weiss upon hearing his voice, focusing on Black Blade (Yukina) once again. It was then that he noticed the discomfort in Weiss's reaction.

 Black Blade's movements were clearly impressive. It could be said there was no hesitation, and his decisiveness was evident even from a distance compared to yesterday. The pace at which he dealt with the delinquents might have been faster than Nikyou and Reed.

 At a speed beyond expectations, the distance between Black Blade and the two of them was closing in.

* * *


 I'm holding a long lumber that I had received from a carpenter that the Jingin Family was close with. By swinging it with all my might, I could mow down the delinquents nearby in one go. While it was too hard for a black spear, the timber (this guy) had just the right hardness and ample power.

 'How are you feeling, partner?'

 "It feels great to be able to take down 'without holding back'!"

 'You've been feeling a bit off since yesterday. It's great to be in top form.'

 As I replied without hiding my intentions to Gram on my back, I swung the lumber even harder.

 Away from me, Mikage, Nikyou, and Reed must be having a tough time dealing with the delinquents. Since I'm swinging the lumber around, the reach is too long and they might get caught in the crossfire.

 The team for the raid on the Kahlua Family consists of me and Mikage initially. In addition, a few chosen by the boss from the Jingin Family and Nikyou himself. Also, Reed and a few people from his mercenary group.

 Unfortunately, Aina and Kyunei are staying behind. In a place where combat professionals mix, it's risky as most there are amateurs. Aina's magic is powerful, but it would be troublesome if she got seriously injured by stray bullets.

 Even in Kyunei, there are still many injured people who, despite being in stable condition, cannot be taken lightly. Some have suffered serious injuries that can only be dealt with by her, and it's frustrating that most of these patients are troublemakers from the Kahlua Family.

 However, just because they are not present here doesn't mean they have no impact on us. While we are in the middle of a showdown, someone needs to temporarily take charge of the Nikyou Family. If there were a surprise attack on Jingin's territory, only Aina can take command. As for Kyunei, she had already 'supplied' by me before coming here and had me undergo a certain 'treatment'.

 Thanks to that, I can fight without any worries.



 When a delinquent attacks from behind, I can easily knock them out with a backhand punch, causing them to scatter nosebleeds and faint. What I used to require careful consideration yesterday now can be done unconsciously with reduced strength.

 Kyunei's suggestion is basically this: if I find it troublesome to show restraint when dealing with delinquents, she can simply lower my strength to the point where I can knock them out without worry.

 'I never expected her to use "weakening" magic as a limiter on you, partner. This was quite unexpected for me.'

 As Gram said, the magic Kyunei cast on me has limited my physical strength. It feels like it's dropped to about half of its usual level.

 While this weakening magic can have a tremendous effect if applied to enemies during normal combat, it seems challenging to handle in actual battles.

 The specific reasoning becomes too specialized for me to understand yet, but it seems that magic of enhancement or weakening will easily be repelled if the target strongly resists. It's not impossible to do if you try, but it's considered more efficient for a magician to focus on casting powerful attack magic rather than investing effort into it.

 It seems there are unconventional magicians who specialize in such weakening and enhancement magic in the world, but that's not relevant for now.

 What's important is that if it's a trusted person, they can freely bestow both enhancement and weakening magic on me.

 'If this idea is solid, then there's nothing more to say.'

 "Stop. Thinking about those things will make my concentration wander."

 Kyunei seemed to be considering trying this weakening magic on me at the right moment.

 ──Yukina-kun, isn't your 'night' really considerate of us? So I've been thinking about resolving that for a while.

 With a slightly flushed cheek, Kyunei placed her hand on her face, exuding charm as she spoke.

 Well, it's true that I was careful not to harm the girls' bodies during the night, but I never thought of that idea.

 Although it's called a weakening magic, it's not permanent. The effects last at most half a day. Besides, I can cancel it anytime with my own will. Just like with strengthening magic, Kyunei can adjust it because she understands the human body structure well. Aina was impressed that such delicate magic could be performed normally.

 ──Anyway, I could only be grateful for Kyunei's idea.

 "Yo, it's been a while since yesterday."

 The delinquent figure is now only behind me.

 Beyond breaking through the barrier of people, there are two men sharply staring at me in front of me.

 After tossing aside the worn-out lumber, I drew out my black spear and got ready.

 Thanks to the satisfying beatdown of those delinquents on the way here, my body is nicely warmed up. It means I can face the main event in perfect condition, both mentally and physically.

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