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Volume 2 Chapter 21 Overwhelming Victory

Volume 2 Chapter 21 Overwhelming Victory

 "What's wrong, kid! Is that all you've got!?"

 "I'm not done yet!"

 "That's the spirit! Come at me with all you've got! Oraaaaa!"

 Barrage, barrage, barrage. I relentlessly strike and deflect.

 "Hey, your movements are sluggish, kid!"

 "Are you targeting my blind spot, senpai!?"

 Kadras' leg swings up. I automatically lift my leg to protect myself. It looks like that's where he's aiming. At the same time, I get hit on my other leg that's holding me up. I use my arm to block. But Sandra strikes as I lower my guard.

 Her electricity crackles at me. Using my [Weight Reduce], I manage to dodge without getting hurt. They both appear annoyed. I grin.

 However, it also means that I'm struggling to launch an attack. I haven't been able to go on the offensive.

 "You're truly abnormal. To handle a superior opponent this well."

 "Haha. Hey, kid. Your defense is too solid. We're the superior ones here, you know? It's about time you accept it and let us beat you up."

 "Senpai, what are you talking about? Isn't it about time you started moving slowly and getting tired instead? How come you can maintain such brisk movements? I also want to beat up those two, you know?"

 "If you can't do at least that much, you won't even get a silver rank."

 "Still, your fighting spirit is impressive," Kadras added with a hint of sarcasm, and I laughed back and said, "Let's enjoy this." Kadras clicked his tongue and made a difficult face.

 "Geez, what's gotten into you, kid? You can withstand my fierce attacks. If Sandra-chan wasn't here, it might have been tough. Is copper a lie now? Right, Sandra-chan―――"

 "No way, no way, no way. You're too cute. How much do you want to captivate me in this battle? It's too much, I want to hug you right now. I've never felt like this before."

 "Wait, Sandra-chan, your eyes are turning into hearts..."

 With a look of disbelief on Kadras' face, I once again assume a defensive stance. It's a stalemate. The two of them and I were evenly matched. If this weren't a city area and I could swing my iron lump swords freely, it wouldn't have turned out like this.

 Still, I am truly grateful. I'm glad I chose a battlefield under restrictions. Such technical and fast-paced combat can only be enjoyed between humans.

 "Kid, your eyes are intense... too sharp."


 "Hey, isn't it time for you to come back soon, Sandra-chan~?"

 However, the situation seemed to be getting quite tough. Thanks to my regular Weight Increase muscle training, I'm not tired yet, but the fact remains that I have no offensive moves.

 I don't have any ideas on how to break this deadlock. I can still enjoy this for a while, but if I do, the night will soon be over.

 As the two silver figures approach slowly, I exhale sharply. And I have a premonition that it's about to happen.

 Yeah. I don't have a breakthrough plan within me. In other words, I entrusted the breakthrough plan to someone other than myself.

 Clay's voice echoes in this place.

 "Now, it's time to make a move. Let's give the leader an overwhelming victory."


 Frain's fireball exploded between me and the silver two. It engulfed the sofa, burning it, and filled the room with smoke.

 "Cough, damn! The other kids were distracted!"

 "Cough, cute, it's fine...!"

 "Sandra-chan, you're not coming back even in this situation!"

 Taking advantage of the chaos, Toxy rushes towards me. She puts her hand on my mouth and says, "Drink!" I drank the liquid that came out without thinking.

 Power surges within me. My thoughts become sharper. It was as if I could perceive everything in this room. I shine my eyes with the energy welling up from deep within my body.

 "It's power up, speed up, sense control up potions! Hang in there, Wade!"

 "Ah, leave it to me."

 I laugh heartily. Now, let's go for the win. I close in on Kadras and raise my fist.

 One strike. With increased strength and speed, I can deliver a more powerful blow with [Weight Increase]. Having been in a balanced state until now, Kadras can't keep up with my Weight Increase straight.

 "Ugh, damn it."

 "Hey, what's wrong, senpai! You can't be serious with this level, right!?"

 "Hah, that's the spirit, kid!"

 Kadras retaliates with his blade. I meet it with my fist. This is what I've been waiting for. The moment when power clashes with power.

 "Huh!? There's a crack in the sword."

 I see that Kadras' sword has traces of ice on it. Ice. Unknowingly, did she freeze it?

 "Not done yet!"

 I pound my fists repeatedly. The fists colliding with a sudden acceleration, resulting in a series of Weight Increase attacks. Kadras takes it all with his sword. But he can't move his body satisfactorily anymore as he tries to deflect the attacks.

 "Ugh, damn. Kid, you're too fast...! This speed isn't human."

 "It's over, senpai."

 I take a step deeper. Kadras tries to step back but fails. He's flustered by his inability to move. It seems the Ice's freeze is taking effect.

