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Chapter 86 Mother's Current Situation

Chapter 86 Mother'S Current Situation

 Mizusawa Ryo's condition is not good. Half of her face is covered with gauze, her left arm is also wrapped in gauze, hanging around her neck, and the only intact right hand is holding a crutch under her armpit.

 Even with such injuries, she still wears high heels, pushing up the uniform at the chest, protruding in the front and raising in the back. Her nearly two-meter height makes her look completely unweak, and her aura remains strong.

 Mizusawa Ryo came to the platform, looking at the stunned students below, showing a bright smile. Her golden straight hair looks heroic: "Everyone don't need to worry, I just fell by accident."

 The classroom was in an uproar, but soon everyone held great respect for Teacher Ryo. What kind of spirit does it take for her to insist on teaching in this condition?

 At this moment, even those students who only admired her figure were full of respect for her.

 "This... this is too much." Kiyoura Mai raised her head, ignoring the script, her gaze fixed on Teacher Ryo on the platform: "Teacher is so injured, is it really okay for teacher to teach?"

 "Probably it's okay." Li Xia felt uncomfortable. He could feel Teacher Ryo's eyes deliberately or unintentionally looking towards his seat after she entered.

 Compared to other shocked classmates, he knew more. These injuries were definitely caused by Kirigiri Shimizu. He didn't expect this woman to be so ruthless, even towards her colleagues. The fear in his heart towards her increased even more.

 And what worried Li Xia even more was Teacher Ryo's attitude towards him. Yesterday, she even pulled down his pants. If Kirigiri Shimizu had arrived a moment later, she would have forced herself onto him. And she's an S. Now, with her injuries like this, how could she possibly let him go?

 "Let's continue the class," Mizusawa Ryo looked at Li Xia and licked her lips. The things people can't have are the things people want the most. After realizing that Kirigiri Shimizu cares a lot about this son, Mizusawa Ryo became even more interested in him.

 Last night, the image of Kirigiri Shimizu's icy face and her twisted expression when she angered herm was the best ingredient for her magic.

 Their eyes met in the air, and Li Xia quickly lowered his head. Right now, he felt a bit scared.

 Mizusawa Ryo, satisfied, withdrew her gaze. She came to class today with injuries, but of course, it wasn't because she was fully dedicated to her teaching career. It was purely because if she didn't come, it would seem like Mizusawa Ryo is scared of Kirigiri Shimizu.

 Of course, Li Xia had no idea about the conflict between the two immortals. He was focusing on listening to the class. Although Mizusawa Ryo was terrifying, her expertise was not lacking, which was enough to teach them.

 The class quickly ended, and Li Xia put his notebook back into his bag, intending to find a place to continue writing the script. As he passed by the podium, he was stopped by Mizusawa Ryo.

 "Li Xia, can you accompany me to my office?" Mizusawa Ryo smiled innocently.

 Li Xia certainly didn't want to, but the situation was not good now. Countless pairs of eyes were watching, and even some boys' jealousy was about to overflow.

 Even if Mizusawa Ryo had her reasons for teaching them while injured, such a situation couldn't be expressed.

 "Okay, Teacher Ryo," Li Xia just gave it a brief thought and agreed. He was overthinking it. Mizusawa Ryo was already injured like this, so she wouldn't use force against him.

 Mizusawa Ryo smiled, her eyes narrowing, and naturally came to his side, leaning against him. "Then I'll trouble you, Li Xia."

 "No need," Li Xia supported her hand and felt the sharp gazes from other classmates behind him.

 Her arms are not as soft as Senior Fujino, which is Li Xia's first impression. He can feel that her arms are thicker than those of regular girls, and they have noticeable muscles. Because she is tall, there is no visual mismatch.

 Under Mizusawa's guidance, they went to another office. Her original office was destroyed in yesterday's battle, and a new office was set up today.

 This time, Li Xia was cautious and purposely didn't lock the door when entering, but left the office door slightly open.

 Mizusawa Ryo noticed these small actions, but didn't say anything. With Li Xia's help, she sat down on the office chair.

 "Teacher Ryo, if nothing else, I'll leave now." Li Xia didn't want to stay longer, so he quickly asked to leave after being brought here.

