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Volume 2 Chapter 20 Showdown

Volume 2 Chapter 20 Showdown

 As I stood ready, facing off with the two silver guys, Clay called out to me.

 "Wade-kun, I have a proposal. I want you to hand over the command to me. You want to rampage as you please, right? So, in the meantime, let me strategize to make it easier for you to fight."

 I glanced at Clay. There was no longer confusion on his face; he was wearing his usual sarcastic smile.

 "I leave it to you."

 "Thank you. So, in this operation, I will take command from now on."

 Clay turned to the other members and announced loudly.

 "Wade-kun might have complaints about doing things his way, but he is our leader! We are following him because we admire him! So, let's move in accordance with that!"

 The members had various reactions.

 "Got it. Wade-kun, go wild as you please..." said Ice.

 "Ugh! You'll get a lecture when you get back, Wade!" said Toxy.

 "I don't have any memories of admiring him, but oh well," said Frain.

 "Anyway, the plan's going well. But if we get in the way, it'll be harder for Wade-kun to move around. So, this time, we'll stick to supporting him——"

 It seems Clay is managing things well. While feeling truly grateful, I check on the enemy's situation.

 "Hey, Sandra-chan, what are you going to do? It seems they have a strategy over there. Want to team up with me?"

 "Thinking about that in a short-lived party is a waste of resources. We should simply divide roles clearly."

 "Got it~. Then, I'll take that kid's attacks."

 "Understood. I'm agile, so I'll act as a scout. I'll provide support depending on the situation."

 "Oh, that's much appreciated."

 With that said, Kadras took a step forward towards me. He was playing with his twin swords, making a clinking sound.

 "So, kid. I'm your opponent. I'll take you on seriously, so don't go down easily, okay?"

 "That's my line. Entertain me more than a Chimera would."

 "Chimera? Hahaha! Seriously, can't you kill such a monster!"

 Kadras readied his twin swords.

 "Well then, you're pretty silver-ranked. Just starting to quit being human. Alright, I'll take you on as equals."

 Kadras twirled his twin swords in his hands and then stepped forward.

 "Let's go, kid."

 It was a storm of swords.

 The moment I received an attack from the right, then left, then right again, followed by attacks from below and above. From completely unexpected angles, the twin swords kept coming at me one after another.

 I just desperately defended against them. I reduced the weight of Kadras' sword with [Weight Reduce] and increased my own weight with [Weight Increase]. With that, I deflected and responded to countless sword flashes.

 "Oh, nice, nice! I'm not done yet!"

 His speed increases. It becomes difficult to keep up with my eyes. The attacks that I couldn't fully deflect tear through my clothes. My thin skin splits, my blood flows, and eventually, this sword will reach my life.

 But I...




 Under a barrage of the continuous attacks, my thoughts were completely overheated. I desperately parrying attacks without understanding the reason. But dopamine is flowing abundantly, I don't feel any pain except for Kadras, I can't spare any thoughts.

 "Whoa! Amazing! You're amazing, kid! To react this far! Your reaction speed is off the charts, right? Ahahaha! Damn! Hey, hey, I want to take you home and raise you! I'll finish you in a week!"

 "Kadras, if you try to take him away, I'll kill you. I'll be the one to collect that child."

 "Hey, hey... Don't be so stingy, Sandra-chan. I want a piece of the action too."

 At this moment, I felt a strong killing intent from the side. I strengthened [Weight Reduce] towards Kadras, deflecting his sword widely, while using Weight Increase kick to deter the killing intent.

 "Hmm. I thought there was an opening just now."

 My kick ended up missing Sandra, who stopped just in time. But I didn't expose any openings. I immediately redirected the kick towards Kadras, taking the offensive this time.

 "Oh! Good job, kid! Defense and offense are both your specialties! I'll take it on!"

 Kadras laughed as he effortlessly countered all of my 'rapid acceleration attacks' accompanied by [Weight Reduce] to [Weight Increase].

