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Chapter 8 Dusk on the Old Battlefield (Part Three)

Chapter 8 Dusk On The Old Battlefield (Part Three)

 I went around the second floor alone, keeping an eye on the surroundings from various windows. Along the way, I tied the rope that I had put in my backpack to one of the pillars and bundled it near the window.

 (If they were to attack, it would be after midnight.)

 In this world, it is said that the gate connecting this world and the afterlife opens when the midnight bell rings. However, monsters and demons continue to act regardless of such things, and even the dead can start moving at any time if they are summoned by a necromancer, so I can't rely on that.


 It was Nomura Mika who called out to me.

 "What is it?"

 She got up and came closer to me. I watched her closely.

 "I've said it before, but we'll be walking non-stop tomorrow. It's better to get some sleep and recover your strength."

 "I can't sleep."

 "Is it because I'm walking around? I'm trying to be as quiet as possible."

 "No, that's not it."

 She shook her head from side to side.

 "I feel like if I fall asleep, I won't wake up... like I'll be attacked by monsters while I'm sleeping."

 "Because I'm unreliable?"

 I said with a wry smile, and she hurriedly replied.

 "No, it's not like that. Actually, Akito-kun has helped us twice since we came to this world. Akito-kun is like a different person from when he's at school..."

 Well, it's true that the me she knows and the current me could be considered different. I've crossed the brink of death many times, been betrayed by my comrades at times, and even made the decision to abandon my comrades many times.

 "So, if Akito-kun is nearby... I might feel a little more at ease..."


 I silenced her words. Because I felt like I heard something carried by the wind. She looked up at me with an anxious expression.

 "What's wrong?"

 I remained silent. I was focusing all my senses on listening.


 Once again, I heard something carried by the wind. Could it be... a human voice?

 "Nomura-san, please wake everyone up. And do it quietly, without making any noise."

 She was surprised by my behavior, but she immediately went to wake everyone up as she was told.

 (If this is a human voice, there is a high possibility that it's someone from our class...)

 Of course, there is also the possibility of someone from this world. Perhaps they are thieves or bandits. But it's unlikely that people from this world would be walking around late at night, especially in the remnants of a battlefield infested with demons.

 (Could it be a creature that can mimic human voices?)


 I heard the voice again. And this time, I could clearly understand what they were saying. It was the voice of a girl begging for help.

 "What happened?"

 Shimura, who still sounded sleepy, came over and asked next to me. Morimura was right behind him.

 "I can hear voices. They're voices asking for help."

 I said that and went to the bonfire, grabbing a piece of wood that was on fire. It's a substitute for a torch. I return to the window and try to raise the torch in the direction of the voices.

 "What are you planning to do?"

 "I'm going to let them know we're here. Probably someone from our class is being attacked."

 Shimura and Morimura's faces twitch for a moment. But they probably can't abandon their comrades either.

 "Got it. We'll bring fire too."

 By that time, not only the voice of the first girl, but also the voices of both men and women could be heard. All of them were cries, screams, and voices asking for help.

 "Hey, over here! Come over here!"

 I shook the torch and shouted as loudly as I could.

 "Over here, over here! We're here!"

 "We're here! Can you see the fire?"

 Shimura and Morimura also shout desperately. While everyone is shouting with all their might, I quietly lowered the rope that I had bundled up by the window.

 They must have noticed our voices, as the voices were getting closer to the church where we were. It was definitely our classmates' voices. First, I told Morimura and Shimura.

 "Come down to the first floor with me. I'll go outside and confront the people who are running away. Once everyone is inside, please quickly close the door."

 The church door is a type that opens on both sides, called sliding doors. It requires two people to open and close quickly. The two of them looked at me with surprise.

 "Are you going out alone?"

 "Yeah, from the sound of their voices, there's no doubt that they are being chased. Someone needs to go outside and show them the entrance to the church. And we also need to hold off the monsters that will come after them."

 "So all we have to do is close the door from the inside?"

 "That's right. Of course, I want you to close the door after I enter."

 At that moment, Nomura Mika let out a surprised voice.

 "Are you going to let those who are running away into this church?!"

 "That's right."

 "But...if we do that, the monsters chasing them will also come in."

 "Just because of that, you can't abandon everyone who's running away, right?"

 "But...isn't it dangerous?!"

 "It's okay. I'll try to prevent the monsters from coming in as much as possible, and even if a few of them manage to get in, we can easily defeat them if we all work together."


 "Nomura-san and Nemoto-san will keep waving the torches here and continue to guide those who are running away."

 Nomura-san still had a dissatisfied look on her face, but we couldn't waste any more time here. I urged Morimura and Shimura, "Let's go to the first floor." I tucked my sword into my belt and held my spear.

 "I'll go outside and lead those who are running away. As soon as I come in, please close the door immediately."

 "Got it." "Yeah, be careful."

 With Shimura and Morimura's words behind me, I opened the door and stepped outside the church.

 (What's coming? Undead? Or maybe monster-like creatures like wolves?)

 It would be troublesome if it's a group of monster-like creatures. They have good night vision and swift movement. But I thought it might be undead as a possibility. The reason is because this is a battlefield where corpses have been left behind. Holding a spear in my right hand and a torch in my left, I hear the voices of several men and women approaching, seeking help. I had a complex state of mind, a mix of "relief that my classmates are alive" and "fear that a group of monsters is closing in."

 "It's over here! Over here! Run inside!"

 I shouted loudly and swung the torch. Eight people came running towards me. I still didn't know who they were. I stuck the torch into the brazier next to the door and held the spear with both hands.

 Leading the group is...the student council president, Kondo Shuichi. He is holding the hand of Akamine Alice, the most beautiful girl in the school. Right behind them are the popular guy, Kiridani Jun, and the beautiful gal, Aoki Runa.

 In third place are Kashima Shougou, the kendo club captain, and Muto from the judo club, running while supporting Mizuno Kaede on both sides. Bringing up the rear is Midoritani Tsubasa, the vice-captain of the archery club, who is an all-around athletic girl. And behind them, of course, are the soldier zombies.

 Anyway, I learned that everyone I considered "most important" was safe. That's the story so far...

 "Hurry, everyone inside the church!"

 I shouted. Akamine Alice shouted,

 "Behind us, it's Tsubasa!"

 Certainly, Midoritani Tsubasa was the only one who was lagging behind. As a woman, she bravely held off the attacking undead from behind. That's why she ended up separating from the previous seven.

 As soon as I heard Alice's voice, I dashed. As I passed by them, I asked them to tell Morimura and Shimura, "Don't close the door yet!"

 (I can't afford to lose her in a place like this!)

 I firmly held onto my spear.

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