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Chapter 90 When Girls Get Dirty, Boys Are Not Involved

Chapter 90 When Girls Get Dirty, Boys Are Not Involved

 "How should I wear this outfit?" Kirigiri Shimizu asked, looking puzzled as she held a white lace suspender skirt. It was clear that she wasn't familiar with women's clothing.

 "Well... I think you have to wear underwear with it," Komachi Kurenai replied, her eyes wandering. Honestly, she never imagined that one day she would be helping the captain put on stockings.

 It should have been an exciting moment, but Kirigiri Shimizu's expression was too serious as she approached it with a scientific mindset. She still had her regular white shirt on her upper body.

 Despite Kirigiri Shimizu having a perfectly proportioned figure with curves in all the right places, it looked a bit odd. The atmosphere was too serious, lacking a certain charm.

 It was like watching an action movie with someone who was analyzing the dynamics and placement of props, turning it into a seminar.

 "Then, show it," Kirigiri Shimizu said, sitting down on the sofa and pointing to a pile of stockings of various styles next to her.

 "Um..." Komachi Kurenai wished she could just disappear. She looked at the pile of stockings they had bought from the mall. Yesterday, out of mischievousness, she convinced the captain to buy some unconventional styles. The situation now... was a bit beyond her expectations.

 "Is there a problem?" Kirigiri Shimizu asked, frowning as she hesitated.

 "No... no, it's nothing," Komachi Kurenai's cheeks turned slightly red. It wasn't unusual for women to show each other their stockings, of course, they're talking about normal stockings, definitely not the adult products in front of them.

 Feeling guilty, she naturally didn't dare to refuse the captain's suspicion, so she reached out and pulled down the zipper on the side of her pencil skirt, blushing as she did so.

 The pencil skirt slid down her legs, and Komachi Kurenai felt the captain's gaze on her legs, feeling a burning sensation on her skin, she could only assume it was some kind of strange play.

 Kirigiri Shimizu had no feeling about the sexual aspect. She was simply considering what effect her outfit would have and how to experiment with Li Xia's fetish.

* * *

 At the University of Tokyo, in the photography class, the plaster on Mizusawa Ryo's foot had already been removed. Her wheat-colored skin and long legs were standing on the platform in high heels, still attracting the involuntary glances of many students.

 Since Mizusawa Ryo took over as the new photography instructor after the married teacher, the phenomenon of students skipping class has significantly improved.

 After all, legs that are almost 1.2 meters long have a very shocking visual effect.

 And Li Xia knows that actually, taking off high heels is even sexier. After all, he has touched them, but unfortunately, he is not a foot fetishist, so he just sighs and doesn't have many other thoughts.

 "How on earth did they grow this long?" Kiyoura Mai props up her chin with her hand, her gaze fixed on Mizusawa Ryo's legs, barefoot and wearing high heels, with her toes peeking out, the more she looks, the more absorbed she becomes.

 "Hey, snap out of it." Li Xia reaches out and pats her on the back, looking helpless. "I plan to invite Akane to write the script together. What do you think?"

 "Oh~ Do as you please," Kiyoura Mai casually agrees, her gaze still fixed on Mizusawa Ryo's legs.

 "Are they really that good-looking?" Li Xia looks at Mizusawa Ryo on the stage, then lowers her head to look at Kiyoura Mai. She is wearing light blue jeans and white sneakers today, looking youthful, but there is no hint of sexiness.

 "Sigh~ If only my legs were this straight..." Kiyoura Mai says regretfully, "I could just hug them in bed every day."

 "Please stop your perverted remarks," Li Xia shook his head helplessly. He could tell that Kiyoura Mai was a leg fetishist. Fortunately, she didn't have a stand-in, otherwise who knows what she would do.

 As a teacher, Mizusawa Ryou was very competent. Throughout the entire class, she didn't reveal any knowledge points. She effortlessly shared various photography techniques and equipment knowledge.

 Obviously, she herself had done a lot of research in photography. And unlike her cheerful appearance, she was actually a very delicate person in her actions.

 As a lecturer, it's not enough to just know. In order to thoroughly explain the knowledge points, a lot of preparation is required.

 Li Xia looked at Mizusawa Ryou with admiration in his heart.

 The class time was not long. Mizusawa Ryou didn't bother Li Xia, but instead chatted with some students, presenting herself as a friendly and approachable teacher.

 Li Xia also breathed a sigh of relief. He had just recovered from the injury caused by his senior stepping on him yesterday. He didn't want to be hurt again.

 And Kiyoura Mai didn't forget about the main task and dragged him out of the classroom.

 When the two of them went out, they ran into the glasses girl, Katsura Manami.

 "We started shooting today, so keep up the pace," Katsura Manami said abruptly, then turned and left.

 "She's really provoking us," Kiyoura Mai pouted and kicked Li Xia with her foot. "Say something, will you?"

 Li Xia didn't really care and shrugged. "Let's just finish the script quickly."

 After leaving the teaching building, Li Xia called Akane and asked her to find an empty classroom as the meeting point.

 Just a few minutes later, Li Xia received a message from Akane, saying that she had found a suitable classroom.

 "Oh, so you're not dating Li Jun?" Akane sat in the guest seat, swinging her feet in the air, looking disappointed as Li Xia and Kiyoura Mai walked in. "I specifically found a classroom with a broken camera."

 "So why did you find a classroom with a broken camera?" Li Xia's face darkened as he looked up and saw the blacked-out camera in the corner of the classroom, obviously not powered on.

 "Oh, so Li Jun likes being watched?" Akane tilted her head. "If that's what Li Jun wants, I can give it a try."

 "I didn't mean it like that at all," Li Xia quickly shook his hand, stopping the conversation from continuing. He realized that he had started to keep up with Akane's way of thinking recently, and that was dangerous.

 Kiyoura Mai's expression was first confused, then seemed to react, her eyes swept between the two, and then she clapped her hands, saying, "So Li Xia is playing it big. But I don't have much experience, so I'll ask for your guidance, senior."

 "Hey, don't mess around," Li Xia covered his head, there was no good way to deal with this strong-willed king of mouths.

 "Okay, okay~" Akane came down from the desk, walked up to Kiyoura Mai, and the two clapped their hands, looking like good sisters.

 Li Xia could only shrug. Kiyoura Mai had excellent social skills and a high emotional intelligence. They became so familiar with each other after just a few sentences, saving him the trouble of introducing them to each other.

 But when girls start talking dirty, there's really nothing a man can do. The dirty jokes flowed smoothly without any sense of inappropriateness.

 The three of them quickly got into the discussion and started talking about the main topic.

 "The finished product needs to be sent to Teacher Mizusawa next weekend," Li Xia took out a chalk and drew a timeline on the blackboard. "Today is Wednesday, and within the next 11 days, we need to finalize the script, characters, shoot, and edit the four parts."

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