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Chapter 88 I Want You to Date Li Xia

Chapter 88 I Want You To Date Li Xia

 "Any conditions attached?" Li Xia looked skeptical. Mizuki Akane's agreement seemed too straightforward, leaving him feeling uncertain.

 "Can there be conditions?" Akane's eyes lit up. "Then let me have a bite."

 "Shut up!" Li Xia thrust a piece of hamburger into her mouth without any mercy, forcefully, as if whatever came to her mind, she would say it without any filter.

 "Awoo~" Akane swallowed a few times without using her teeth to bite, then smoothly swallowed the hamburger, showing no sign of discomfort. She even licked her lips and smiled: "Hehe, there's no special reason, I just felt like doing it, so I agreed."

 "You should drink some water first." Li Xia glanced at her throat, her fair neck clearly protruding, and handed her a glass of water.

 "Thank you~" Akane swayed her feet and gulped down the glass of water.

 With one hand propping up his chin, Li Xia watched Akane happily stuffing food into her mouth. Akane was definitely not the kind of good girl known to most people.

 Her attitude toward s*x was very casual, similar to going out for a meal together, speaking and acting straightforwardly, saying and doing things as they came to mind, without the usual human hesitation, consideration of gains and losses.

 In Li Xia's opinion, although Akane has the appearance and intelligence of a human, her style of doing things is more like that of a wild beast, entirely based on intuition.

 But she wasn't originally human, and she cannot be judged by human values.

 "Is this what a demi-human looks like..." Li Xia looked at Akane, and for the first time, he truly recognized that demi-humans are a different species.

 "See you at school tomorrow~" After finishing her meal, Akane waved goodbye to him. This meal had no unexpected incidents as Li Xia had imagined, it was simply just having a meal.

 "See you tomorrow." Li Xia also waved goodbye, and the two agreed to work on the script together tomorrow.

 Watching Akane's figure disappear at the street corner, Li Xia checked the time. It wasn't late, and he patted his stomach. Eating with Akane really made him quite hungry.

 It would seem too deliberate to go to his aunt's house to cook now, so Li Xia took the subway back to his own apartment first.

 In Asakawa Aki's apartment, she had been restless all day at school, with the image of the lipstick she left on Li Xia's lips yesterday constantly on her mind.

 After teaching the last class, without any delay, she went straight back to her apartment.

 "He should come today." Asakawa Aki sat in front of the dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror, still mature and charming. She turned her head and changed a few angles. "Will it make me look too old?"

 So she took out the makeup remover and started removing her makeup.

 Of course, Li Xia didn't come today. He went home to rest.

* * *

 "He's already gone home, and we didn't install any cameras at his place." Komachi Kurenai, after seeing Li Xia go home, took off her headphones and turned her gaze to Kirigiri Shimizu, whispering, "Should we install them at his place tomorrow?"

 "..." Kirigiri Shimizu closed her eyes. From a task completion perspective, it would be better to monitor Li Xia the whole time. But somehow, she didn't want to think too much about it.

 If they install cameras at his place, there is a risk of being discovered, which would raise suspicion.

 Kirigiri Shimizu quickly found a reason to convince herself and opened her eyes. "No need."

 "Oh~" Komachi Kurenai nodded. She just casually mentioned it, as a qualified worker, she must proactively bring up things that her superior might not want to say.

 Since the captain intends to respect his privacy, she doesn't care, as long as the salary is deposited in her account every month.

 Kirigiri Shimizu considers more than Komachi Kurenai, the first task of the system is proceeding according to plan. The appearance of Mizusawa Ryo is unexpected, but it does not conflict with completing the task. When the team project selection takes place next week, she will be able to complete Task One.

 So now it's time to consider starting Task Two, letting Li Xia have a love affair. From the task description, there are no specific requirements for who Li Xia should have a relationship with.

 So even if she does nothing, allowing Mizusawa Ryo to force Li Xia, there is a high probability of completing the task. Satisfaction is something that is hard to define clearly; many people talk about true love, but the physical sensations actually determine happiness.

 With Mizusawa Ryo's level of training, if she doesn't intervene and allows Li Xia to be manipulated by her, the satisfaction might actually be high.

 But Kirigiri Shimizu's mind feels uncomfortable when she thinks about the image of Mizusawa Ryo pinning Li Xia down.

 "Komachi Kurenai," Kirigiri Shimizu suddenly speaks, her gaze turning towards her.

 "Ah?!" Komachi Kurenai was originally distracted, but she was startled when the captain suddenly called her name.

 "Have you ever been in love?" Kirigiri Shimizu's voice was cold, completely unlike a discussion about emotions.

 "Well...," Komachi Kurenai didn't expect the captain to suddenly ask this question. In Tokyo, it's embarrassing to not have had a romantic relationship.

 After a brief hesitation, she answered truthfully, "I went to an all-girls school before, so no."

 "Do you want to date Li Xia?" Kirigiri Shimizu's voice remained unchanged, showing no concern for the impact her words had on Komachi Kurenai's heart.

 "?" A question mark slowly appeared on Komachi Kurenai's face. It took her a while to snap back to reality. Unlike the others, she was involved in the identity deception of Kirigiri Shimizu and Li Xia.

 She knew that the two had no mother-son relationship. In her understanding, Kirigiri Shimizu saw potential in Li Xia and wanted to groom him as her future husband.

 But now she wants her to date her future husband, what kind of logic is that, Komachi Kurenai doesn't understand, but she is deeply shocked.

 Looking at the captain's cold expression, a guess suddenly popped into her mind. The captain wouldn't have that kind of strange fetish, liking to being cuckolded, right?

 Komachi Kurenai swallowed her saliva, she knows too much, will she be silenced?

 "Captain..." Komachi Kurenai decided to save herself, organizing her words while carefully speaking, "Can I know why you want to date me, Li Xia?"

 "I don't trust the others," Kirigiri Shimizu didn't hide it, "I need him to have a relationship, within a controlled environment."

 "If it's within a controlled range," Komachi Kurenai asked cautiously, "Can Captain try it directly?"

 Upon hearing her words, Kirigiri Shimizu started to think. The system prompt only says to have Li Xia have a relationship, it doesn't specify any requirements for the other party.

 If she does it herself, in terms of control, it would be the best solution.

 Mothers and children cannot fall in love, but identities can be transformed.

 As for Li Xia's reaction, from the perspective of completing the task, it didn't actually have any impact. Even if she resisted, she could still theoretically complete the system's mission. The only effect would be a lower evaluation.

 But compared to having him fall in love with other women, Kirigiri Shimizu extended her hand, looking at her own palm. Indeed, grasping it in her hand would maximize the benefits.

 "He's into feet, right?" Kirigiri Shimizu spoke slowly.

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