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Chapter 87 Strange Fetish Increase

Chapter 87 Strange Fetish Increase

 "This guy has a foot fetish," Komachi Kurenai immediately thought after watching this half-minute livestream.

 She also knew that Mizusawa Ryo intentionally used the camera to entice Li Xia with her bare feet, and all of this was meant for them to see.

 But this kind of thing also requires the cooperation of the man. If you're not into feet, why dwell on it for so long? The camera doesn't have audio recording, so Komachi Kurenai doesn't know what they said.

 But from her perspective, Li Xia was on one knee, holding her bare foot in his hands, still in that sexy posture, as if submitting to a master, it just felt inexplicably alluring.

 Komachi Kurenai secretly glanced at Kirigiri Shimizu sitting in the back row and found that the captain was unexpectedly calm this time.

 It was Kirigiri Shimizu who noticed her unusual behavior and furrowed her brows. "Is something wrong?"

 "Um..." Komachi Kurenai was momentarily speechless and whispered, "I think Captain Mizusawa intentionally showed us her foot action."

 “Just now, Li Xia helped her change shoes, is there a problem?” Shimizu Kirigiri frowned, evidently, she did not have the concept of foot fetish in her cognition, but Kurenai Komachi's words made her concerned, suspecting if she had missed a crucial clue.

 “Well...” Kurenai Komachi glanced at Shimizu Kirigiri, now she had two choices, the first was to brush it off, the second was to explain the meaning of foot fetish.

 With Shimizu Kirigiri's keen observational skills, brushing it off would definitely reveal a flaw, better to be honest, even if wrong, it's better than being exposed for deceiving the captain.

 So Kurenai Komachi took out her phone, inputted the keywords "foot fetish," and quietly handed it over.

 Shimizu Kirigiri took the phone, earnestly reading the explanation on it, along with the accompanying illustrations.

 Although she couldn't understand why seeing feet could be a strange sexual interest, if necessary, she didn't mind using this to assist in completing the mission.

 She was even thinking about how to use the information to improve mission satisfaction percentages.

 Li Xia didn't know why he was suddenly chosen to be a monitor. After leaving Mizusawa's office, he went to the library with his notebook.

 The library was a better place for writing, and no one would bother him.

 But he was worrying too much. Li Xia found a quiet spot in the library. After a few minutes, a girl approached him and asked, "Can I sit next to you?"

 "No," Li Xia looked up and said firmly, "I don't like people sitting next to me."

 "Oh," the girl replied with a smile, then went under the table.

 "Hey, Akane, what are you doing?" Li Xia quickly stopped her.

 Today, Akane was wearing a white shirt with lace around the neckline, a short skirt, and black stockings. She looked like a female student from a fancy girls' high school on TV.

 She tilted her head and said, "(>^ω^<)Meow~ Li Xia, just treat me like an animal."

 "Not even animals!" Li Xia sighed. He didn't know how to handle Akane. Even though she looked harmless, a ghoul is a ghoul. Being cute doesn't change her appetite for humans.

 Mizuki Akane, totally ignoring Li Xia's attitude, just plopped down nearby and said, "I'm half-human, so it's okay for me to sit here, right?"

 Mizuki Akane's innocent appearance was quite deceiving, attracting a lot of attention from the moment she came in. The two of them fooling around immediately drew the eyes of those around, some of whom shot unfriendly glances their way.

 Li Xia could only smile and nod apologetically to those around, letting Mizuki Akane sit next to him.

 Luckily, Mizuki Akane wasn't causing a ruckus. She just put one hand on the table, rested her head on her arm, and grinned as she looked at Li Xia.

 Li Xia ignored her and continued typing on the keyboard.

 After watching him for a while, Mizuki Akane couldn't resist and sneakily stretched her leg over, resting it on his thigh.

 Li Xia smirked disdainfully, having been trained by Senior Fujino, there was no way he would be affected by her little antics.

 Mizuki Akane couldn't resist her impatience, leaning her head on his arm and looking at the laptop screen.