 "Here I go, oraaaaaa!"

 "I won't loseeeee!"

 The dual swords clash against my Weight Increase straight. There was a moment of balance, but then, I grinned.

 "[Weight Increase], full power."

 With a sharp metallic sound, Kadras's dual swords shatter. My fists then deeply gouge into Kadras's torso.

 "Gah, ugh..."

 The sensation of my punch is like armor. While appearing carefree, it seems proper safety measures were taken. He managed to avoid killing, and as I thought that, I continued towards Sandra.

 "Well, you're the only one left. ―――Let me win."

 "You're so cool... Hah, this is not the time to be saying that."

 Wiping away the drool with a serious expression, Sandra looked at me. She looked at my party members. And then, she muttered.

 "Thunder Speed."

 Transforming her whole body into electricity, Sandra quickly distanced herself from me at lightning speed. Then, she muttered "Spark" and discharged electricity, shattering the wall Clay was blocking.

 And then, while looking around the room, Sandra stood by the window that now had better ventilation.

 "Hey, w-wait. Sandra! You're not seriously thinking of running away at this point, are you?"

 Eujary, who had been cowering in the corner with Frowdus, shouted. In response, Sandra replied.

 "No, I'm running away. It's just suicide to throw yourself into a battle with no chance of winning. I live quite irrationally myself, but I know the difference between acceptable irrationality and unacceptable irrationality."

 "Hey, you'll regret it. Your breach of contract will be known throughout Nightfather!"

 "Feel free. In that case, I'll just go back to being a normal adventurer. ...So, goodbye, my fated person. What's your name?"

 Suddenly, the focus is on me, and I answer hesitantly.


 "Wade, huh. Wade, Wade, Wade... Got it. Well then, Wade, see you. I'll come see you again soon. Let's go on a date then."



 Once again transforming her body into electricity, Sandra left. We were left dumbfounded, but quickly returned our gaze to the main culprit.


 Eujary shuddered. Despite struggling to escape, it seemed he had long been caught in Ice's magic. His hands and feet seemed unable to leave the ground.

 I slowly approached, reaching Eujary and looking down at him from above, smiling.

 "Hey. Is this the end? Don't you have someone stronger waiting in the wings? You're actually holding back, right? Bring it out. I'll crush that too."


 Silently, Eujary shook his head. His once cunning fox-like face now looked pale and aged, resembling a plucked chicken.

 "I see. You have no more tricks up your sleeve? Are you secretly incredibly powerful yourself, capable of overwhelming us all once unsealed?"

 "N-no... That's not... true..."

 "So, you're saying you have no means of resistance left?"


 Eujary bowed his head, trembling. I kicked his face up, forcing him to look at me.

 "Hey, answer me. Are there no more toys for us to enjoy?"

 "Ah...! Th-there are none. There are none left! I've used them all up!"

 After hearing that response, I sighed in disappointment. A little further away, Frain was gossiping, saying, "Hey, did you hear? He called the enemy a toy."

 "Well then, shall we return to the original negotiations, Eujary-san?"

 I bent down and smiled.

 "It seems that Frowdus-san wants to repay us even if he has to borrow money he scammed. Eujary-san, would you lend money to Frowdus-san?"

 "Uh, yeah..."

 "Great! Frowdus-san, Eujary-san will lend you the money. Make sure to work hard to pay it back!"


 Frowdus doesn't respond. He seems to have fainted.

 I step on Frowdus and wake him up.

 "Huh!? Wha-what...?"

 "Frowdus-san, everything has been settled. You'll get the money lent to you. Congratulations!"

 "What... Ah, ah, ahhhh...!"

 Frowdus was trembling as he looked at the countless bodyguards collapsing all over the room. In response, I said this,

 "Well then, if you borrow it, make sure to return the money right here. Five big gold coins... Do you have a safe key or something? I'll bring it instead."

 "Th-this is it..."

 I received the key from Eujary. I then handed it to Toxy, who was standing nearby. She said to both of them,

 "Put your ears together, I'll have you return it."

 Saying that, she went downstairs alone. I stretched and finally said to Eujary,

 "Well, thank you, Eujary-san. Frowdus-san said he didn't have any money, and he was in trouble. Thank you for helping. Frowdus-san, make sure to work properly and repay the money."

 Eujary looked puzzled at my words. I leaned in close to his ear and whispered,

 "I'll keep it a secret and won't kill you. Stay silent. Otherwise, you'll be in trouble too, okay?"

 Eujary immediately understood the meaning and looked up. Staring at my face intently, trembling.

 Then, Eujary averted his gaze, and I turned to my companions.

 "Alright, we've done what we needed to do, let's go back."


 Ice, Clay, and Frain replied. Just as Toxy, who had just returned, held a promissory note to her and four big gold coins in her hand.

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