 This ability to effortlessly counter, known as 'deflecting,' is troublesome. If he just intercepted the attacks, it would be possible to break through with the power of [Weight Increase]. However, Kadras doesn't do that. He always deflects, ensuring the impact is redirected before it reaches him.

 This is the silver rank, I think. A superior. A veteran adventurer. Those who stopped humans. A superhuman. And my enemies.

 Still, I laugh.

* * *

 The battle situation as seen through Clay's eyes wasn't that bad.

 Their beloved boar leader is displaying an extraordinary combat power, facing off against two silver-ranked enemies, in a way that is beyond human, while directly fighting them.

 Moreover, this was done single-handedly. Just one person. In that case, it was clear how Clay should design this battle.

 "The basic strategy is not to interfere in the fight of those three monsters, and to tilt the advantage towards Wade-kun. If none of us are missing, it will be perfect."

 The members nodded at Clay's instructions. Since they had directly confirmed with Wade, it was easy to proceed without any resistance.

 "As a strategy, we will turn this room into a sealed chamber, fill it with poison, and immobilize the enemy's movements to give Wade-kun an advantage. In other words, it's the coordination between me, Ice-san, and Toxy-san."

 At that moment, Frain voiced his doubts.

 "What should I do?"

 "Just protect us."

 "Huh? ―――Fire Arrow!"

 Seizing the opportunity, Frain shot a flaming arrow at Sandra, who had swiftly approached in an electrifying manner. Sandra momentarily stopped in mid-air, then left trailing sparks as she moved away.

 "Tch. You're surprisingly skilled. I thought for sure it was just a one-man show."

 After complaining with a serious expression, Sandra once again attacked Wade. Wade, relying on his superhuman instincts, sent Kadras flying to deal with the situation. It's honestly a strength that is hard to comprehend.

 However, it can't be said that Wade is fine alone. Clay still wants to be a hero as well. He doesn't need to become a hero of the same kind as Wade, but he needs to stand alongside him in a different direction.

 For now, Clay thanked Frain.

 "Frain-kun, thank you. We will now fully support Wade-kun in battle. This means we will be wide open. The enemy will target that, so I need you to do something about it."

 "Do something...? I'm not Wade."

 "Oh? With the way you keep challenging him, I thought you had confidence in your abilities."

 "Tch... Fine, I'll do what I can."

 "Thank you, I appreciate it."

 "Fatso. Talking about Wade, messing with my groove."

 Saying so, Frain took a step back as if surveying the entire room. It was evidence that he was paying attention.

 Clay then changed the focus of his instructions.

 "Well then, Ice-san, Toxy-san. It's our turn. Our leader may be strong enough on his own, but it will be difficult to win decisively against two opponents who are superior."

 So, Clay continues sarcastically.

 "Let's make our leader win decisively. Let's have him adorned with extraordinary glory. Let's arrange that. That is our path."

 Saying that, Ice approaches closely. The color of her eyes harbors madness. It's akin to what one might call fundamentalism in religion.

 "Even if it goes against Wade-kun's will, is that what you mean...? To turn Wade-kun into a hero without his consent, by Clay-kun's will...?"

 Clay denies that.

 "No, that's not it. It's as Wade-kun wishes. He seeks fighting no matter where. We were captivated by such a person. You say that beyond that lies the absence of enemies, but my thoughts differ."

 Wade-kun's heroism will lead to his downfall sooner.

 Clay continues.

 "That's the one thing we should avoid. So, we won't stop him from moving in the direction he desires. We won't stop him, but it's our duty as party members to keep his death and destruction at bay. Don't you agree?"



 They gaze into each other's eyes. It might be more appropriate to say they are glaring at each other. They are probing each other's emotions and intentions deep within their eyes. Toxy is crying, saying, "Don't fight in a situation like this."

 "...I understand. Alright then, that's fine."

 "Yeah, then let's have Wade-kun win decisively right away."

 Clay begins giving instructions.

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