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Chapter 91 The Dirty Girl Akane

Chapter 91 The Dirty Girl Akane

 "Does anyone have anything to add?" Li Xia held a chalk and wrote several things on the blackboard. "We don't have much time."

 "Wait, so it's just the three of us?" Kiyoura Mai immediately raised her hand, with an expression of answering a question in class, and pointed at Akane with her other hand.

 "Yes, the other classmates have already found their teams," Li Xia shrugged. These past few days have been too much for him, first his aunt, then Mizusawa Ryo, which made him mentally exhausted. He lost two days because of it, and when he came to his senses, almost all the other classmates had already found their teams.

 "Can we surrender?" Kiyoura Mai covered her face. "I thought I could cling to someone powerful. I was too naive."

 "Don't be discouraged," Li Xia comforted. "Our script is relatively simple, so filming and editing can save a lot of time."

 Because his script is in the daily life genre, the process is simple, so compared to other groups, both the props and post-production are much simpler.

 "Do you think it's like shooting an adult film? Just lay down a carpet!" Kiyoura Mai put one hand on her face, obviously not very optimistic.

 "I prefer the bathroom~" Akane interjected with a smile.

 "Oh really, I prefer something creative," Kiyoura Mai replied immediately. "Like Ultraman and monsters, or time-stopping and such."

 "Hey, hey, hey!" Li Xia tapped on the blackboard. He was getting used to these two women's unfiltered and occasionally reckless behavior. "Anything else to add?"

 After driving for a while, the atmosphere became more harmonious, and everyone quickly accepted the shortage of personnel.

 "What about filming equipment?" Kiyoura Mai pondered for a moment and added, "If the filming equipment is too poor and the details are not clear enough, it will affect the viewing experience. After all, we can't just use censorship to cover it up."

 "How did the other group solve it?" Li Xia didn't dwell on the question of why censorship was necessary.

 "They borrowed from the photography club. Most of the guys already have their own equipment," Kiyoura Mai waved her hand. "After all, they are all photography enthusiasts. Eating is a small matter, upgrading equipment is the most important."

 "I'll take care of this matter," Li Xia waved his hand. He didn't have any photography equipment, but he could figure something out. They couldn't find a solution to this problem through discussion here anyway.

 "Mmm." Kiyoura Mai nodded and said, "You can leave the editing to me, I can get it done within three days."

 "Great." Li Xia wrote down three days above the words "final editing."

 The three of them calculated the total time needed to complete the tasks and made a simple schedule.

 Three days for the script, one day for character confirmation, four days for shooting, three days for editing, making a total of eleven days.

 "If we stick to the plan, the time is not too tight." Li Xia pointed to the schedule on the blackboard and said, "First, we need to finalize the script before we can proceed with the next steps."

 After Li Xia finished speaking, he extended his hand and said, "I wish our photography work will get the first place."

 "First place." Kiyoura Mai also extended her hand and placed it on top of his hand, then the two of them turned to look at Akane.

 Akane Mizuki, who was originally sitting on the side, visibly paused for a few seconds when she saw the two of them looking at her. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her face, and she also extended her hand and placed it on top.

 The three of them shouted together, "Let's do our best!"

 "To celebrate the start of our project, let's go eat first, and then go to the karaoke." Akane tilted her head and said, then she playfully nudged Li Xia with her foot.

 "Before writing the script, don't even think about it." Li Xia saw her expression and always felt that the KTV she mentioned was not serious, especially in the case of two women and one man, this plot seemed familiar.

 "Ow~" Akane sighed, joining in with obvious impure intentions.

 "I'll help you too." Kiyoura Mai's goal is to get first place, of course she hopes the filming goes smoothly.

 "Then let's finalize the script first." Li Xia took out a notebook and sat down, opening a document on the desktop.

 The two women leaned in, Akane leaning especially close, already pressing against his body, her chest pressing against his arm. But Li Xia, not to mention his arm, even more sensitive areas have been baptized by Senior Fujino, these small scenes did not stir any waves in his heart.

 "Are there supernatural elements as well?" Kiyoura Mai casually glanced at it. She had also seen the opening before, but now that she saw the later part, she found that the whole story had some differences.

 "Yeah, more everyday parts." Li Xia pointed to the outline: "If there are any major direction issues, point them out now and we can make changes immediately."

 The story is not complicated. Two children grew up together from an early age, experiencing a youthful love during their childhood, sticking together every day, and eventually getting married and having children smoothly as they grew up.

 There were no grand achievements, no saving the world, no second woman. Just like millions of ordinary families.

 After marriage, the husband and wife, like countless couples in Tokyo, lived a typical life. The husband worked outside every day, while the wife took care of the household.

 Their children soon grew up and had their own independent lives.

 The husband had a successful career, until one day at work, he received a call from the hospital. His wife had fallen ill with cancer and there was no miracle; she passed away.

 After holding his wife's funeral, the husband returned home. Facing the empty room, he felt very estranged, realizing that he had spent more time at the company over the past twenty years and wasn't as familiar with his wife as he had thought.

 The next day, the wife returned, looking as if she had gone back twenty years. The husband reached out to touch her and realized that they seemed to be in different times and couldn't communicate. The wife was also unaware of his presence, seemingly a projection of the life she lived in this room over the past twenty years.

 So the husband quit his job, accompanying the projection of his wife and starting to reacquaint himself with everything she had experienced over the years.

 At the end of the story, there was no twist. The wife's projection still died on the hospital bed, but this time it didn't appear again.

 "How was it?" Li Xia looked at Kiyoura Mai. "The time span is long, but there are few scenes. However, the requirements for makeup are higher in order to show aging."

 "Um... yeah, okay." Kiyoura Mai was clearly distracted. When she heard Li Xia speak, she quickly turned her head and wiped her eyes with her hand.

 "This person..." Li Xia glanced at her. This story didn't have much ups and downs, it was even quite plain. If someone read the outline, they would be moved to tears. It could only be said that Kiyoura Mai was a soft-hearted person, which surprised him. He originally thought she was a vulgar woman who talked nonsense, but beneath her carefree appearance, she was actually a sensitive person.

 So, Li Xia turned his head to look at Akane again, wanting to see her reaction. He saw her with a serious expression, as if she was deeply thinking.

 "Hey, what are you thinking?" Li Xia waved his hand in front of her. Akane, this person, was unexpectedly easy to be moved, which surprised him even more.

 "If someone was peeking at me the whole time," Akane propped her chin with her hand, "then wouldn't I get caught during 'that,' or maybe even when I'm with old guy next door?"

 The slightly melancholic atmosphere that was there originally vanished after her words.

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