 "Be my boyfriend." Mizusawa didn't waste any time and asked as casually as if she were asking about what he had for lunch, without caring whether he could react or not.

 "Ah?" Li Xia's first reaction was that he misheard. He was clearly stunned for a few seconds. Then, he looked at Mizusawa Ryo, who was watching with a smile. After a while, she said, "Teacher Ryo, please stop joking."

 "I'm not kidding." Mizusawa Ryo interrupted him and laughed, "There are no strange conditions, just a real boyfriend and girlfriend who can have physical intimate at school anytime."

 "Hey, boyfriends and girlfriends won't have a physical intimate at school anytime." Li Xia wanted to complain, but didn't know where to start. He had anticipated several reasons why Mizusawa Ryo approached him, but he really didn't expect it to be about being boyfriend and girlfriend.

 "Is that so?" Mizusawa Ryo licked her lips, squinted her eyes, and stared at Li Xia, "But we can."

 "Sorry, I already have someone I like." Li Xia involuntarily stepped back. Although she was good-looking, had a good figure, and was older, with a black leather jacket, she was different from the girls he usually met. But he didn't know what she was up to, so he still tried to avoid her.

 "Oh, that's a pity." Mizusawa Ryo unexpectedly spoke kindly, completely different from his forceful attitude yesterday. She squinted her eyes, raised her intact foot, and extended it in front of Li Xia, "Then help me change my shoes. I'm currently unable to move."

 "This..." Li Xia looked at her extended foot, originally wanting to refuse, but his reason was reasonable, and he couldn't find a reason to refuse, so he crouched down and reached out to hold her high heels.

 Mizusawa Ryo looked down at Li Xia, a smile playing at the corner of her mouth, her eyes glancing at the hidden camera in the corner.

 Not far from the school, on a black sedan, Komachi Kurenai stared at the screen of her laptop, not daring to move, occasionally stealing glances at Kirigiri Shimizu sitting in the back seat.

 She sat there motionless, her facial expression unchanged, but Komachi Kurenai keenly noticed that her right hand, holding the blade, was turning pale. This was a phenomenon that occurred only when one exerted force for a long time on something.

 Komachi Kurenai lowered her head even further. Of course, she understood Kirigiri Shimizu's feelings at this moment. The agreement between the two of them was that Mizusawa Ryo could not use force.

 But now, Mizusawa Ryo was taking advantage of her position as a teacher to engage in ambiguous actions with Li Xia. This was a violation of their agreement.

 However, Mizusawa Ryo maintained perfect control over the pace, teasing him on the edge of eruption, crossing boundaries but never fully crossing them.

 Li Xia, of course, was unaware of all this. He was holding Mizusawa Ryo's high heels, her feet being the longest among the women he knew. After all, she was tall, and it seemed like a classic pose, with her feet raised, making it highly likely that he wouldn't be able to reach there.

 He reached out with his other hand and took off her high heels. Mizusawa Ryo didn't usually wear stockings, she just wore high heels barefoot. Her wheat-colored skin was smooth, and Li Xia easily took them off.

 Mizusawa Ryo smirked, and as he took off her shoes, she moved her foot back a little and then extended it. This small movement suddenly turned her into a mature woman, posing with her foot stretched out, which looked very sexy.

 The actions between the two were completely normal, but the composition suddenly became suggestive.

 Li Xia quickly picked up the flat shoes next to her, wanting to put them on for her.

 "Do you want to lick?" Mizusawa Ryo suddenly asked, with a mischievous smile on her face, no longer hiding her intentions.

 Li Xia was stunned, not because he was considering whether to lick or not, but because he couldn't understand what this strange teacher wanted to do.

 "No, I don't want to," Li Xia thought about it for only half a minute and gave up thinking about this question, reaching out to put on the flat shoes for her.

 Unexpectedly, Mizusawa Ryo became surprisingly easy-going and didn't make any further moves after teasing him a bit. She let Li Xia go easily.

 After that, Li Xia walked out of the office, still completely puzzled. What exactly did Mizusawa Ryo mean with her strange behavior just now?

 Of course, from Li Xia's perspective, he had no idea that her barefoot contemplation for half a minute had been fully captured by Kirigiri Shimizu's surveillance camera.

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