 "So, the grammar here could use a little tweak," Mizuki Akane pointed to the screen with a smile and said, "It's not wrong, but using a different word would make it flow better."

 "Hmm?" Li Xia looked at the spot she was pointing to, pondered for a few seconds, and realized that Mizuki Akane was right. Formal language and dialogue are indeed different.

 Li Xia asked again, "Any other changes needed?"

 "Let me see," Mizuki Akane quickly found a few more places. Li Xia made the changes as she suggested. They weren't major issues, but it did make the text flow better.

 It suddenly occurred to Li Xia that this person had published light novels before, and without much effort, she was able to gain popularity.

 A typical talented individual, with a strong sense of language, at least a point and a half stronger than Li Xia.

 "That's impressive. It's a shame you left the literary world," Li Xia sighed, feeling slightly different about Mizuki. It seemed this person wasn't all about adult matters after all.

 "I agree. How about we book a room in the hotel? We can work on the script while we're there," Mizuki Akane also seemed very happy.

 Li Xia decided to take back his previous thoughts. It was naive of him to have a changed impression of Mizuki Akane.

 From then on, Li Xia paid no attention to her and only had his notebook in mind.

 Mizuki Akane's impulsive nature showed itself. After getting bored of watching for a while, she started to bother him again. When no one was paying attention, she used her body to block the view and put her hand inside his pants.

 Li Xia applied force with his legs and managed to hold her hand, preventing her from moving. He thought to himself that his senior's legs were far superior in this aspect.

 After playing around for a while, Mizuki Akane realized that she couldn't get Li Xia's attention and gave up. She propped her chin up with both hands and looked at Li Xia, her face filled with boredom.

 Time passed quickly, and it was soon closing time at the library. Li Xia saved the script he was halfway through writing and closed his notebook.

 "Finally finished!" Mizuki Akane stretched lazily, then grabbed Li Xia's hand and shook it. "How about accompanying me for dinner? I know a good family restaurant."

 Li Xia hesitated for a few seconds. He had originally planned to go to his aunt's house, but Mizuki Akane had helped him correct many grammar mistakes in the afternoon. So, he nodded and said, "Sure, lead the way. I'll treat you."

 "Yay~" Mizuki Akane looked really happy as she pulled his hand and led the way.

 Not long after leaving the school, they arrived at the family restaurant Mizuki Akane had mentioned.

 "Two steaks and four hamburgers, please~" Mizuki Akane picked up the menu and smiled as she ordered from the waiter, "And this dessert too."

 "I'm not a big fan of hamburgers," Li Xia added.

 "Oh, I can finish all of these by myself~" Mizuki Akane smiled and ordered a few more meat dishes before handing the menu to Li Xia, "I don't feel like eating too much lately."

 "..." Li Xia made a strange expression, glanced at her flat stomach, didn't say anything, and silently ordered a set meal.

 During the gap when the waiter was serving the dishes, Mizuki Akane, wearing small leather shoes, kicked Li Xia's foot under the table.

 Li Xia sighed lightly. Mizuki Akane was too lively, belonging to the type that couldn't stay still at all, like a little girl full of curiosity about everything.

 "Why can Li Jun write scripts for such a long time," Mizuki Akane asked with a curious expression, supporting her chin with both hands, "Wouldn't he get bored of it quickly?"

 "People are different." Li Xia shook her head: "Is that the reason for giving up writing novels?"

 "Pretty much." Mizuki Akane swayed her feet: "One day, I woke up and felt that writing novels was troublesome, so I gave up."

 "That's really your personality." Li Xia was first surprised, then quickly shook his head, Mizuki Akane typically did what she wanted, evident from how she clung to him.

 She directly said she liked him, then quickly moved on to adult content, just wanting to have a simple love, skipping the romantic part.

 This personality is probably related to her demi-human identity, just like those humans around her who react immediately to any movement, she is someone who cannot concentrate in this era, but these kinds of people were the best hunters in primitive times.

 Ghouls are a typical hunting race.

 "Do you want to help me write the script?" Li Xia suddenly asked.

 "Sure~" Mizuki Akane replied even more straightforwardly.

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