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Shizuko ~ The Hero's Mother Who Lost Everything but Finds Happiness with the Hero's Friend ~

Genre: Ecchi, Fantasy, Isekai, Slow Life, Romance

Raw Source: here

The heroine, Shizuko, is a villager with ancestors who were reincarnators and former adventurers.

She lived quietly in the village, but one day, her son became a Hero.

For Shizuko, her son becoming a Hero was the beginning of her misfortune.

She received the Hero's preparation money and was sold as a slave to her husband, Zect, who had become obsessed with money.

Before Shizuko, someone appeared...

(Note: This story is set in the world of "The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother!" but with some significant differences. The main difference is that the heroine is only Shizuko, and other heroines will not appear in this version.)

Main Story : here

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