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Chapter 85 Be My Pet~

Chapter 85 Be My Pet~

 "What do you think?" Fujino seemed very interested in this question, with a playful tone, her body turned in the darkness, facing Li Xia.

 The room was dark, and Li Xia didn't have night vision, so he couldn't see Fujino's expression. But when she turned, her chest brushed against his, so Li Xia knew that their bodies were very close.

 Their chests pressed against each other, Fujino's chest was soft, and Li Xia could hear her even breaths. She wasn't human, so she probably had night vision.

 This feeling is like when playing a game between a man and a woman, where your eyes are blindfolded, and you have no idea where the other person will touch you next.

 This uncertainty makes Li Xia's heartbeat quicken.

 Seeing that he didn't answer immediately, Fujino didn't rush either. She leaned her body forward slightly, bringing their chests even closer. Li Xia felt a change in her shape.

 She also extended one of her legs from below, a slender leg without pants, and her skin touched Li Xia's legs. Even through the pajamas, he could feel her smooth and tender skin.

 "Sorry, I don't know," Li Xia panicked and quickly moved back a bit. The tense and exciting emotions only slightly improved. Due to the darkness, he couldn't see Fujino's expression at all.

 "Of course, it's a boyfriend," Fujino suddenly spoke up. The two of them were very close, and when she spoke, the moist air hit Li Xia's face.

 But Li Xia couldn't see her at all, he only knew that they were very close and didn't dare to move.

 However, this answer completely caught him off guard. He could be sure that his senior's feelings towards him were definitely not just a preference between a man and a woman. This made him feel embarrassed and quickly said, "Please, Senior, stop joking."

 "Hehe," Fujino suddenly let out a light laugh, seeming to enjoy Li Xia's embarrassment, and continued, "I'm not joking, Li Jun, if you don't believe it, I can prove it to you."

 After saying that, her body leaned closer again. Their bodies were almost touching, and at the same time, her hand had already gently touched Li Xia's cheek. Their lips were only one centimeter apart: "With my body..."

 Li Xia wanted to retreat, but quickly realized that there was no place behind him. He was forced to the edge of the bed in the darkness.

 Fujino wasn't tall, only about 165 centimeters. Other than having a relatively large chest, she was slender everywhere else. But at this moment, she had complete control over Li Xia, who was 180 centimeters tall, as if she was a naughty neighbor woman playing with a little schoolboy. Moreover, she had blindfolded him with a black cloth.

 Darkness always breeds some evil desires. There were only the sounds of the two people's breathing in the room, as well as their bodies pressed tightly together.

 "Sorry, Senior." Suddenly, Li Xia saw an image of his aunt in his mind, and his will became firm. Although he had already decided to have a good aunt-nephew relationship with her, he felt that if he succumbed to the desires of his body like this, it would be a betrayal to her.

 But Fujino's strength was something he couldn't resist. If she insisted on it, it seemed like he had no way to resist.

 "But your body doesn't say the same thing." However, Fujino didn't seem to have any intention of using force. She just teased him and immediately changed the subject. Her voice remained gentle: "Then be my pet~"

 Li Xia didn't understand. He was really surprised by what happened, and Fujino didn't give him any time to think.

 In the dark, Li Xia felt something soft touch his lips, and then a tongue came out, biting his lips and sucking.

 Li Xia was happy that he had secretly given his first kiss to his aunt today, otherwise Fujino would have taken it from him.

 When he got home, he didn't know if it was because of the lipstick on his lips, but Fujino sucked his lips repeatedly until they were bitten, and their saliva mixed with a little blood flowed from the corner of his mouth and fell on the bed.



 The next day came quickly. Li Xia went to school as usual. As soon as he entered the classroom, he saw Kiyoura Mai sitting next to his usual seat and waving to him.

 "Here, a new script." After Li Xia sat down, he took out his notebook, opened the script he wrote at his aunt's house yesterday, and handed it over.

 Kiyoura Mai didn't look at the script, but looked at his face with a half-smile, and her eyes fell on his lips: "Young people are playing quite wildly."

 "I accidentally bit it while eating," Li Xia touched the wound with her hand. Yesterday, his senior bit his lip and only broke the skin. After she licked it, it stopped bleeding. And after licking his blood, Fujino's breathing became noticeably faster.

 This also served as a warning to him. Fujino's fetish is definitely not as fragile as it seems on the surface. She's definitely an S type, and with a tendency for violence.

 Fortunately, although the two of them experienced a French kiss, that was about it. The next day, everything was back to normal, and Fujino was still naturally changing her underwear and stockings in front of him.

 She didn't ask him to do anything perverted, like being her pet.

 Li Xia naturally didn't mention it either. She treated it as if nothing happened last night. If Kiyoura Mai brings it up, he would definitely deny it.

 "Is that so?" Kiyoura Mai, seeing his conviction, also became uncertain. She didn't have much experience with this, so she didn't ask any further and turned to pick up her notebook to read.

 "Are you planning to shoot a daily vlog?" Kiyoura Mai may look like a troublemaker, but she's actually a top student. Just by glancing at it, she fully understood Li Xia's thoughts.

 "Yes," Li Xia nodded and explained, "Intense and fast-paced sensory stimuli can indeed have a remarkable effect, but our filming budget and manpower are limited, and other groups may also think of using this method."

 "Mm," Kiyoura Mai made no comment, just nodded. As the top scorer who was admitted to Tokyo University, the king of exam cramming, she naturally had no fear of competing with other groups on the same track. Everyone would cram together and see who could be more exciting.

 But this time, Li Xia was the team leader, and since the decision had been made, she would assume her position and do her part in the task.

 She looked at the outline again and said, "The idea is good, but the workload for this kind of script will be larger. The more ordinary the daily life, the harder it is to write well. Every action and line of dialogue needs careful polish."

 "Mm, I know," Li Xia nodded and smiled. "So let's work together on this. I don't plan on taking it all on myself."

 "Hey, you definitely can't be an anime protagonist," Kiyoura Mai waved her hand helplessly. This guy really wasn't trying to show off at all.

 As the two individuals were chatting, suddenly the entire classroom fell silent, and everyone stared in astonishment at what was happening outside the classroom.

 They could see the attractive new female teacher from yesterday, hobbling towards the classroom with a walking stick, wrapped in bandages, and struggling with each step.

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