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Chapter 89 This Step Is Serious

Chapter 89 This Step Is Serious

 "Um, yes," Komachi Kurenai nodded, feeling a little bit lost inside. If she were to date Li Xia, she could maintain a pure physical relationship.

 When the future Captain Kirigiri Shimizu and Li Xia confirmed their relationship, the three of them would have the chance to share a bed. Then she could pretend to be close to the captain, essentially implying that she had been with the captain, a clever way of saving face.

 But this thought only lasted for a moment and was quickly dismissed, even if that day were to come, she would only be a helping hand, continuing to work overtime as she does now, it would be so difficult.

 Kirigiri Shimizu didn't notice Komachi Kurenai's change in expression, her gaze fixed on her own feet, dressed as usual in a men's suit today.

 So, apart from being very tall, there was nothing particularly special about her.

 In order to complete the mission, she had consulted a professional psychologist to define his foot fetish. Therefore, in Li Xia's personal file, a line was added to the section on sexual interests, indicating that he would be sexually aroused by female thighs and below.

 "Can you investige about Li Xia focused on stockings or bare feet?" Kirigiri Shimizu understood one thing very well: the importance of information. The more information you obtain, the greater your chances of surviving on the battlefield.

 "Um..." Komachi Kurenai was considering the matter of promoting her waist, but being interrupted like this took her a while to come back to reality and confirm that she hadn't misheard.

 Fetishes are secretive matters. Although foot fetishism is quite common, discussing it so openly caught her off guard.

 Moreover, Kirigiri Shimizu had a serious expression as if discussing something important, which made her feel like she had a problem.

 "Can't do it?" Kirigiri Shimizu frowned and asked when Komachi Kurenai remained silent.

 "It's a bit difficult." Komachi Kurenai organized her words for a while, trying to appear serious. "I can't determine whether he likes stockings or bare feet. It's difficult to ascertain."

 Komachi Kurenai had no doubt that the captain would make her wear various styles and colors of stockings and go find Li Xia, then record and analyze his reactions.

 First of all, regardless of the embarrassing question of whether he likes it or not, and how much he likes it, he will definitely not tell her the truth. Men, when asked by the opposite sex, all like to appear normal. But who knows to what extent they are perverted in private.

 Upon hearing this, Kirigiri Shimizu frowned. She felt that Komachi Kurenai was right, but if the information is not accurate, it has no value.

 Having accurate information about Li Xia's preferences would greatly help her complete the mission. Therefore, she must know whether he likes black stockings, white stockings, garters, sheer, opaque, or bare feet.

 She closed her eyes and leaned back on the leather seat. Both Task 1 and Task 2 of the system were progressing steadily, so her next step for maximizing efficiency would be to investigate Li Xia's fetish.

 "Go to the lingerie center with the widest selection," Kirigiri Shimizu opened her eyes and stated the destination. With her determination, she would give her all to accomplish it.

 "Okay," Komachi Kurenai didn't know what the captain was going to do, but she didn't dare to ask and immediately started the car.

 In the coffee shop.

 Li Xia changed into their work uniform and sat behind the counter. The script outline had already been written, and tomorrow he would call Akane and Kiyoura Mai to assign their respective tasks, so there was no need to take leave to write the script.

 The owner of this coffee shop is really laid-back. Even though he sent a message requesting leave and he hasn't come for so many days, he hasn't been fired.

 "What are you thinking, Li Jun?" Fujino sat next to them, also in work attire, her chest pushing up the shirt high, with her hands supporting her chin. "Human men are so fickle."

 "Um... Senior, why do you say that?" Li Xia snapped back to reality and looked below the counter. Due to the angle, he couldn't see the lower half of the two people behind the counter from the outside.

 Fujino draped her thigh wrapped in black stockings over Li Xia's leg, and Li Xia's hand massaged her thigh under the counter. He didn't want to serve Senior, but since he couldn't beat her, and since he couldn't resist, he could only endure these small tasks.

 "Just a few days ago, it wasn't like this." Fujino moved her foot a little higher on Li Xia's thigh, and her calf directly pressed against the end of Li Xia's thigh, rubbing up and down a few times.

 "Ouch! You startled me!" Li Xia's body jolted forward with the sudden attack, reflexively closing his legs tightly around Fujino's foot.

 "Just the other day during the massage, you seemed quite excited about the black stockings." Fujino didn't mind having her foot squeezed and playfully nudged Li Xia's leg, saying, "It's only been two days and you're acting so natural, no reaction at all."

 "Senior, don't be too much." Li Xia, realizing the situation, reached out to grab Fujino's small foot and pushed it away. Fujino's foot felt different from Mizusawa Ryo's muscular texture.

 Fujino, although strong, even stronger than Mizusawa Ryo, had soft and tender skin all over her body. It felt so delicate that his hand could sink in, as if there were no muscles, making her seem very fragile.

 This also made Li Xia realize that in this world with demi-humans, muscle and strength are irrelevant.

 "I'm not into feet." As he put down Fujino's foot, Li Xia waved his hand and said, "And men's fetish can change."

 "Is that so?" Fujino, with a smile on her lips, looked over with narrowed eyes and said, "Humans are really interesting."

 After finishing speaking, she pulled one foot out of her white indoor shoes and placed it under Li Xia's from behind the counter, and Li Xia's hand instinctively held it. She then looks at him with a smile that was both playful and mysterious.

 "Now, for the next ten minutes, it's yours. You can do anything you want with it."

 Li Xia felt the silky smoothness of her foot in his hand, along with the five toes under the sheer black stockings. He swallowed his saliva and asked, "Can I really do anything?"

 Fujino didn't say anything, just smiled mischievously at him.

 Then, Li Xia take out a feather from somewhere and tickle the sole of her foot with it.

 The next day arrived.

 Li Xia walked into the classroom with a bent posture, and as soon as he entered, his strange posture caught Kiyoura Mai's attention.

 "Hey, you, did you play some weird game last night?" Kiyoura Mai glanced at his stomach and teased him, "I didn't expect you, this serious guy, to have such a big secret fun. Next time, remember to invite me."

 "You talk too much," Li Xia responded with a disdainful look, sitting down next to her. Of course, he couldn't say that he was injured by Senior Fujino yesterday.

 This step is very serious, in the literal sense, when facing demi-humans who are stronger than humans, any cleverness is futile.

 Senior Fujino smiled while stepping on him on the bed, giving him a good lesson. The attacks were still concentrated, although he didn't get injured, but it still gives him a lingering fear when he thinks about it.

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